Durarara!! 24(END)

At Horada’s command the Yellow Scarves surround them but he wasn’t expecting Kadota sneaking in and leading a riot against them.

The dropped gun is picked up and Kadota proves himself to be a capable fighter before approaching Horada and bringing up about how he just had to put on a yellow scarf to get in. Kida manages to get up and Kadota tells him that thanks to Togusa he was able to remember who Horada was and what he had to do with what happened to Saki. So he and some Dollars members infiltrated the Yellow Scarves.

Once he learns this Kida punches him right in the face but doesn’t go any further since Mikado and Anri are there. He collapses again and Mikado and Anri go to his side, they’re able to talk like Celty wanted them to with Kida asking to be taken to the same hospital Saki is in as he passes out. Horada tries to make his escape so Celty goes after them while Togusa gets Kida to the hospital.

With Celty right behind them Horada drives off leaving one of his group members, Higa behind. Celty stops and Shizuo is spotted in the distance waiting in the middle of the road with a traffic sign. He uses it to cleave the roof off the car with ease and launches it at them. They manage to survive and think that Celty is right next to them. However it actually turns out to be Kinnosuke and their actions only make him call in the rest of the squad to arrest them.

They’re able to get Kida to the hospital and when Mikado goes back into the room he’s in he notices that Anri isn’t there.

Higa returns the pistol to Izaya who’s happy that he can now claim the reward set by the Awasu-kai and only wishes that Shizuo had died when he was shot, Higa turns out to be one of Saika’s children and Anri approaches them. After she sends him home she readies herself to cut Izaya. This doesn’t phase him in the slightest and he gives his love towards humans as the reason for his actions, she slashes but he immediately moves out of her reach and asks her if she’ll use Saika to create an ideal life. He belittles Anri’s use for Saika and dodges more of her attacks. He then pulls out the gun and threatens to shoot some people passing by, he then reveals that he knew about Higa and that he had organised this to tell Saika that everyone belongs to him except for Shizuo before running off.

Izaya arrives back at his office and Namie asks about his black eye. When he heading back he bumped into Simon who sent him flying and took the chance to lecture him in Russian, telling him how that it was thanks to Saki that he knew and pointing out the reason for his Shizuo complex. It turns out that Namie’s call in the previous episode was her leaking the information about Mikado to Horada and Izaya clears the board with how some people don’t act as expected while others do as his reason for loving humans and that it was fun. Namie points out that even if he loves them they don’t love him back.

While he’s unconscious Kida remembers how Saki told him that she knew that he didn’t come to save her and how it was better that he did that. He wakes up to find Saki standing next to his bed knowing everything that had just happened, she takes the chance to tell him that she had gotten herself kidnapped after Izaya told her to. Kida replies that he knew due to being an esper and apologises to her, telling her that he loves her. She hugs him while calling him an idiot and they resolve to fix her flaw.

According to Mikado he and Saki ran off a week later while life continued as normal in Ikebukuro. With peace restored Celty sunbathes with Shinra as a way to seduce him.

Things are different without Kida and Anri wonders if she had liked him, Mikado has come to realise that the essence of Dollars is the city they live in and as long as people use it, it’ll continue to exist.

Even though he isn’t in Ikebukuro Kida is able to keep in touch with the others in Izaya’s chatroom with Bakyura as his user name, while there he picks on Kanra/Izaya by describing him as the square root of three since it shouldn’t be shown to elementary school students and Mikado happily tells him that he’s welcome to come back.

While he and Anri eat lunch he’s certain that Kida will come back with Kida and Saki shown traveling together. Mikado realises that despite everything that’s happened his life didn’t really change at all.

The ending theme is a compilation of scenes from throughout the series with a track from the OST playing and ending with the usual message over an image of Celty’s helmet.


As for the episode itself as an ending I felt that it was pretty good, it provided  a good enough conclusion to this arc with some awesome moments and left plenty of room for a sequel. Which due to its sales and abundance of source material we’re sure to get, and there’s even some DVD OVAs that will becoming out later with the first expected later in August and the last February next year. The former being counted as episode 12.5 and the latter as episode 25.

If you hadn’t spotted Kadota in the crowd it would have come as a surprise to see him lead the infiltrated Dollars members against the Yellow Scarves, he even proved to be pretty good as a fighter by taking out multiple Yellow Scarf members with ease, and we also got to see Togusa throw a few punches. It was great to see Mikado, Kida, and Anri talk like Celty had wanted them to since it seemed as if this entire arc and what this series covered had been leading up to it.

Shizuo proved to be awesome again when he paid Horada back for shooting him and they sure would have learned their lesson after that. I didn’t expect Kinnosuke to show up but it added that little bit more to that scene and provided a way for Horada to get what was coming to him. The conversation that Anri and Izaya had was pretty good as well, where he faced Anri with how far she’d use Saika and told Saika that he wouldn’t hand over humans to her, it was one of the things that given Saika’s power and love towards humans would have came up. And seeing Simon send everyone’s favourite all knowing trolling information dealer flying before lecturing him was probably one of the most satisfying scenes in the series for me. The scene before that Izaya had with Anri before probably made it that little bit better since he clearly had control over the entire situation to the point he could press all the right buttons against her but she couldn’t even touch him only to see him lose it once Simon showed up. It was kind of hard to believe that he got away with only a black eye from it though, and Namie had a pretty good line when she told him that humans don’t love him back.

The scene that Saki and Kida had was pretty nice as well, especially when he related his reasons to knowing to the line he used when he first met her and how she’s started to fix the flaw he promised to help fix it. Having them leave Ikebukuro together was also nice and with how the series ended with Mikado and Anri certain that he’ll come back while Mikado reflects on how he wanted to change his way of life sort of gives of the indication for a sequel.

Onto my thoughts of the series so far itself.

This series has probably been one of my favourites for the last two seasons, there wasn’t really a time when I wasn’t looking forward to the next episode and I’m willing to admit that I enjoyed it from start to finish. Even though the Saika arc in the middle felt a little flat and the animation quality took a bit of a dive it was still pretty good with Shizuo fending off the possessed Shuuji with a car door and then taking on just about every member of Saika’s children at once. Since I don’t really know about the novels aside from that they would be a bit more in-depth I can’t really judge this as an adaptation, but it seemed as if the staff at Brains Base learned from their work on Baccano! (which from all the cameos they seemed to like) by presenting each arc separately.

As far as my expectations of this went I expected awesome characters, multiple moments of awesomeness, and for the events to steadily build up before they reached their climax at the end of each arc. Which were all fulfilled, with most of the characters getting a chance to shine, from Shizuo throwing stuff to Kadota and his gang managing to steal the show each time they showed up, with even Seiji who was pretty unlikable in the first half having a few good lines.

Even though I was spoiled to most of  the crucial points in the series, namely Mikado, Kida, and Anri’s identities it was still fun to watch their struggles they had and how these were explained. Though Izaya’s just as planned moments did get a bit annoying it was great to see Simon give him what was coming, everyone who acted as an antagonist at some point had something like that happen to them really. One of the things I loved about this series was the atmosphere, the feeling of a busy city that could continue even if you were to remove the characters was  amazing, it was almost as if Ikebukuro itself could be considered a character. It may sound a bit biased but I can’t really think of any problems I had with the series aside from it dropping a bit around the middle and taking a bit too long to pick up again in comparison to past episodes.


3 Responses to Durarara!! 24(END)

  1. Joojoobees says:

    I agree with you. DRRR was one of the best series of recent years. This is especially true when you consider the incredible wealth of awesome characters.

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    finally watched this. it’s good to get a rather conclusive and happy ending for the season. even though the story isn’t over, it was pretty a nice wrap up and makes it a nice show on its own without the need to watch future sequels.
    seeing simon in the short flashback explaining izaya’s black eye made me grin ear to ear. the traffic cop also redeems himself as somewhat op worthy, too bad kasuka show up too. it looks like the characters in the op are the ones that have some importance over the duration of the whole story and not just in a single arc. that probably means kasuka and the traffic cop will become much more important in the future.

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    Well since Mairu and Kururi (Izaya’s sisters) are confirmed for the OVA, maybe that means Kasuka will show up as well in it. Since Mairu and Kururi are introduced in the fourth book which Kasuka is also involved in.

    @ Joojoobees

    The characters were one of the best parts, Ryohgo Narita is simply a master at creating them as every character he creates aside from those specifically not to be (Dallas), is likable and awesome in some way.

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