Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 63

Ed continues blow after blow as Father wonders why his attacks are reaching him.

Thanks go to 2chan for the screencaps, only one more episode left until this series of Fullmetal Alchemist comes to an end.

He becomes unstable again and begins to suck out Greed’s souls. Inside Ling holds onto Greed so he doesn’t lose him while he wants him to let go so that he’ll live. They come to an agreement and Ling lets go, however Greed told the only lie he would tell to make Ling let go of him. Before he’s completely sucked out he calls out to Ranfan to cut Father’s arm off and separate them.

Now with Greed inside him Father’s body becomes so brittle that it cracks at the slightest touch, he pulls him out and casts him away. After remembering Ed and Ling’s words to him and considering them to be his friends, he bids them farewell as he breaks up. In order for his sacrifice to have not been in vain, Ed plunges his fist through Father’s chest causing his souls to disappear. The arms from the gate come out of the hole in his chest and pull him in.

Now nothing more then the homunculus he was in the flask, he meets his own ‘truth’ who tells him why he couldn’t take God for his own and sends him back to the gate where he belongs.

Though they may have defeated Father, Al is still gone. Ling offers the philosopher stone he had but Ed refuses due to the promise he made with Al. Hohenheim offers him the last soul he has to use, his own and gives him a fatherly speech about how he’s to blame for what happened to them, Ed refuses it and calls him Dad.

After thinking of the people around him now and how they helped him and Al, Ed realises what he should have done from the beginning. And draws a transmutation circle around himself to commit the last transmutation of the Fullmetal Alchemist.

Once again he finds himself in front of the gate and instead of exchanging an arm for Al’s soul like last time he realises that he should have just sacrificed his gate the first place. Knowing that being unable to use alchemy won’t matter if he still has his friends he transmutes the gate, his truth congratulates him as Al appears behind him and together they leave through Al’s gate.

Al wakes up surrounded by everyone, Hohenheim greets him as he touches something with his own hands for the first time in years and May jumps onto him with tears in her eyes.

As the rubble is being cleaned up Ed retrieves what’s left of Pride to return to Bradley’s wife while the radio staff broadcast that Mustang and Olivier’s coup was to save the people from a corrupt band of high ranked generals and the alchemy experiment they were going to commit.

Hohenheim stands in the circle Ed made remembering the homunculus in the flask’s words, after thanking Armstrong he returns to Risembool and talks to Trisha as his body ages at an accelerated rate. The next morning Pinako finds his aged body still in front of Trisha’s grave with a smile on his face.

The opening plays as the ending theme with a montage of Hohenheim related scenes.

Next Episode:

Ed and Al head home.


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  1. apirl2014 says:

    fullmetal alchemist is my favoirte show i love this

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