Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 01

The episode starts off with our heroine, Ookami Ryouko and her friend, Akai Ringo from the Otogi Bank confronting a stalker. Things quickly turn bad when he pulls out a knife and lunges towards Ookami. Before it hits her a stone knocks the knife out of his hand giving her the chance hit him with her cat shaped gloves.

Or Ookami and her seven companions, with the new season starting this show looks kind of interesting.

The narrator then introduces Ryouk0 and Ringo as they head as they head to the clubroom which leads to them breaking the fourth wall when the narrator describes Ryouko as flat chested, she then goes on to explain how they attend Otogi Accademy in Otogibana city, with the Otagi bank they work for being a group within it. Some of the other members are introduced starting with their president, Kiriki Liszt and his cousin,Kiriki Alice along with Tsurugaya Otsuu who acts as the maid. They explain how their previous job went with Liszt bringing up the need for another male member and two other members, Urashima and Otohime are briefly introduced.

After this Ryouko goes to the gym to practice her boxing and on her way home someone tries to confess to her. Whenever she turns around to see who it was he disappears only to confess again when she turns back, eventually he shows himself and introduces himself as Morino Ryoushi. She can’t remember him and rejects him, he tells her what he likes about her but she doesn’t take it as a compliment.

She told Ringo about this later which leads to her looking him up to see if he’s worthy of her. Her research yields that most of the things he does are in order to avoid being noticed as taught to him by his grand father, a matagi, due to this Ringo presents him before the Otogi bank to fill the need for another male member. Which leads to him freaking out when everyone stares at him.

He’s able to join but Ryouko doesn’t trust him so as a way to gain her trust he takes on their next job. Their client for this is Haibara Kakari who wants them to stop her upperclassmen, Ouji from quitting the tennis club, she met him when she had to quit playing so she would watch him play but recently his injury is making him consider quitting.

Using his skills at blending in, Ryoushi follows him and tries to stop his resignation form from being stamped. He goes into a bathhouse so Ryoushi goes in as well with Ryouko and Ringo following him. When he has the chance he tries to steal it but is caught by the a manager, once caught he can’t keep his cool.

With this plan gone he tries to stop it from getting all of the required stamps, which also fails since people stare at him each time. There only chance now is to stop him from handing the form in, another member, Majo makes an entrance and shows them a bike with a pumpkin shaped carriage.

Ryoushi decides to help her by pedaling it but due to his fear of standing out he has to wear a blindfold. They close in on Ouji just as he’s entering the building and Ryoushi finds that the bike doesn’t have any breaks, he pulls off the blindfold to look for them but panics and crashes. Haibara is sent flying, she starts flipping once she hits the ground which leads to her kicking Ouji in the face. With him unconscious they take the form and make a run for it, leaving one of Haibara’s shoes behind.

With the mission over, Ryouko and Ringo make their way home when they’re met by the stalker from before and his friends, she pulls on her gloves and takes them all on at once. The stalker tries to attack her from behind but Ryoushi takes the hit allowing her to take him out. He had followed her in order to apologise and help her against them and they accept him as one of their companions.

During the epilogue Ouji tries to find the girl who kicked him by having every girl put on the shoe and kick him, eventually recognising Haibara as the one who kicked him.

Opening Theme:

“Ready Go!” by May’n. Download.


One of the amusing parts of this episode was the narration by Satomi Arai, who’s most known for her role as Kuroko in the Raildex series, and whether it’s found likable or annoying it does add a certain amount of character to the show. So far it looks as if this show has some pretty good voice actors so far with the likes of Shizuka Itou and Miyu Irino playing the mains with a few more playing some of the side characters.

Something that’s interesting so far is the take on fairy tales that this show takes, with Ryouko, Ringo, and Ryouko can be related to the characters in Little Red Riding Hood and this episode also took on another fairy tale, Cinderella with the addition of S&M. So it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in future episodes.


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