Amagami SS 01

Before the events of the series Junichi Tachibana was invited by a girl for a date on Christmas Eve, he waited and waited but she never showed up.

Another upcoming series I’ve been kind of interested in.

Opening Theme:

“i Love” by asuza. Download.

Two years later his younger sister, Miya gets ready for school and tries to get him out of  his closet when she finds that he’s still asleep in there. After trying to get him out he reluctantly agrees and they start to walk to school together.

She runs off to one of her friends and he meets up with his best friend, Umehara Masayoshi, at first he acts coldly to him but quickly changes when he sees the photobook he has. They continue walking and they spot one of their upperclassmen, Haruka Morishima.

At school they need volunteers to be committee members and the class representative, Tsukasa Ayatsuji takes up the role, she catches Junichi’s gaze and smiles while he embarrassingly looks away. Once lunch begins he meets up with Umehara and another one of his friends, Kaoru Tanamachi who decides that the one who goes to buy the bread should be decided by a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Junichi loses and goes to the cafeteria which is in the middle of the lunch time rush, he spots an underclassman who appears troubled and offers to buy her lunch for her. After he brings it to her she shyly thanks him and pays him back for it as Haruka looks on.

As he walks back he accidentally trips and Haruka shows up and hands him the bread that he dropped. She comments on his eyes and tells him how she saw him help out an underclassmen. While he reminisces over what just happened Rihoko Sakurai snaps him out of it and they head back to class as he jokes about her appetite.

Junichi, Umehara, and Kaoru eat lunch together as they complain on how long it took him and Tsukasa reminds Junichi to fill in the form for his career plans.

Everyone heads home as the sunsets, he hands the filled out form to Tsukasa and wonders where Umehara could have gone, Tsukasa tells him that he might be at the library so he decides to go there. Once there he bumps into Haruka who decides to take the opportunity to make him carry her books.

They meet her friend, Hibiki Tsukahara in the hallway who apologises and takes the books from him after Haruka shows her a book with cute dogs that she found. Haruka thanks him and Junichi tells her his name once she realises that she doesn’t even know it yet. Umehara shows up a bit after this to show off the photobook he found and Junichi wonders whether he can get over what happened to him two years ago.

A week later Junichi is in the middle of a game as he remembers what the events from two years ago did to him, Haruka shows up again and jumps on his back. They walk together as she tells him how nice he is and they bump into Miya, she thinks that she’s cute but Miya coldly leaves with Junichi left thinking about all the stuff Haruka said she wanted to do with her.

He catches up with Miya after school to ask her about why she acted like that but she runs off after telling Junichi that he’s only interested in her since she’s pretty.

Students carry out their after school activities and Junichi finds the courage to confess to Haruka. He finds her sitting by the fountain and offers her a hand warmer. She accepts it and tell him how she likes looking at water still commenting on how nice he is. She brings up the possibility of him liking her and after building up some courage confesses to her. However despite thanking him for this she still turns him down as she prefers someone both reliable and older.

He stands where he was for some time and Tsukasa spots him as she finishes her duties, once he gets home he retreats to the stars in his closet.

Ending Theme:

“Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru” by Shizuka Itou. Download.

Next Episode:


This was one of the series I was kind of interested in and kind of looking forward to in a way. For a first episode I’d say that this did a good job at introducing the main, Junichi and the heroine for this arc, Haruka while still showing some of the other characters including some of the other heroines who will have their routes covered in later episodes. One of the things that this show has going for it would have to be the selection of voice actresses cast to play the heroines. With one only needing to look at character and voice actor list to see the likes of Shizuka Itou, Rina Satou, Ryoko Shinitani, Yukana, and Kaori Nazuka all playing the roles of one of them.

Something that I like about this series already is that in being the adaptation of a visual novel with multiple routes, each route is going to be shown as a separate arc (and the current ending theme reflects this). If there’s ever a problem in adapting a multi route visual novel it’s if the production staff try to cram in the other routes while still following the “main” heroine’s route. Since any emotional build up seems to either be lost or lessened and ultimately the protagonist can’t end up with the heroine in question as he would have causing the whole thing to seem like unnecessary filler. However since it’s not following this approach I’m kind of hopeful about this series.


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