Highschool of the Dead 01

Three students run up to the observatory dodging ‘them’ as they go, the girl, Rei tries to fend one off but a stab through the heart doesn’t stop them. Despite being wounded, Hisashi saves her pointing out that you have to crush their skulls.

Opening Theme:

“HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD” by Kishida Kyōdan & The Akeboshi Rockets. Download.

As he ditches class Takashi remembers back to when he was young when Rei made a pinky promise to marry him, as they grew older they grew apart when she got held back a year and she started going out with his best friend, Hisashi. A girl from his class, Saya shows up and lectures him on his decision to ditch before going back, leaving him to remember how he hadn’t returned Rei’s feelings for him back then.

His attention is drawn to something banging on the gate where he sees a man trying to get in, some teachers investigate it but the man bites one of them and dies instantly. The next moment he gets up and attacks the others.

Even though he doesn’t really know what’s going on Takashi runs to his class to get Rei, she doesn’t want to go and Hisashi asks him about it. Rei doesn’t believe him so he slaps some sense into her. The three of them run out and Hisashi thinks they’ll need weapons of what Takashi said is true, Rei tries using Takashi’s cellphone but the line is overloaded. The announcer informs them that the school is too be evacuated only for the entire school to hear him being attacked.

This leads to mass panic as everyone tries to get out at once, Saya and Kouta sneak out, while Hisashi leads the others in the other direction. On the way their path is blocked by what used to be one of their teachers, it attacks Rei but her attacks don’t work. Hisashi tries to hold it back  but he didn’t expect it to be so strong, it turns around and bites into his arm, Takashi runs up and smashes it’s skull with the bat.

They then head up to the roof only to see that the entire city is in ruins, a gust of wind threatens to blow them over and they see the JSDF’s Black Hawks fly over them. The entire school is in chaos as two friends run through the hall, one of them is attacked and the other’s personality completely changes as she tells her to let go and kicks her down the stairs. However they were right behind her, the gym teacher approaches a window unable to believe what’s happening and jumps. A girl draws her bokuto.

Up on the roof Hisashi reflects on how this is just like a horror movie and recommends that they head to the observatory. Which leads to the events at the start of the episode.

They get up there and barricade the entrance as the sunsets. Hisashi starts to cough up blood relating it to another similarity to horror movie. In his last moments he asks Takashi to help him so he can still remain himself when he dies, he collapses and Takashi prepares to carry out his last wish. Rei refuses to get out of the way, thinking that he’s still himself when he gets up. Takashi pulls her out of the way and accepts that this is really happening.

In the epilogue Rei turns on Takashi believing that he had hated Hisashi all along, he prepares to leave but she stops him and asks him to stay with her. He embraces her and reflects on what just happened.

Ending Theme:

“Major Doubt!” by Maon Kurosaki. Download.

Next Episode:


Even though I had read the manga I still didn’t expect to see Hisashi die in the first episode. It was probably more so then but he seemed as if he was the ‘bro’ character even though he was paired up with the main heroine, Rei at the start (being voiced by Miyano Mamoru helped a bit as well). However in a way it made the series that little bit more realer and if anything that’s one of the things this series excels at so far.

I’ll admit that despite the fanservice from time to time my hopes for this series are a bit high at the moment for a few reasons. Which kind of caught my eye, first it’s being animated by MADHOUSE which seems to do a good job with this kind of stuff. Secondly it’s being directed by Tetsuro Araki who also happened to direct the likes of Death Note, Kurozuka, Aoi Bungaku, and even a few episodes of Black Lagoon, with Yousuke Kuroda providing the series composition.

After I heard that Junichi Suwabe would be voicing Takashi I was curious as to how well he would play him, especially after hearing him voice the likes of Archer in Fate/Stay Night since his voice seemed like it wouldn’t suit a high schooler. However he actually did a particularly good job with it. Marina Inoue also did a good job with Rei’s character as well with her voice seeming like an almost perfect fit for her.


2 Responses to Highschool of the Dead 01

  1. fukki says:

    awesome animation! ill continue watching this one and waiting for shiki to air

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Agreed, the animation was awesome, MADHOUSE tends to do a good job with this kind of stuff so it’s a perfect match in a way. Shiki is a series I’m looking forward to as well, it’s one of those series that has a lot of potential and it looks as if it could deliver on it.

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