Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 02

Starting with the narrator letting us know that the Otogi bank was created by the school’s director, Aragami Lamp of the Aragami Syndicate we next see how Ryoushi is faring after a week acting as Ryouko’s shield. And though he may be getting used to being seen it still proves something of an issue when Majo stares at him and Alice has to distract her.

With their work done they see each other off and Ringo takes the chance to ask Ryoushi what he likes about Ryouko and though it comes to the similar reasons he said before, he goes on to include how her tough exterior doesn’t match up with what she’s really like while trying to act strong.

The president, Liszt goes over the tape of Ryouko fighting the stalker and spots the stone knocking the blade away.

Meanwhile Ryouko spots two dogs outside a grocery store and while no one’s looking goes to pet them. It turns out to be a surprise for her when the two dogs, Elizabeth and Franciose actually belong to Ryoushi with him amazed that they took a liking to her so fast.

Later that night Ringo tells Ryouko about what Ryoushi said.

Most of the female members go out shopping leaving Ryoushi with Urashima, who gets a proper introduction this time turning out to be one year older than the others and something of a womaniser only showing any interest or attention to girls. A new client arrives with a job request specifically for Ookami, unfortunately for Urashima, Otohime shows up and obsessively drags him away.

When Ookami comes back the client tells how about the job for her, to meet her ex-boyfriend in Sankaku park. Both Ryouko and Ryoushi go but it turns out to be a trap set by some students from the Onigashima school. She tells him to get away but he refuses only to be knocked out first thing, Ryouko fights them however there’s far too many for her and they surround her.

Back at the Otogi bank the other members talk about how strange the job Ryouko is on at the moment while Ryoushi manages to get back to the clubroom for help.

Still unconscious Ryouko finds herself in front of a small girl, a reflection of her true personality who points out that her tough exterior is nothing more than wolf’s clothing. She wakes up to find herself in an abandoned building and is beaten when the students find that she’s awake. And the Otogi bank members find out the truth of the job she was one and plan to rescue her with Ryoushi taking the lead.

Just as Ryouko is about to cut the ropes around her hands the Onigashima boss shows up and though she acts tough she’s really scared. Her phone rings and Ryoushi starts shooting them down from afar with his slingshot when they answer it. Ringo unties her and tells how that it was due to Ryoushi’s dogs that they were able to find her, along with how he helped her before and acts when no one’s looking.

She hands Ryouko her Neko Neko Knuckles which aside from leaving embarrassing cat shaped bruises on it’s target also emit an electric shock comparable to a stungun. Together Ryouko and Ryoushi take out the students with ease and Ryouko now feeling that she can trust him now. If their combination wasn’t enough the rest of the members come to back them up.

With the battle almost won the Onigashima boss attacks and through their teamwork Ryouko is able to land a direct hit on him. However it doesn’t last long with him soon getting up and manages to grab her, Ryoushi tells him to let go determined to protect her. The boss decides to take him on and Ringo takes the hits over and over again before landing a punch that defeats him for good.

He collapses soon after with Ookami quickly putting up her tough exterior. As they head back Alice asks why the students from Onigashima would go after Ookami with the mysterious figure from the opening in the shadows.

After the ending theme Ryoushi wakes up to see Ryouko patting his dogs, he hides when she spots them and when asked by the others refuses to reward him for saving her.

Ending Theme:

“Akazukin-chan Goyoujin (赤頭巾ちゃん御用心)” by OToGi8.


At some points I will admit that I found Satomi Arai’s narration to be irritating as it tended to be when some characters were speaking and since it was louder than it, it tended to disrupt the dialogue itself. However at other points it was amusing in a way so it kind of balanced out.

If there was one thing that this episode seemed as if it wanted to get across it was that the way Ryouko acts is really an act and though at times she may act tough on the outside she’s actually scared inside. As shown by the girl she saw serving to point this out and as cliche as it may be it leaves me interested in what caused her to start acting that way.

This episode also gave Ryoushi a chance to shine and take a more badass image using his slingshot to save Ryouko by sniping her captors, as shown in the opening, and even fighting their boss on his own (in full view to say the least). So it was great to see him be something more than what he was shown as before.

Another thing that showed up in this episode was the mysterious figure Ryouko is seen confronting in the opening, who seems to have some sort of grudge against her. So this is another thing I’m interested to see developed up, let alone how he ties into the whole fairytale aspect of the story itself.


2 Responses to Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 02

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    admittedly i started watching this because of the narrator, although i do find her somewhat annoying at times, it really is hilarious when she makes those weird noises and expressions =)

    after seeing ep 1 i thought the show was just an average short series that isn’t going to end up anywhere, especially since we already met all the companions at once instead of recruiting them on by one over the course of the series. but this ep we got to see ookami and morino’s alter egos, so im hoping there would be at least some character development along with the hilarious narration. =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Easily agreed, even though she can get annoying sometimes she undeniably makes the show a lot more entertaining than it would be without her.

    Even though they’ve all been introduced there’s still how they somehow tie into fairy tales and such, and to have some development for some of the characters would be pretty good.

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