Highschool of the Dead 02

The school is in chaos while Saya and Kouta run through the halls, Kouta wanted to go to the office and Saya asks him if he wants to survive just as a group who went there are attacked.

To be honest, Saeko is one of the main reasons I watch this.

Up on the roof the barrier protecting Takashi and Rei is barely holding with what he had to do to Hisashi still clear in his mind. Rei tries to call her father again and this time gets through but the signal dies after hearing some panicked words and gunshots in the background, since her father didn’t even recognise her voice she turns to Takashi.

Back in the halls Kouta suggests that they call the police, even if she did have a phone with her Saya wouldn’t bother calling them pointing out how futile it would be when they’d already be too busy or disorganised. Some of ‘them’ find them so they have to run for it.

In the nurse’s office an injured student resurrects leading to the student helping out the nurse having to crush his skull, ‘they’ break through the glass and he gets bitten as he tries to hold them off before they can get to the nurse, Shizuka. They move closer to Shizuka but before they can get too close a girl with a bokuto strikes them all down. She goes to the student and introduces herself as Saeko Busujima, the captain of the school’s kendo team, the student replies that his name is Ishii Kazu and accepts her offer to end his life before he changes. More of ‘them’ come in after this and a smile appears on Saeko’s face.

Saya and Kouta lock themselves in the workshop where she displays some tools to use as weapons, Kouta picks up the nail gun and his personality completely changes. Before the door is about to break he puts together a makeshift gun and manages to save Saya. Up on the roof Rei and Takashi use the fire hose to get out of the observatory, while Kouta is suddenly enthused about Saya not having a particular reason for taking him with her.

Back on the roof the idea to use the fire hose brings up memories of Hisashi and they both head to the main building fighting their way through together. Once there Takashi tries to keep Rei’s hopes up but since his mother is an elementary school teacher he can’t help but be worried.

Using some wet pieces of paper Saya concludes that ‘they’ can only react to sound. Meanwhile Saeko escorts Shizuka to the office to get the keys to her car, in order to stop being surrounded she only knocks them aside and rips Shizuka’s skirt so that she can run easier. But she’s just as concerned about it being Prada.

Saya and Kouta are surrounded as one of ‘them’ moves in with one big problem, Kouta is out of ammo, in defending herself she ends up plunging a drill into it’s head and Takashi, Rei, Saya, and Shizuka find them and split up to take them down.

With their attackers defeated everyone who needs to introduces themselves to each other except for Saya who lashes out, pointing out that she’s a genius but breaks down when she sees her reflection, crying as Saeko consoles her.

Ending, “color me dark” by Maon Kurosaki.

After the ending theme they’ve managed to get to the office and take a break after barricading the door. Kouta learns that Saya wears glasses and they decide to take one of the school’s buses to find their families, their attention is turned to a news report which is suddenly cut off as the reporter screams for help.

Next Episode:


While the last episode focused on the mains this episode served to introduce some of the side cast that ended up joining up with Takashi and Rei at the end. With the gun maniac, Kouta, genius, Saya, master swordswoman, Saeko, and nurse/medic, Shizuka all getting a proper introduction after a few glimpses in the previous episode.

As expected Kouta was pretty awesome, not only in how he put together a makeshift gun out of a nail gun and some stuff lying around but also by being voiced by Nobuyuki Hiyama. Who’s one of those voice actors who can increase a character’s awesomeness tenfold by simply being voiced by him. Saeko being voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro was something I had been looking forward to in this series since she’s one of my favourite voice actresses, and her voice simply suits Saeko. And of course Eri Kitamura as Saya and Yukari Fukui as Shizuka simply add to the list of awesome voice actors in this series.

Oddly enough despite the series being named “Highschool of the Dead” it looks like the setting will be shifting away from the highschool in the next episode.


3 Responses to Highschool of the Dead 02

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i just started watching this. i’m not a fan of blood and gore(actually makes me a little sick) or horror themes, but i thought i’d try this show out since it was so hyped. it was a nice surprise to me when i heard to voices cause i wasn’t looking into this show too much. i actually enjoy the drama and the quick makeshift action, it makes the show more realistic, but the fanservice…i could’ve done without it. i think it actually detracts from the show, having way too much panty shots and way oversized boin at the wrong times is just out of place…
    the humor…well, at first, it seemed just like the fanservice to me. it was out of place. it took Kouta quite a few tries to get me a little grin.
    the nurse shizuka is so dumb that it pisses me off lol.
    it seems miyuki always gets to play the sadistic ladies, i just hope saeko doesnt develop into a full time blood thirst maniac…or maybe i’m reading those smirks wrong, they could be “aha!” moments, but it didn’t look like it to me…
    i’m looking forward to the gang getting their hands on the big guns as show in the op although i really don’t want gore to increase.

    after getting all tense from this show, i was lucky to have just dled the first ep of Asobi ni Iku Yo! perfect show to relax from this with a cast of cuddly looking girls and less exaggerated fanservice…=)
    completly did not expect anything out of Asobi, i thought it might have been over the top idiodic, but i’m glad watched it, especcially after watching HOTD.

    i am prolly going to save next ep of HOTD until i get my hands on more Asobi, or i wont be able to sleep lmao

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Neither am I but this show has quite a few things going for it and the manga is pretty entertaining, and the somewhat realistic take and action are some of the things that make it that.

    Some of the stuff like the sounds that Shizuka made when she moved around was annoying and unnecessary but I didn’t really have a problem with anything else.

    Kouta is awesome, Shizuka may take a while to like, and Saeko is a sadist and I liked her before I found out that she was going to be voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro so that comes as a bonus.

    Just watched through the third episode and all I’ll say about it so far is that I’m glad they kept the Shaun of the Dead cameo in. It was one of those unexpected moments of awesome in the manga.

    Haven’t watched Asobi ni Iku Yo! yet but catgirls sort of give me the creeps. I’m still going to try watch it though.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    didn’t sleep well because zombies were stuck in my head XD. maybe i shouldn’t have watched this in the middle of the night. when i saw ep1 it wasn’t so bad cuz i watched it in the day lol. anyway, the biggist surprise for me is probably marina inoue as rei, since i hadn’t heard her for some time now.

    even if you don’t like catgirls, dont let it deter you from watching cuz she’s voiced by kanae itou. i didn’t realize it was her voice just like when i first heard ringo XD and you can also get your fix of kana hanazawa, she plays the magical skin tight battle suit top secret military special agent girl XD.
    there’s also some foreign lady that speaks kinda like simon =D. and theres a cute little kitty robot mascot thing =). the only lame character is the protaginist, he’s the stereotypical pathetically weak and small goodie two shoes with glasses…
    the animation is top tier, and the action so far is awsome. even the fanservice is more reasonable than HOTD. the basic story is that there are many different agencies after the alien girl. it actually brings a bit of DTB of atmosphere.
    i definitly wasn’t expecting anyhting out of this show, but i’m actually looking forward to the next ep of this show the most.

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