Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 03

Back when Otohime and Urashima were in elementary school, Otohime would always get stuck doing the cleaning duty and while everyone else called her turtle Urashima still called her by her name and offered to help to her.

As Ryouko, Ringo, and Ryoushi walk together at school Ringo tempts Ryoushi with the lunch that Ryouko made for her when Urashima runs up to Ryouko for her to save him, in the background Otohime is facing off with another girl. This girl was Usami, who’s famous for her loli looks and she was in the same class as Otohime in elementary school. Urashima goes on to explain that he had bumped into her with Otohime right behind him, the two didn’t exactly get along with Usami calling her by her old nickname and it ended up in a wager as to which one of them would win the Miss Otogi Contest. Where if Otohime won she would lose her nickname or if Usami won she would keep the nickname, the battle between tortoise and the hare had begun.

So due to this Otohime requests a favour of the Otogi bank to help her win as to show that she’s worthy of Urashima. Ringo explains how the contest is decided by a vote among the male students and when they speak of the previous contest’s winner, she appears out of nowhere and is revealed by Alice to actually be Liszt cross dressing, something he uses to gather information. From this he had found that the student body is split between like and dislike towards Usami, however the same thing applies to Otohime due to how she always chases Urashima.

So to start things off the Otogi bank work to ruin Usami’s reputation but she had a similar plan for Otohime along with a few other ways to counter her, and to Ryouko’s surprise Majo not only entered Otohime in the contest but everyone as well. Otohime and Usami meet in the halls and exchange a few words and from some of the student’s reactions both of their plans appear to be working.

Aside from the ruining her reputation Liszt has another plan to steal some of Usami votes by having Ringo also play the Loli card. This leads to having her, Otohime, and Otsuu participate in a photo shoot. Usami had heard about this though and shows up to call them out on blatantly trying to steal her votes which goes on to have them throwing insults at each other which are censored by Satomi Arai’s narration, in doing this though she had lost her posse.

On the day before the contest Otohime and Usami clash again and both of their ratings have fallen quite severely, Liszt asks Ryoushi not to vote for her. While Otohime tries to decide which swimsuit to use for tomorrow she remembers how Usami had pushed her cleaning duty onto her and how who she is now is for Urashima.

She wakes up next to him and promises to win to show that she’s worthy of him but he just tells her not to overdo it.

When the contest comes around, Shitakiri Suzume acts as the MC and the male members of the Otogi bank have their own seating arrangements, things start off with the swimsuit segment and to Ryoushi’s disappointment Ryouko isn’t wearing a swimsuit. All of the participants make their appeals and sparks fly again between Otohime and Usami, after this the votes are cast.

When the votes are counted Otsuu placed at tenth and when the top three are shown neither Otohime or Usami even made it into the top ten, Usami breaks down in tears and Ringo takes the chance to rub it in. The two start throwing insults at each other again and prepare to face off but Usami charges at the crowd instead.

At the end of the day Otohime is in tears but Liszt shows her the results and even though she only got one vote, it was the only vote she needed and the Otogi bank’s plan was to have her realise the importance of this one vote. Urashima appears with the others and points out that she should have to make anyone think that she’s cute, asking if it’s enough for him to already think she’s cute. Her tears change to those of happiness and she jumps into his arms.

In order to spread the rumours they had to use up a lot of the loans they were owed but the result was good enough, Liszt decides to show Ryouko the results of the contest and how she had also received one vote from Ryoushi, which causes her to  hitting him away out of embarrassment.


As an episode to throw in some development for Otohime this episode was pretty nice in a way, not only did it explain why she continuously chases after Urashima but it also explained her backstory along with a bit of his. Along with how she became who she is due to him and due to Usami seemingly being the one to push the cleaning duty onto her that led to her meeting him there she also indirectly played a role in it somehow. And even though she didn’t win the contest to see her realise the importance in the vote Urashima had cast for her was a good way for the contest to turn out.

Something I was surprised to learn after I watched this was what can be considered something of a base for both Urashima and Otohime in the form of the legend of Urashima Tarou, a fisherman who saved a turtle which turned out to be the emperor of the sea’s daughter and goes to live with her for what appears to be a few days but was really 300 years.

Considering that all seven of Ookami’s companions have been introduced it could be interesting to see how it’ll turn out if JC Staff decides to take a similar approach as this episode for some of the other characters, along with how they each tie in with the fairy tale aspect of the show, just like how this episode covered the story of the tortoise and the hare. Which is kind of one of the things about this show that interests me.



2 Responses to Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 03

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i didn’t notice this before, but since mazui pointed out that otohime was voice by aki toyosaki, i was pretty surprised it sounded so unrecognizable, especially during the flashbacks when otohime was still fat XD. i always thought she only did the same voice for all her characters since her singing sounds like her usual loli voice…

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I was more caught off guard by Ayako Kawasumi voicing Otsuu (since I relate her voice more with kind of one she did for Saber, Gedomaru, and the narrator for Senkou no Night Raid), but that still was a surprise to find out that Aki Toyosaki voiced Otohime.

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