Amagami SS 03

With love in his life Junichi’s motivation towards his studies and sports has increased while Umehara and Kaoru can only wonder what’s wrong with him.

One of his teachers has picked up on this and asks him about it, Kaoru comes along with her friend hear this and she offhandedly mentions that the same thing has happened to her friend, Tanaka. He manages to back away a bit and Haruka drags him away, once they’re far away enough it turns out that she was jealous of him talking to other girls like that and he manages to explain what it was about. He wants her to kiss his eyebrows again, she refuses and decides that he should kiss her this time but it should be somewhere else.

This leads to him secretly leading her through the school due to her setting the condition that they can’t meet anyone on the way and eventually leading her to a shed outside the school grounds. Once inside he now has to decide where to kiss her, but it can’t be too obvious and after giving it some thought he decides on behind her knee. It catches her off guard and he gives the reason that it’s to find out why puppies lick that spot.

She agrees to let him do it and school continues as it normally does as he continues to kiss her, in the end though he was too sidetracked to find the reason.

Later on Junichi has a grin on his face from it which scares Miya away and his mind is overcome with wanting to do it again to the point where he doesn’t notice Rihoko telling him how she’s almost lost a kilogram. When he meets up with Haruka he asks to do it again time after time.

Haruka asks Hibiki what to do pretending it’s a puppy but she eventually gets the truth out of her and she supports her on letting him spoil her. The next day Junichi watches as some students set something up and Haruka decides to make her move by jumping on his back and meowing. For lunch she wants something exciting and Junichi has an idea in mind.

This idea may seem like just a bowl of ramen but the plan Junichi has in mind is to roleplay that she’s been kidnapped and that he’s her captor feeding her, she agrees to play along and even points out that he act better. Their act catches the attention of quite a few people and when Nanasaki wonders what they’re doing Hibiki tells her not to worry about it, despite this though they still continue.

At the end of the day Haruka looks back at how much fun it was.

Next Episode:

Haruka’s arc ends and Kaoru’s arc begins in the episode after that.


As an episode that served as an interval between Junichi’s confession being accepted and the end of Haruka’s route itself it was pretty entertaining in that not only was it nice in that way but it was also almost ridiculously funny at some points. The knee kissing scene comes to mind for this, where if Amagami wasn’t a PS2 visual novel it probably would have been thought to be one of those ridiculous substitutions for an H-scene that tend to happen sometimes. Other than that there were a few which were also kind of funny but didn’t have the same impression, such as when Haruka jumped onto Junichi’s back and started meowing and the kidnap roleplaying they did shortly afterward. And Haruka proved to be pretty cute in this episode with stuff like becoming jealous after seeing Junichi talking with some other girls and with some of the stuff already mentioned.

One of the things that I’m liking about this series so far is the feeling that if you were to remove the main character or even the events that make up the story itself, things would still carry on as normal. It was one of the things that made me like the Durarara!! anime which did it by presenting a busy city where this does it by showing some of the side characters acting as they usually would from time to time. It’s just something I like in a series.


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