Highschool of the Dead 03

Once the report cuts off the effects of the pandemic are shown to be felt worldwide with the president of the United States and his cabinet fleeing west with nuclear weapons prepared, Moscow is out of contact, Beijing is in flames, London however has maintained order but there are reports of looting in Paris and Rome.

Some of the characters can’t believe that this happened so quickly and Saya compares it to the Spanish Flu and even to some recent pandemic scares, Shizuka brings up that they’ll eventually decompose so that they can wait it out but Saya counters that they might not. And before they all head out Saeko recommends that they work together and save anyone they can on the way.

On the way they make use of what they know and only fight when necessary, they save some students who had been surrounded who join up with them, however their exit is blocked so Takashi decides to test whether they really do only react to sound. He heads down alone and stands terrified as they walk around him, he picks up a shoe and throws it to distract them but as they all head out one of the students accidentally taps the handrail.

The sound grabs ‘their’ attention and Takashi yells out to run, they now have to fight their way towards the bus and one of the students they saved before is attacked, his girlfriend runs to him despite Saya trying to stop him and Shizuka understands how she would rather die than live without the one she loved. Kouta shoots one of them who went to attack Saya and they finally get to the bus. As they all get in they spot a teacher, Shido with some students, Takashi wants to save them but Rei wants to leave him to die and Shido kicks away a student who sprained his ankle. They speed off in the bus with Shizuka running down any of ‘them’ in their way.

Now out of the school Shido points out the need for a leader and Rei tells Takashi that he’ll regret this. As they pass a convenience store a familiar man is shown standing at the counter. The students that Shido brought along are against going into the city, Shizuka hits the breaks and tells them to be quiet, one of the student says that he can’t stand Takashi and prepares to swing at him when he replies that he hasn’t even said anything to him. But Rei takes him out before he can.

Shido further emphasises the need for a leader and uses his charisma to gain the approval of his students, Rei can’t stand this and gets off the bus. Takashi gets off to try to stop her but an out of control bus separates them from the others, Saeko runs out and Takashi promises to meet them at the police station at seven O’clock. The bus explodes as Takashi and Rei run through the tunnel but just as they get out Takashi is attacked by one of them in a bike helmet, Rei kills it and offers him her hand.


Ending, “Return to Destiny” by Maon Kurosaki.

With the sun already down they find the bike that used to belong to their attacker, Rei asks if he has his license but he believes that as a highschooler her shouldn’t need one.

Next Episode:


One of the great things about this episode was that we got to see how the rest of the world was reacting to the current crisis but it leaves me wondering just what they meant when London had maintained order, whether it was due to actions taken there or whether it was really a lie to cover up what was really happening. Something that was weird about it was how far it spread so quickly, though it does seem possible for stuff like they compared it to, it really asks whether someone on a plane with a random bite wound would actually manage to get on a plane.

The scene where Takashi went down to the entrance was pretty good, you could really see how terrified he was as they walked past as if he wasn’t there, knowing that even the slightest sound could mean the end. It was a bit stupid to yell as soon as they got out but it made for an excuse for a pretty awesome action scene. And if Rei was seen as annoying or unlikeable in the last two episodes she started to redeem herself a bit and her offering Takashi her hand made was a nice way to end the episode.

Other than that one of the highlights of this episode was the brief cameo of a man resembling Simon Pegg serving as a quick cameo for his character from Shaun of the Dead. It was a bit disappointing to see that they didn’t include his cricket bat though.

This episode also introduced Shido, voiced by Kishou Taniyama who looks to be something of a villain for the series, given his actions towards the student with the sprained ankle and how he gained the approval of the students he brought along, using it as a reason to become their leader. But more notably because of the resentment Rei holds towards him.


4 Responses to Highschool of the Dead 03

  1. fukki says:

    XD this anime is awesome it fells a little deja vu when you remember about all those movies about zumbies and stuff, but this one os epic!

    in a non related topic

    do you know about gintama reprises happening in japan?
    they changed the name to yorinuki gintama-san, its a pun with sazae-san, it means “the best of” they are reprising what they call the best episodes with new OP n ED, and some stuff at the end, I dont know if there are actual new stuff in the episodes,I wish someone could sub the eps, its a reprise I know but its in HD and gintama is that awesome.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I haven’t been paying all that much attention to the Yorinuki reruns so I wouldn’t really know, the new opening and ending themes are awesome though, especially how the first ones are by DOES. Other than that sadly I think the HD episodes would have been upscaled. Hopefully the Gintama anime itself comes back soon as the past few recent arcs have been excellent and the standalone chapters that I’ve read have been pretty good as well.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    when i got around to watching this, was thinking i might be in for another sleepless night since i watched all the other happy shows first XD. but it seems the horror might have worn off just a little and there weren’t really any gruesome scense this ep.

    you mentioned that it was strange that they said london was under control, i actually think it might be of a reference to the awsome reputation of british military and such in pop culture and maybe common knowlede =D (ie MI6, SAS, SBS, etc…). same goes for the US. using controversial, overkill tactics-nukes. Beijing-kill ’em all just in case. France and Italy are usually regarded as epic fail in terms military and such-therefore riot? the only one that doesn’t make sense to me is moscow. how could they have lost contact? surely russians are much more awsome than that lol.

    this show so far has been giving me some I Am Legend vibes, especially the flashback parts where it shows everyone trying to escape. i haven’t really watched much zombie or horror movies, though so it might not be the best comparison.

    like all survival stories, we get this selfish and cocky guy that wants to be the leader, and the idiots will support him leaving the protagonist out as the minority of the survivors. Shido fills that role pretty well, but i really don’t understand how the other students let him on the bus and support him after watching him stomp on the poor guy’s face…i would have borrowed that nail gun and put an end to him…

    anyway, can’t wait to see some guns, and that humvee of coures =)
    btw that broom shaft that Rie uses is awfully sturdy XD

    and those gintama HD episodes, how can they be upscaled if gintama isn’t even widescreen? HD 4:3?

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    How far did they really have to go for it though, even though it may be awesome to think of the English and maybe even the Russians going around stomping out zombies you really have to ask just how far they went to maintain order (i.e. shooting anyone with the slightest symptoms or torching entire blocks), when what was shown of the rest of the world is pretty much screwed. Considering the circumstances there may have been no other way for it though.

    And agreed, Shido fills the role of a kind of antagonistic douche with a group of idiots following him pretty well and if the face stomp wasn’t enough Rei made it perfectly clear that they shouldn’t have saved him.

    If they keep at the current pace we’ll probably see them with the guns and humvee from the opening around episode 7 or even earlier.

    My internet cap rolls over soon so I’m going to watch a few of the episodes then to find out, same with Asobi.

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