Nurarihyon no Mago 03

A drunk salary man stumbles by an alleyway down the first street of Ukiyoe and to his horror sees a man and some rats eating a woman.

At the school Kiyotsugu quizzes the other members of the Kiyo Cross on Youkai and the new transfer student, Yura Keikan seems to know a lot about them, explaining that the most dangerous Youkai used to be beasts in that they may be intelligent but they lack any rationality. Due to this Kiyotsugu invites Yura to join and properly announces the club’s formation along with how the ceremony will be at Rikuo’s house, of course he’s shocked by the idea.

Yuki-Onna and Aotabou try to assure him that things will go well but what he’s really worried about is the impression Yura gave. They arrive home to see the other Youkai at his house celebrating Rikuo’s transformation and they all stop when he tells them his friends are coming over.

Kiyotsugu arrives expectantly with the other members and they start walking through the house, Shima is surprised to see what Rikuo’s house is like and Yura is able to sense where Kurotabou, Kubinashi, and Natto were when they were spying on them. They arrive in the room where they’ll hold the ceremony and Kejourou arrives to bring them some tea just as Kiyotsugu was about to start. This makes Shima and Kana think that Rikuo has an older sister and he quickly covers it by explaining she only helps around the house, in order to stop this happening again he runs off to the kitchen and explains the situation to them.

Once he gets back the other members of the Kiyo Cross are gone and walking on their own as Yura senses Youkai in the house. Luckilly Rikuo manages to catch up but Yura still insists on looking around and this leads to her looking around while the Youkai are struggling to hide themselves, they even manage to bump into Zen and even though he doesn’t say anything Rikuo knows what he’s thinking.

They look at some Buddha statues that Rikuo says belong to his grandfather, one of them catches Yura’s attention as Rikuo realises that some of the Youkai are hiding in it. Before she can take a closer look Rikuo’s grandfather shows up and manages to fool them by acting like an old man. Yura still thinks something’s suspicious and a rat steps out, scaring Kana and runs off.

Yura chases after it with Rikuo right behind her and the rat almost doubles in size when they corner it, she throws some tags at it and swears to destroy Ayakashi as an Onmyouji of the Keikan clan. Kiyotsugu, Shima, and Kana arrive just in time to hear this and are excited at the prospect of Onmyouji and Youkai actually exist. She then explains that she’s here to battle the Youkai in Ukiyoe as a test in order to become the head of the Keikan clan since the Youkai keader supposedly lives there. While of others are excited Rikuo is shocked.

Once his friends have left Aotabou and Yuki-Onna apologise for what happened and that they hadn’t seen that rat before but have an idea of what it could have been. Meanwhile Kana and Yura walk home down the first street, talking about what happened and how Yura lives on her own. This doesn’t last long as the same man from before, Kyuuso appears with his underlings as the very Youkai Yura warned the others about before and corner them into an alleyway. He refers to them as kittens and reveals his true face with his underlings doing the same, some of them move in but Yura summons one of her Shikigami familiars, Tanrou and gives it permission to devour them.

Next Episode:

Yura and Kana are captured and Rikuo heads in to save them.


I was expecting the stuff with Kyuusu to be in a few more episodes but it was still good to see it start off so soon and Kyuuso himself being voiced by Takehito Koyasu was a nice surprise. Like the last episode where the blood Zen would have coughed up was censored the blood in his introduction was also censored a bit, though probably for a good reason as it would have been pretty gruesome to see and it wasn’t as bad. It was also good to see him make something of a reference to the Youkai he’s based on which was a rat which eats cats but is still known to raise kittens.

The way Yura was introduced as an Onmyouji was probably one of the most notable things about this episode, where in the manga Rikuo and the others know full well that she’s an Onmyouji after she exorcised a rogue Youkai on one of their searches, Rikuo and the others had no real idea for why she seemed to sense them. And how she exorcised the rat at the end was a good way to tie it in with what’s at hand.


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