Amagami SS 04, Haruka Arc End

Back before they even knew each other one year ago, Haruka met Junichi in the same park where he was stood up and pointed to a mountain across the sea.

While Junichi waits to walk home with Haruka, Miya and Rihoko show up and ask if he wants to go check out the Christmas sales with them so he decides to tag along. They drag him from shop to shop and have him carry the bags while he resolves to ask Haruka out on a Christmas date, he spots her to the side and Miya and Rihoko take it that he needs to go to the bathroom so they split up.

As she maneuvers the claw one of the bears appears to call out to her catching her by surprise, it turns out to be Junichi and when she turns to meet him the claw picks it up and she thanks him for helping her get it. They decide to go to the nearby arcade and take their chance at a machine that judges their compatibility based on their initials, at first it doesn’t work all that well but determined to get a better result, Haruka changes the M for Morishima to an L and they get an almost perfect result. He asks her what the L was for and she tells him that “Lovely” is her middle name being one quarter Caucasian from her grandfather on her mother’s side.

After remembering what he has to ask her they go to the park and Junichi brings up how they met here before which makes her realise that he was the one she met in this park before and explains that she went to there after her dog, John died in order to cheer up so John wouldn’t worry about her. So when she went to the park he had liked she found Junichi sitting on his favourite bench and was sure that he had brought the two of them together. Junichi then tells her what had happened to him two years ago along with how her words had helped him back then and takes the opportunity to ask her on a Christmas Eve date. But she refuses since her grandparents from England are coming over and asks if he’d like to come when her family goes to meet them

Even though he ran he still ends up being late so Haruka scolds him and then forgives him, they go to the meeting place which catches Junichi by surprise since it’s a fancy hotel and they decide to swim first so that he can wash off the sweat he got from running. He’s left speechless when he sees her in her new swimsuit and they swim together for a while, after this he thinks about what it’s like spending Christmas with her and she takes it as him looking at other girls so he has to explain that with her here he doesn’t have to.

Now they prepare to head up and meet her family but Haruka tells him that the meeting was an hour or go but it’ll still be all right. In the elevator Junichi starts to get lightheaded while Haruka looks out and she tells him that her grandparents couldn’t make it, and due to this her parents didn’t bother coming so she decided to use the already reserved room.

She decides to take a bath first and tells him not to peek leaving him wondering what to do and thinking about how this happened in such a short period of time. While he does this we see how some of the other heroines and characters are spending Christmas eve, as Kaoru visits the stalls, Hibiki sends Nanasaki home and wonders how Haruka is doing, and Tsukasa continues her duties as it starts to snow.

Back in the hotel room the lights go out and Haruka approaches Junichi wearing only a towel to ask him why he didn’t peek, she also asks why he didn’t confess again like he said before as it made her think that he’d lost interest in her, tells him his second confession made her feel and that she blames herself for not confessing properly. He asks her not to cry and she agrees if he’ll call her by her first name, they then both confess to each other and share a kiss as the snow falls outside.

Ten years later Hibiki visits Haruka now lives happily with Junichi, who bursts in waving his badge as part of an improvised roleplay which Hibiki calls the two of them out on. They talk about their jobs but Haruka and Junichi soon get distracted. And Haruka’s arc ends with Hibiki turning a page in a photo album to reveal that Junichi and Haruka are happily married.

Next Episode:

With Haruka’s arc complete things go back to the start to begin Kaoru’s arc.


When Haruka’s arc started I didn’t really know what to expect so I guess it was a pleasant surprise since it turned out to be alright and I kind of grew to like Haruka as it progressed, it’s probably going to be a bit weird to see her as only a side character in the arcs to come. It was great to see what usually takes an entire series accomplished in only four episodes though, and that’s one of the advantages this has though it can seem kind of rushed.

Having Junichi and Haruka meeting a year before the series when Junichi was still depressed from being stood up on a Christmas date was something I wasn’t really expecting as he still seemed pretty down at the beginning of her arc even with the help she gave him then, it was still a nice addition in a way though as something exclusive to her arc. The scene before the time skip epilogue where she approached him wearing a towel worked well as a climax which the past episodes had been leading up to, she was truly laying herself bare and telling him how she felt. The ten year time skip for the epilogue felt a bit cheap in a way, sure it showed how they were still happy together after ten years but they didn’t really look it, it was as if all that had changed was the clothes that they were wearing so it would have been better to age them a bit.


3 Responses to Amagami SS 04, Haruka Arc End

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i thought it was pretty nice all the way through, right up until the towel scene. i was like lolwut? did she just go insane after taking a bath? she suddenly became depressed and her reason for it made no sense at all…then the 10 year time skip was kinda weird…and meh…

    still looking forward to kaoru’s arc, since we already know she’s rather mischievous, i’m hoping for more humor, and less random weirdness…

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Yeah, it’s a pretty nice series so far and I think there may have been a bit more time between what happened in the last episode and in this one in the VN, so that could explain it I’m not sure about it though.

    And the 10 year time skip was a bit weird, ten years go by and they look exactly the same.

    I’m looking forward to Kaoru’s arc as well, it was probably the one I was most looking forward to when I started this series and stuff like the paper ball fight she had with Junichi is pretty fun.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Spot on with thiis write-up, I trully feel this amazing sijte needs a lot more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read more, thanks for the information!

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