Highschool of the Dead 04

A jet flies above taking photos of the surrounding as it passes Takashi and Rei it photographs them looking towards it with Rei waving.

Once the recap where Takashi looks back on what the world had become is over, Takashi and Rei look out over the city from the hill and Takashi has accepted that no one will come to help them. Rei points out how he’s always been one to be pessimistic like this and they drive off before they can argue about it as the dead move towards them.

There’s some more recap of how they banded together and escaped the school, and the bus where the others are is stuck in bumper to bumper traffic as everyone tries to get across the bridge which makes Saya worry about whether they’ll actually make it across. The sounds of gunshots scares some of the students as the police gun down any of the dead around them, Shido puts them at ease in a sinister way and there’s more recap of how Rei and Takashi jumped off the bus and how they swore to meet up at the police station.

Blood stains are everywhere as Takashi and Rei move through the city but there are no bodies to be seen, they spot a police car waiting around the corner and move ahead not sure of whether they’ll be arrested only to see that a truck had crashed into the back of the car. Rei takes a look inside and retrieves the police officer’s gun and bullets, as he holds the gun in his hands Takashi can’t help but  feel how heavy it is. Before they head off Rei asks if they should throw away the bat and broom staff and asks him if he still feels safer now when he refuses since he isn’t sure whether he could hit a target.

They arrive at a gas station and they argue a bit about how he’s not like Hisashi when it turns out to be a self serve station, when it looks like it’s going to get worse Takashi simply asks if she has any money but she left her purse behind. So Takashi heads inside and when no one’s there smashes the register with a smile on his face, all the while a something moves in on Rei outside.

As soon as she screams he runs out and sees a man holding her held at knife point, he questions his sanity and he goes in to say that he had to kill his whole family when they changed, Rei tries to get a way but he grabs her and starts groping her. The man demands that he gives him the bat and the bike once it’s refilled, Takashi throws the bat catching the attention of the dead and starts to refill the bike.

Once this is done he tries to ask him to let them go but the man refuses, so he runs up, places the gun to his shoulder at point blank range, and fires knowing that there’s no way he could miss. With the dead moving in they drive off leaving him behind.

Ending, “cold bullet blues” by Maon Kurosaki.

They continue to drive in the morning as Takashi says how they’re going to see a lot of things like this and unlike last time Rei accepts his words, though he keeps it to himself Takashi acknowledges how he caused someone’s death as the jet passes by.

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Honestly having as much recap as this episode did at only four episodes in was kind of cheap, though it was probably due to the team behind it trying to keep the chapter to episode ratio at the same rate which can work well when there’s a lot of stuff like in some of the previous episodes. But when there isn’t much to work with and you try to keep at a steady pace, I suppose this is what happens, at least it still looked alright and changing it to happen at night was a good decision though it will weaken a part of the episodes to come.

It also presented a few scenes where Takashi was forced to make some pretty important decisions and some equally powerful things happened to him, such as where Takashi felt how heavy the gun was in his hand showing that it may have looked light but just how much power that one gun had. Another one was where he smashed the register where even with the world as it is he found it fun to smash the register, showing just how much he had changed with it and finally there was the scene where he had to use the gun, which would have presented an important decision for him. Where all he had killed before was already ‘dead’ and if he didn’t shoot thr man he would have lost Rei, he even reflects on this at the end.

I actually feel kind of sorry for the guy at the gas station in a way, sure he didn’t seem all that good from what we saw but from the his photo in the ending where he’s washing a car while his younger sibling was heading off it school, it may have been otherwise before what happened. So if anything he served to show how the real monsters in these sorts of situations can be humans themselves, especially after the sort of the he went through so it was actually kind of sad in a way.

Also LOL at ANN for censoring the groping scene.


2 Responses to Highschool of the Dead 04

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i was surprised they did recap this ep, i almost thought the whole thing would end up a recap with only a tiny portion of new scenes. i also felt kinda bad for that crazy guy, but he pretty much chose to be screwed over and should really have been shot in the head so there would be one less zombie. i thought the zombies would completely eat him but seeing him turn to a zombie with after the gunshot goes to show how they are almost immortal.

  2. Komuro Takashi says:

    I Was Looking For A Moving Picture, Got Any?

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