Occult Academy 01 and 02

A man runs through a forest being chased by some strange creature, he asks for a teleport out but doesn’t get to it in time. With the fifth Abe Morino gone the people waiting for him can only rely on the sixth now.

I feel kind of slow posting this now but this is something that looks interesting and like it could be end up being great. One more double episode post like this and I will have caught up.

In the year 1999 while some girls chat about Bunmei being on television the female lead of the story, Maya Kumashiro makes her to Waldstein Academy, on the way the driver talks about some of the rumours surrounding the school and how a Tengu had been in the same area. She steps out of the car and refers to it as Occult Academy.

Inside the school the students and some of the teachers are mourning the recent passing of the principal, Maya’s father, once Maya arrives one of the teachers, Chihiro Kawashima others her condolences and leads her to her seat. Two of the students, one of which knew Maya when she was younger talk about her. A tape is then played according to the Principal’s wishes where he speaks about his physical death not being the end and encourages the students to not fear the occult, through the tape he starts to summon a spirit with a recorded chant which Maya picks up on.

The lights go out and the windows open as a purple fog envelops the room and the Principal’s body gets out of his casket. The students panic as the tape turned out to only be a rehearsal which backfired, his reanimated body flies towards one of the girls from before while she’s looking for her glasses but Maya manages to hit it away with a chair. Next she takes up the microphone and attempts to restore order by claiming that it was staged and talks about how her father had taken advantage of them when he founded the school by talking about what the origin of Waldstein is, however the spirit sneaks up behind and hits her away before breaking out through the window.

Maya picks herself up and meets her friend Ami Kuroki for the first time in five years but still insists on stopping the spirit before it devours any people and turns them into a spirit as well. From the green slime it left behind they have a fair idea of where he went and when they try to find out it’s identity Maya recognises it as a Lamie, the girl who lost her glasses introduces herself Kozue Naruse who wants to be like Maya’s father when she’s older and Maya questions why she wants to be like that.

Ami comes back with two people to help the out, the first is JK who uses rods to dowse for spirits and the second is Smile who’s good with his fists, while they try to find the spirit we learn how the school was built to cover from elementary to college but it hasn’t gotten that far yet. After hearing Maya knowing the spirit and still insisting that it was staged Kozue asks Ami about her and she explains that when she was younger she was actually quite enthusiastic about the occult.

Some slime hits Kozue and she’s gone when Ami turns around, JK’s rods pick up on something as the lights flick out with the now possessed Kozue on the ceiling. She drops down and races towards them only for Smile to send her flying, once she’s picked up her glasses she attacks JK but Smile throws her down and starts hitting her. However Maya points out how futile it is since it isn’t the first person the Lamie possessed and it takes the opportunity to spit slime in Smile’s face to get away, knowing what she has to do Maya chases after it.

Maya eventually finds herself in a room with a Christmas dinner set out and her father at the head of the table, who explains that this was his plan to get her and her mother here and apologises as a father for abandoning them when she tells him that her mother died two years ago. She runs to him and says that it’s okay however as they prepare to head back there’s something different about him. Maya stops and points out how spirits pick out a persons weaknesses as she turns around with an axe announcing that the only way to stop a Lamie is to decapitate the first one they possessed.

She swings the axe taking off his head with a single swing and defeating the Lamie, Ami and Kozue catch up to discover that the warm room from before was really a torture chamber and find Maya standing with green slime covering her face. She remembers how she used to be quite close to her father but she and her mother left when he got too involved in his work when the school was being built.

Chihiro and her subordinate clean up the principal’s body and place him back in the casket, knowing that Maya will eventually learn the truth. Up on the rooftop Maya yells out how she hates the occult, a cellphone drops down near her as a light shines from the clouds slowly lowering a man with no clothes.

Onto the next episode, as soon as the man, Fumiaki Uchida and the sixth Abe Morino touches the ground Maya runs away screaming with him chasing after her, she turns around to see that he’s disappeared only to it be revealed that he’s actually fallen down a hole and is now unconscious.

As Maya rests in her hotel room there are two people debating the occult and supernatural on the television, they introduce Bunmei, a young boy who can bend spoons and Fumiaki Uchida when he was younger in 1999 who with the crowd and judges’ full attention bends a spoon with his mind. In rage Maya  throws the cellphone she picked up, next she decides to test out the cellphone’s camera by taking a photo of herself but is shocked by a skull appearing instead.

The next day she takes up the role as the school’s principal citing her father’s will for Chihiro and tells her about naked man she saw yesterday, Chihiro then introduces the new teacher which to Maya’s despair is the same man she saw before causing her to take to him with a spear. Once she eases up he asks for his phone and explains his circumstances of going back in time in order to stop the Prophecies of Nostradamus and an alien invasion in 2012. One of these prophecies relates to Waldstein Accademy where on the 21st of July, 1999 everything within a fifty kilometer radius was destroyed, so in order to stop this from happening he must find the Key of Nostradamus that caused the dimensional rift that led them there and destroy it. To do this he was given a phone that shows what anything it photographs will look like in 2012, so anything that shows a peaceful future would be the Key of Nostradamus.

This only gets Maya started again who starts throwing stuff at him, he tries to prove that he’s really the same Fumiaki Uchida that was one television by trying to bend a spoon but despite how hard he tries it doesn’t even budge and she kicks him out. With him gone Maya thinks about what he said and deduces that he was related to the prophecy.

In the classroom some of the students talk about the show which had a discussion about Nostradamus that was on television the night before, and Kozue asks Ami about why Maya hates the occult when she was so knowledgeable about it but Ami doesn’t think she exactly hates it. Meanwhile Fumiaki searches for the Key of Nostradamus, being shocked by the things he sees each time and in one of the rooms JK starts moving towards him with his rods only to be punched and dragged away by Smile.

After this he hides in the library and tells his superiors in the future that he may not find it in time, Chihiro finds him and asks why he’s there but has to leave when she receives a phone call. She then rides in a car with Maya to the crematorium where Maya’s father is to be cremated.

Maya returns to the house where her father lived drenched from the rain, outside Chihiro and her subordinate are worried that Maya may see through them. As Maya takes a shower she senses something outside but only sees words written in blood on the mirror telling her to stay out of the way. She steps out of the bathroom and the doors and a rocking chair seem to move on their own with the lightning revealing a figure outside her window.

It breaks through the window and steps towards her, and Fumiaki who was searching outside swings through another window so she takes the opportunity to tell him how he’s related to the prophecy. He doesn’t understand as the figure moves towards them, she throws him aside and accidentally through a secret passage that she also runs through. The figure follows them and starts to choke her only for a brick to come out of the wall and destroy it.

There’s a notebook where the brick was and inside it is a message from her father telling her how he knew about the Prophecies of Nostradamus and tried to stop them, making many enemies in doing so, the notebook also contains spells to protect her as he tells her to run away. Fumiaki takes a photo of it to see that it wasn’t the key and Maya slaps him a bit for it. She next considers everything that has happened and her fathers words.

The next day Fumiaki starts his first class as the history teacher, Abe Morino and is shocked to see Maya sitting in the back row, he asks how about this later on and she tells him that she’s going to help him find the Key of Nostradamus to find her father’s killer. They agree to work together and he offhandedly asks if she actually likes the occult  which makes her slide her bracelet over her knuckles and hit him.

Next Episodes:


This was a great way to start a series, in the first episode we have the setting of a school focusing on the occult and a female lead, Maya voiced by Yoko Hikasa, with clear reasons for despising the place introduced. To start with though the setting being a school may be a tad bit overused adding that the curriculum revolves around the supernatural and the occult adds something different to it, and from how the driver talked about it on the way it gives me a mysterious impression of it. Not only that but the story being just over ten years from this day gives it a nice feeling, though the only thing that may have been the most notable about it was the size of the cellphones. Maya also seems like an interesting character so far and her reasons for despising the occult were clearly explained in this episode, and considering that it took her father away and tore her family apart it’s not hard to see how she could go from loving it to hating it like she does now, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had something to do with her mother’s death as well.

In the second the male lead who acts as something of a foil for Maya, Fumiaki voiced by Takahiro Mizushima, was introduced after showing up at the end of the first and though he didn’t exactly get the same development that Maya got, we got a clear view of why he’s been sent back to the year 1999 and the direction the story will be heading. And I’d have to say it’s pretty interesting how it manages to incorporate stuff like Nostradamus‘ prophecies, into a plot to prevent them from occurring and save the world from destruction in the year 2012. I think that Fumiaki may have been lying about his backstory since he seemed a bit to suave to how he was acting and something that would be worth remembering is that he can’t use his psychokinesis anymore, so it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out. Something else that will probably be worth remembering is the man who strangely looks like Maya’s father in the resistance group in 2012, so maybe he didn’t exactly die. It looks like Maya may have obtained a bit of an understanding of why her father acted as he did, so it was pretty nice to see that happen.

These two episodes also managed to introduce quite a few characters aside from the mains as well such as Maya’s childhood friend and her Ami and Kozue who are voiced by Ayahi Takagaki and Kana Hanazawa (who gets another meganekko role) respectfully, along with Chihiro, voiced by the amazing Yu Kobayashi who looks to be the current villain of the series given how she’s worried about Maya catching onto their plan. And if that wasn’t enough it also introduced JK and Smile, voiced by Takehito Koyasu and Hiroki Takahashi who are probably my two favourite characters in this series so far since their scenes tend to be pretty fun to watch and their background music is awesome.


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