Amagami SS 05

Two years ago when Junichi was stood up he met Kaoru as he was heading home, in exchange for a ride to a Christmas party she was having with her mother she offered him some of the cake.

He wakes up in class to Kaoru biting his ear and she immediately takes up his invitation to bite the other, the two of them have known each other since middle school and while she dramatically acts overly friendly he responds coldly. Umehara arrives and the Port Tower is brought up which due to it being a dating spot, Umehara feels that he couldn’t go alone, Kaoru suggests that the three of them all go together but Junichi refuses since they would stand out. This makes Kaoru act as if she’s his wife which makes Tsukasa step in since class is about to start, and Kaoru hits Junichi when he tries to defend Tsukasa. She quickly checks if he’s all right only to hit him again when she realises he has a clear view up her skirt.

This punch knocked him out and he wakes up in the nurse’s office with Kaoru arriving as soon as he does and tries to cover up what happened. But since she’s sorry and was actually worried about him, he forgives her since they’re even for what he saw and tells her that she’s always been unpredictable, earning the nickname Kibitsu Warhead. Before she heads back she asks him to come to the flower beds behind the school which makes his mind go wild about what it could be.

In the first thing he imagines it as is her waiting for him in a wrestling uniform and throwing him with a German Suplex for calling her, her old nickname, and second is the exact opposite where she jumps into his arms wearing nothing but a shirt and falls into the flower bed. He actually considers this and third thing he imagines it as is a house with her waiting inside offering him dinner, a bath, or her. Hibiki pulls the curtain to tell him to be quiet and Haruka is shown sleeping in one of the beds.

School ends and Junichi bumps into Rihoko on his way to the flowerbeds, she picks up on him blushing and tells him how she has to do something for the Tea Club but has to run since she’s forgotten what it was. The thought of Kaoru confessing to him is still in his mind when he arrives to see her with one of her friends.

The reason that Kaoru had called him here for was to offer his opinion as a boy to Keiko on what to do, about a month ago she confessed to a boy in her class but got no answer until recently when suddenly asked for a kiss so she turned him down. This is where Junichi comes in as Kaoru doesn’t see it ending well and he suggests that she does something indirect like writing a letter.

Junichi and Kaoru walk hoping that things will go well for Keiko and Kaoru realises that she has work, telling him about the dishes with names that are difficult to pronounce, which she has to do over and over again. He asks her what’s fun about it and she tells him how she has to work hard since she lives alone with her mother. Meanwhile Miya and her friend, Sae are passing by disappointed that Nanasaki couldn’t come, after seeing Junichi with Kaoru, Miya decides to have salmon and wieners.

Kaoru still thinks that her job is fun and at first offers Junichi a discount but quickly takes it back, they prepare to part ways and Junichi tells her how he thought she was going to confess to him. At first she stands silently and then suddenly hits him with her bag, as she runs off Junichi thinks of her in a uniform.

She thinks about this before she starts and snaps herself out of it, however she wasn’t expecting to see Junichi at one of the tables waiting for her, he orders a coffee and she offers the dishes she talked about before. He catches a glimpse of her Zettai Ryouiki which she picks up on, calling him perverted. While she serves the other customers she’s distracted by him and runs out, wondering why her heart is thumping. Another waitress brings him his coffee as he wonders what happened to her.

Ending Theme:

“Kitto Ashita wa…” by Rina Satou. Download.

Next Episode:


Well this was a nice start, if it wasn’t clear before we got a quick look at the relationship that Junichi has with Kaoru, voiced by Rina Satou who’s probably most known for her role as Misaka Mikoto in the Raildex series at the moment, where she’s a “bad friend” to him. Which leads to stuff like her speaking to him as if they’re already married and even the Visual Novel’s namesake, Amagami or playful bite when she bit him on each ear at the start of the episode. It was also fun to see Junichi’s mind go wild about why Kaoru called him behind the school, from being thrown with a German Suplex to imaging her in only a shirt with a few of the buttons unbuttoned only to be disappointed when it was to help one of her friends. This of course set about him starting to see her that way and her trying to hide how she really felt when he paid a visit to the restaurant she worked at, like she had done before until she runs out wondering why her heart is beating like it is. And as usual these things all make for a good start to her arc. It was also nice to see how she had a role when he was down from being stood up two years ago and it has me wondering whether all the other heroines will have something like that, and what exactly it will be.

To be fair Kaoru’s arc was one of the things that got me interested in this series, which was actually before this even began,  more so after seeing some of the scenes with her during Haruka’s arc. And speaking of Haruka we also got to see her as a side character briefly in the nurse’s office however it goes without saying that my full attention was on Kaoru during this episode, who’s not only a tsundere with a Zettai Ryouiki and sexy hair, but is also something of a bro. So it goes without saying that this was something I’m looking forward to seeing more of her and how her arc will turn out.


4 Responses to Amagami SS 05

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    it seems the way they did this arc makes Kaoru look more like the protagonist than Junichi is, but she’s more fun to watch than Junichi being clueless so i like it like this =) i didn’t even know satou rina is the voice of misaka and kaoru. i she has a nice voice, but not very memorable IMO, and i havent seen any of her other roles, so i dont even rember her lol.

    fk silverfish almost went up my arm…my light’s off in the middle of the night cuz the room gets hot…they are the next fastest thing after those big flies XD so now that it’s crushed, mutilated, and spiraling down the drain…

    i was going to say i also finally saw ep1 of roberta’s blood trail. liking the new mini maid, but i miss balalaika and eda. there wasnt enough of chang either.

    speaking of chang, i LOLed when i saw the assistdroid called yun-fat in asobi. it looks like it will be a permament special combat minion =). just when i thought the show won’t disappoint no matter where the story goes, they go and bring it up a notch XD
    the only thing missing is really just the crazy uncle and maybe the terrorist teacher of theirs XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It really did look a bit like that, especially from when she started working and agreed, she really is fun to watch. Oddly enough I recognised it after seeing some of the gameplay videos of Kaoru’s route while waiting for this series to start.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a silverfish over here, at least from what I can remember.

    And Fabiola was pretty awesome in it, though as a combat maid she doesn’t really compare to Roberta who can be an absolute monster if she has to, comparing the two isn’t really fair though. I’m sure that Balalaika and Eda will show up in the future episodes of it, I know that Eda will at least but I’m not sure what sort of role Balalaika will have since I’m still holding off from reading the manga. And more Chang would always be good.

    Still haven’t watched the third episode of Asobi yet, something I’ll do soon though.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i actually accidentally read a synopsis(more like a summary) of roberta’s blood trail, so i kinda know how it ends, which pisses me off cuz i hate being spoiled. but it wasn’t detailed and i dont remember if it told about the supporting characters’ roles so i guess i do have something to look forward to in terms of the story.

    im currently trying to aviod your occult academy reviews cuz im still waiting for subdesu’s release. it seems their TL for the show is on vacation so i wait a little more and see what happens.

    i’ve started to care less for Eris in Asobi, the spotlight’s on Manami and Aoi now. they are both much more interesting, Eris is just weird(her intelligence level is starting to match her appearance -.-). i actually like chaika(white hair) and melwin(blue hair) more cuz neither of them are retarded(so far). those two need more air time =)

    btw silverfishes look like little gray centipede/worm things, but they have six legs. their legs, antenna and three pronged tails all look the same, they look like long straight needles… they are so fast and and flat(they really dont look as flat as they are), if you look away for a second, they could slip away in the non-existent gap between the wall and the floor… if you try to squish them in a tissue paper, half the time they will just lose some legs and then slip away and run…or it could lose it’s head, and then still run X_X. they arent seasonal, they’re there year round, and only at my house…most other people have never seen or heard of them XP

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    I will admit that I skimmed over it a bit as well but knowing how it’ll end didn’t really bother me, I’m more interested in how it’ll build towards it and what will happen along the way.

    There’s always Horrible or GotWoot if they take too long, both have already caught up.

    They’re also supposed to be worldwide but I still haven’t seen any, could be that your place is too humid since they supposedly prefer that.

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