Highschool of the Dead 05

A plane prepares to head off as the tarmac covered by the dead, once the passengers have been checked one of the pilots asks the other about his family in the city which he isn’t too hopeful for since he hasn’t heard from them. In order for them to take off the tarmac has to be cleared so sniper team take down the dead.

As the plane has takes off they take a quick break where they talk about how this could have happened and the shooter, Rika Manami asks her seeker if he’ll run once he runs out of ammo as she tries to get back feeling in her breasts. He won’t run for the time being and Rika plans to go into the city to meet up with her friend.

On the bus Shido preaches about a safe haven, the bus itself is still in traffic as people try to get to safety, Saya and Kouta talk about how people could be escaping from Honshu if the surrounding islands if the situation has been handled there. They then go one to talk about how in order to keep the dead out, people would be very strict and selective on who they let in with Kouta himself thinking he would do the same and Saya points out how Shido is becoming just that, she offhandedly mentions Takashi and Saeko and Shizuka crowd around after her reaction from Kouta asking if she likes Takashi. Saeko is worried about him.

Meanwhile the streets are in chaos as the people loot everything they can, Takashi and Rei prepare themselves and race through dodging the looters attacks, Takashi thinks that just like them they’ve gone mad and since the bridge is crowded they head on to the next one. Some juvenile delinquents get past the barriers and are warned to get back, since they refuse they get blasted off the bridge with the hose.

Back on the bus Shido continues to preach using the same tactics that a cult leader would use, due to this and one of Saeko’s only worries being the promise she made with Takashi they plan to leave the bus Kouta’s family all have impressive jobs that you wouldn’t really expect.

They tell Shido that they’ll be leaving and the only problem he has is that Shizuka will be leaving with them, Kouta shoots at him as he starts to approach them, revealing they he didn’t intend to miss after everything Shido had put him through and they all get off with Saeko praising him for being a real man.

As the sun begins to set Takashi has given up hope on finding a bridge that they’d be able to get across but still wants to keep his promise, they hear some familiar shots and elsewhere Saya and Shizuka are surrounded while Kouta and Saeko fight the dead off. Takashi jumps the bridge to where they are sending Rei to help them, he speeds around throwing the gun to Kouta to double tap their attackers, and helps give Saeko the power she needs to take a group of them out.

Having taken out all the dead they all catch up with each other with Rei and Saya showing a slight bit of jealousy towards Saeko talking to Takashi, all the while Kouta is obsessed with the gun. Since they can’t get a cross the river Shizuka suggests that they stay at her friends house who’s out at the moment, so she heads on a ahead with Takashi to check the place out and on the way she clings to him on the bike.

During the epilogue they all arrive at her friend’s house and see the humvee she has, despite it looking safe there are some of the dead  around so they’ve got a fight on their hands as Saya hands Takashi a crowbar. While they fight them Takashi reflects on how they fought instead of running and how much they changed in such a short period of time.

Ending, “Memories of days gone by” by Maon Kurosaki.

Next Episode:


After the recap in the last episode it was great to see things get back on track and even the action scene near the end being something completely new that was thrown in. Before last weeks episode I’d really thought that the stuff covered in this episode would have been combined with it but after seeing this I’m convinced that it wouldn’t have been covered as well as it was.Which by adding some extra action sequences and extending a few scenes it was fun to watch.

Aside from moving the story forward by having Kouta, Saeko, Saya, and Shizuka leave the bus and meet up with Takashi and Rei, this episode also went on to show how much society had fallen apart and mainly how selective people would be on letting people in if thrown into a situation like this. It also showed just how easy something like this could spread when Rika, voiced by Junko Takeuchi, was introduced, who pointed out that it may have only taken one person to bring the airport to what it was, showing exactly why people would be selective. And having Kouta and Saya talk about this the way they did with Kouta feeling like he would do the same was a good way to show something like this.


2 Responses to Highschool of the Dead 05

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    just got around to watching this ep. it’s nice to see that they ditched the bus and the cult in it. there was some nice humor and action, but i found the end of the bridge battle scene where takashi helps saeko do the tornado slash was a little over the top compared to the rest of the show. it was awsome though =)
    next ep looks like there will be lots of fan service, but after that, it should be humvee time =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    The bridge battle scene was something anime original and it worked out well in that sense, in the manga they just bumped into each other.

    And there will be a lot of fan service in the next episode, the bath scene and Saeko cooking while wearing an apron for some of it, and they might even get the humvee into it as well.

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