Occult Academy 05

As Maya gets ready for school she notices that she still has Fumiaki’s phone, even though she doesn’t really believe in the prophecy she can’t stand that the fate of the world has been placed in Fumiaki’s hands, she bumps into Kozue who shows her an OOPArt, a spoon that doesn’t rust.

An OOPArt is an artifact that doesn’t match the time it was constructed and the iron pillar of Delhi is used as an example for this, though it’s resistance to rust was due to a coat of iron oxide, it may not have been real but Kozue is still determined to find something. Their first class is history where Fumiaki is about ask Maya to reading but asks Ami instead once she glares at him.

After class Ami asks her about this and Kozue comes in covered in bandages to show them a photograph covered in orbs, which Maya puts this down to poor photography. Kozue then tells them how she followed a black cat and fell down a ledge as soon as it crossed her path. If this wasn’t enough she suggests a version of Russian Roullete.

Their next class begins with Kozue mistaking an earthquake for poltergeist activity and in the next one she mistakes the teacher’s poor hand writing for runes among other things. During PE Kozue chases them around with what she thinks is a Tsuchinoko which is actually a snake that’s swallowed something.

During lunch Fumiaki finds a lunch box made for him by Chihiro, he pushes it aside and meets Mikaze, who came to ask if she can sell her bread on the school grounds to help pay for the loan on her car. She doesn’t think that her bread will taste good so he eats the whole thing and tells her how she can approve it along with promising to ask the principal about it. For this she thanks him and asks if he can taste it again sometime, meanwhile Maya, Ami, Kozue, and Chihiro are spying on him.

While Maya, Ami, and Kozue eat lunch, Maya drops something with her chopsticks which leads to Ami and Kozue bringing up the three second rule, and talking about a show on the occult before which puts Maya off her lunch so she decides to lay down. And after hearing Ami’s comment Kozue decides to as well, Maya then asks why she’s so enthusiastic about finding something to do with the occult. Which Kozue answers is because she has never witnessed something related to it and blames it on her heart not being strong enough to feel it but wants to get strong enough to sense it.

They have history class and Fumiaki asks Ami to start again after Maya doesn’t even respond, of course his students don’t really respect him for this. After class Kozue is missing and the phone Maya picked up is ringing but who was on the other side hangs up as soon as she answers. This leads to Fumiaki’s superiors finding out that he lost the phone and scolding him for it, pointing out that he only has to the 21st of July to destroy the Key. Ami and Maya run by and ask for his help, they find Kozue in the store room in one of her training sessions that usually leave her smelling like vinegar. While she’s in the shower Fumiaki takes the chance to ask Maya about Mikaze selling her bread on school grounds, she refuses it and to help him find the key along with him calling her by her first name which makes her throw the approved stamp at him.

He shows this to Mikaze who’s overjoyed and tries to take away some of the pain from him trying to get the stamp mark on to the form.

In the next class they’re learning about near-death experiences which Kozue is the first to volunteer for, with everyone worried about her and only three minutes she gets into the machine. While she fades away she thanks her parents, she soon finds herself in a colourful world where she can fly around with bubbles everywhere, just as it’s time for her to go back her glasses fall off.

She comes back no longer needing her glasses and putting the near-death experience as something silly to do with the occult, something Kozue would never say. It may not be clear but Kozue’s soul can be seen on the monitor still looking for her glasses.

Next Episode:


In this episode we got a better look at Kozue’s character and learned why she’s so enthusiastic to witness an occult experience for herself despite having been possessed and kidnapped by the mothmen in the last four episodes, which was that she doesn’t think that she’s strong enough to feel them and this gave the scene where she stepped into the machine a little more impact as there would have been no way to get her to back out of it. And before her soul got lost on the other side the music and the feeling that scene itself gave did a good job at making it known that something bad was going to happen, and with her soul now on the other side I’m looking forward to seeing how they get it back so she can turn back to her normal self.

Even though the preview gave the impression that Fumiaki may change after Maya calling him a coward, he didn’t really change and as usual the only one he could really be brave for was Mikaze, which was more of an act than anything else. The effect it did have though was that Maya’s opinion of him now is even lower than it was before, where she now doesn’t want to help him find the Key and doesn’t want anything to do with him.

However with the next episode looking to be about Fumiaki’s younger self we may learn a bit more about what happened to make him lose his psychokinesis and possibly him growing from it a bit, I hope so at least.


3 Responses to Occult Academy 05

  1. kashim40 says:

    is this a good anime? because I’m planning on watching it 😀

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It’s been great so far, it’s got an interesting plot, setting, some pretty cool characters, and it manages to throw in some good comedy.

    Hope you fun if you watch it.

  3. kashim40 says:

    thanks for the reviews buddy.. ^_^

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