Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 06

On his day off Ryoushi wonders what connection Shirou could have to Ryouko.

In Ryouko and Ringo’s room, Ringo cleans while Ryouko heads off to the gym, and by the riverside Ryoushi thinks about who Ryouko really is. He decides to call Ringo to meet up so he can ask her what happened between them but she thinks it’s something Ryouko should tell him herself.

Meanwhile, Ryouko memories that flashed before her come back. Alice and Lizst look into Shirou’s past and finds that she can’t find any information on him before he transferred to Onigashima.

When Ringo got back to her apartment she looked through a photo album and remembers how she became friends with Ryouko, one day when Ryouko was sick she was asked to bring her school work to her, she found her messy room and her asleep with a fever asking someone to believe her. After this she was drawn to her and when she woke up telling her to leave, she still stayed and fed her the porridge she made for her. When she was done cleaning up she considered the two of them to be friends already but Ryouko didn’t think this way, as she left she thanked her for the porridge.

At the gym Ryouko continues to practice and the oldman, Kumada asks if she’s having an off day, so she decides to take a break and remembers a bit more to what Ringo remembered. When she got back to school she soon found that Ringo was right by her side at all times and though it may have seemed like she didn’t like it, she didn’t really mind. While she was practicing her boxing Kumada points out that she’s over doing it since true strength has to be built slowly over time.

As they were walking back they spotted a student being beaten by some high school students, Ryouko immediately ran in to save him but soon found that she couldn’t beat them all and it was Ringo who saved her by making it look like she was calling for help. After this she cleaned her up and told her how she was worried when she picked a fight with them, when she didn’t care Ringo then told her what she had said when she was sick and asks her why she’s lying to herself and how she thought that they were similar but there was that one difference of Ryouko still trying. She then promises to stay by her side and hugs Ryouko as her tears fall while she thought that she could keep going on her own.

Soon after that they moved in together and on the first night they told each other everything, and Ryouko was happy that Ringo could believe her. Back by the riverside, Ryoushi remembers how Ringo told him how he has to become stronger and how he simply observed everyone from a far when he started at Otogi Academy. Among those was girl who stood out who only opened up to Ringo, and though she may have tried to hide it she still had her cute side, due to this he kept watching to find this out and eventually fell in love with her but cursed himself for being to weak to protect her.

Ryouko finishes practice Ryoushi catches up and confesses again along with promising to grow stronger, Kumada and the other guys at the gym see this and laugh which causes Ryouko to put up her tough front again. As she eats dinner, Ringo can’t help but notice something different and takes her dinner away until she tells her.


With the last episode serving to advance the plot by introducing Shirou and his past with Ryouko, this episode served to develop some of the main characters a bit more by looking into their pasts and how some of them met. This of course meant that we got to see how Ryouko and Ringo properly met and became the friends they are.

Aside from that this episode also had a bit of development for Ryoushi’s character where we learned how he came to love Ryouko and that he’s now promising to become stronger so she can better trust him. From what we’ve seen so far in this series the former may have been enough for one episode but with the latter it added that bit more to the episode, and the back story to how Ryouko and Ringo became friends was pretty nice in itself, so overall I’d say that this episode was pretty good compared to the previous ones.


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