Amagami SS 06

Kaoru thinks about what happened and feels that she wants a change in her relationship with Junichi but doesn’t want to consider the possibility that she’s in love with him, meanwhile he’s reading some manga when Miya comes in and picks up on him being in a good mood.

He arrives at school to see Kaoru threatening a boy and has to break it up, after she storms off Keiko explains tells him that it was her fault which leads to him going up to the rooftop to ask Kaoru what happened. Which was that after Keiko had written the letter and passed it on, the boy she liked showed it to everyone and laughed, if Junichi had known this he wouldn’t of stopped her.

She goes on to describe how she likes the winter sky and Junichi asks if there’s anyone she likes, she gets a bit flustered by this and responds that she doesn’t following it with the same question to him. After this they talk about their current relationship which she describes as a pale pastel colour and him as being bad friends, she feels that their relationship should have changed in the time they’ve known each other but she doesn’t know how to do this and needs some time to think about it.

Haruka appears as a side character again when Hibiki asks her about her career plans but she’s more interested in the type of dog she wants to get. Back on the rooftop, Kaoru has decided what to do and wraps her arms around him, Junichi gets a bit nervous from this which leads to them losing their balance and their lips briefly touching. Which leads to her getting embarrassed since it was her first kiss and saying it doesn’t count as she walks off.

With school over Umehara has a new photobook to show Junichi but he has other plans, he walks up to Kaoru and tells her to come to the library for revenge. While he waits for her, he bumps into Rihoko and teases her a bit about her air headed personality, soon after this Kaoru arrives.

Inside the Library, Miya and her friends, Sae and Ai are studying when she decides to invite them over for Christmas, Sae agrees while Ai can’t make it but thinks that Miya and Sae should do it anyway.

Junichi leads Kaoru to the back of the library and reveals his plan to tickle her sides for revenge, when he thinks about it he realises that it wouldn’t make him feel any better and after seeing a book on the human body, decides to kiss her bellybutton instead. She jokes about what he’d do if she would or wouldn’t let him do it and eventually lifts up her shirt to reveal her navel. He slowly kisses it and thinks about how soft it is, when he licks it she pulls her shit over his head and Miya peeks from behind a bookshelf.

They run out laughing as she admits that it was fun and decide to walk together in the park before she has to go to work. When they arrive they see two boys who’ve gotten their shuttlecock stuck in a tree, they decide to help so Kaoru gets onto Junichi’s shoulders so she can reach almost reach it, she gets it and drops it down. She only drops down when he’s turned away and realises that she’s going to be late for work, as his heart is pounding in the same way as her’s was in the last episode the two boys tell him he has a sweet babe.

Kaoru runs through the street and spots her mother, she tries to call out but stops when she walks off with a man.

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Well this is shaping up to be entertaining in it’s own ways and Kaoru is proving to be pretty cute like I had expected her to be when this arc started, with stuff like how she tried to take the accidental kiss back.

Just like the third episode of Haruka’s arc Junichi’s apparent wish to kiss a girl’s random body parts came up again where instead of kissing behind the knee he kissed Kaoru’s navel, in the library of all places and this really leads me to wonder whether each of the arcs will have something like this. Let alone where it will be.

A strong part of this episode would have been Kaoru feeling that there needs to be a change in her relationship with Junichi, after feeling that it’s stagnated since knowing him from middle school, however she’s still leaning a bit more onto the tsun side of her tsundere-ness to properly admit it to her self. Other than that it looks like Junichi’s just one short step behind her from his heart beating in the same way her’s did in the last episode, and with a few other things that were in this episode  you could say that there was some progress made.

From Kaoru’s reaction to seeing her mother walk off with another man, it looks like one part of her arc may be her coming to terms with how the family that she’s known may be going to change, and if so this could mean that Junichi will support her through this.


4 Responses to Amagami SS 06

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    this was another nice ep, but i didn’t get the payback kiss thing…
    this are really is telling from kaoru’s perspective more than it is from junichi, and the short scenes of the other girls are starting to look like filler, especially when junichi isn’t even involved with them at all =(

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I didn’t really get it either and it still does seem that way a bit but it seems kind of equal.

    It may look that way a bit but I don’t really think it’s all that bad to show scenes with the other girls, it kind of adds to the story by having it not be just be about Junichi and what ever heroine who’s route is being covered. By showing what would have happened to them if Junichi didn’t really have much to do with them.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    but during the haruka arc, junichi kind of runs into them and has short conversations with them or the other girls kind of walk by in the back and see him flirting and chat about it. in this arc, they just randomly appear in their own scenes for no reason

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    The only thing that’s probably come up for no real reason (from what I can remember) in Kaoru’s arc would be Haruka in this episode, aside from that any of the girls that do show up tend to be more in the background and doing what you would expect them to be doing (Tsukasa acting as the class rep, Ai and Sae hanging out with Miya, and Rihoko bumping into Junichi like she usually does).

    And even if you do consider it to be filler it still serves to slow the arc down a bit and not seem as rushed, as it would be if it was fully Junichi and the girl who’s route is being covered.

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