Highschool of the Dead 06

While a news reporter makes her report on the pandemic and she and her film crew will be evacuating to somewhere offshore, the girls prepare to take a bath.

In the bath, Rei comments on Shizuka’s breasts and tries to grab them, and when Saeko sprays Saya with cold water she tries to get her back but her reaction isn’t what she expected. Outside Takashi and Kouta have found a lot of ammunition which means that there has to be guns around, so they pry open the cabinet and Kouta can’t help but get his hands on them as a lot of them would be hard to come by. Rika sneezes and is sure that someone related to Shizuka is talking about her. Back at her house Kouta and Takashi are going through the guns and Kouta tells him that in this war there will be no surrendering, meanwhile in the bath, Rei has moved onto Saeko.

Kouta and Takashi load the magazines and Kouta tells him how he was trained with firearms in USA by a former Delta Force captain, they then talk about Shizuka’s friend and can only guess why she’d have all these guns in her apartment. On the bridge the reporter continues her report as the police try to maintain the barrier on the bridge, the police chief receives the order to do what ever is necessary to maintain order but he has trouble with accepting that they may have to sacrifice innocent people.

Back at the apartment Kouta and Takashi can see what’s happening on the bridge where some people are protesting, Takashi turns on the television and theprotest is being shown where they blame the pandemic on a biological weapon developed by the Japanese and American governments. A gunshot goes off as the police on the bridge maintain the line, a woman holding her child cries for them to stop only for her child to change and bite her throat. Forced with the fact that the woman was still alive only a few seconds ago, one of the police officers pulls the trigger. The police chief asks the leader of the protesters to stop however he only uses this to add fuel to his protest, with no other choice the chief follows his orders to do what ever is necessary and shoots the man at point blank range.

Things at the apartment get quiet and a drunk Shizuka moves in on Takashi and Kouta, while Kouta heads outside as the lookout Takashi carries Shizuka to bed, accidentally grabbing her butt. Rei catches him but luckily she’s drunk as well so she doesn’t exactly get angry at him for it, however she breaks down in tears when she thinks about everything that’s happened.

After putting Shizuka to bed, Takashi heads to the kitchen and is shocked to see Saeko cooking lunch for tomorrow, wearing nothing but an apron and a thong while her clothes are being washed, she tells him how she has trust in him and sends him away when Rei calls out to him.

Outside Kouta continues to serve as the lookout, while inside Rei talks about how Hisashi would always be there to listen to her problems, which makes Takashi snap because not only does he have his own problems he also takes it as her being unable to accept that Hisashi is dead. She stops him, they kiss and fall down together as the ending theme starts.

On the bridge the police send the bulldozers in to run down the dead even though there’s still normal people out there, while another officer gives out orders the chief puts his gun to his head and pulls the trigger with a picture of him and his wife at his daughter’s graduation ceremony falling next to him.

Takashi and Rei stop when they hear a dog bark and when he heads out to see what’s happening, he and Kouta see the dead moving aroud outside.

Ending, “Under The Honey Shine” by Maon Kurosaki with an upgraded photo of the characters.

Next Episode:


In this episode the infamous bath scene was animated and though it was a bit more censored than it was in the manga I was surprised to see that there wasn’t really all that much steam as you would expect there to be, that’s one of the benefits of the series being aired on AT-X I guess. If anything there was even a few things added to it to extend it like Rei moving onto Saeko, which served to add extra stuff so that the one chapter per episode ratio is maintained, even with the thirty or so pages per chapter.

One of the things that interested me in this episode was what could be considered a subplot in this episode where the police were faced with some difficult decisions as to what must be done to protect the people on  the other side of the bridge. Such as being forced to shoot someone when they were still alive a few seconds ago and being faced with the idea that if a few people innocent people are sacrificed, more people could be saved, both of these would have been tough decisions for just about anyone and for that reason it was one of my favourite parts about this episode.


4 Responses to Highschool of the Dead 06

  1. kashim40 says:

    Im really waiting for episode 6 haha.. I really love this particular episode.. bath time lol

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    @_@ too much fanservice…
    plus they have no nipples…there’s no way anything could fit under that foam…
    the i was hoping the dog would be a cool addition to the gang, but they really need to kill it on the spot.
    hope the loli appearing next ep is interesing

    one thing i don’t get about this ep is that the zombies dont immediately charge straight at the source of noises anymore.

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    @ Kashim40

    I was as well in a way.

    @ Point Blank Sniper

    The manga had them but they managed to conveniently place the foam for the time being, and I’d agree that the dog’s barking was annoying.
    I don’t get that either since the dog was constantly barking and they treated it like it wasn’t even there.

  4. Point Blank Sniper says:

    not just the dog, but the rioting and gunfire too…they should all be mobbed by zombies already…

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