Nurarihyon no Mago 06

Now knowing that they know the truth about Umerakuen, some of the members of the Kiyo Cross don’t exactly want to stay any longer, and with Rikuo still in his day form Yuki-Onna resolves to protect him if anything were to happen. The members who wanted to leave decide to stay after hearing about the hot springs and food that’s waiting for them at the inn, and if any youkai do attack they still have Yura and the anti-youkai security there.

The expert takes his leave as Aotabou finally manages to arrive but the expert points him in the wrong direction as Gozumaru severs the strings. Gozumaru meets up with his accomplice, Mezumaru and they decide that they should separate them before they attack.

The Kiyo Cross arrives at the inn and the feeling there can only be described as ominous, Torii and Maki run off to the hot springs with Kana, Yura, and Yuki-Onna who manages to sneak away before they all get in. Shima wants to use this as a chance to get a peek at Yuki-Onna but Kiyotsugu wants to use this time to look for youkai, Rikuo tries to stop them and eventually lets them only if he goes as well.

Yuki-Onna managed to catch up with them and they head outside, back in the hot spring Kana is still bothered by the idea that Yuki-Onna could like Rikuo and decides to leave to find out just as Gozumaru prepares to attack. She heads out into the forest to find out while Rikuo, Yuki-Onna, Kiyotsugu and Shima search the forest. As Mezumaru looks over them he remembers how he and Gozumaru swore to eliminate Rikuo simply out of their loyalty to Gyuuki and are prepared to still serve him if they were to turn the entire Nura clan into their enemy in doing so.

At the inn, Yura picks up on a sinister feeling, Torii and Maki think that some of the boys could be peeking on them but see the youkai surrounding the hot spring and try to defend themselves with the anti-youkai talisman but Gozumaru reveals that it was put up by him to keep other youkai away as he sends the youkai under his command in. Before they can get them Yura arrives with another one of her shikigami familiars, Rokuson.

Back in the forest, Yuki-Onna sees something rustling in the bushes and overreacts by pushing Rikuo over a ledge but it was just a Tanuki, they continue to search the forest and Yuki-Onna tries to do her best to protect Rikuo, overreacting when a spider web lands on her. Meanwhile, Aotabou is lost. In order to split Yuki-Onna and Rikuo up, Mezumaru separates Kiyotsugu and Shima so that they’d be forced to follow one of them, with separated Mezumaru attacks.

In the hot spring, Yura and Rokuson fight the youkai and something hits the water. Mezumaru draws his blade to see it covered in a layer of ice as Yuki-Onna reveals her true form, she tries to persuade him to stop but he laughs at her words and drives his sword into her foot, taking it as insult. He swings his sword once more and smashes through Yuki-Onna’s defence and just as he prepares the final blow, Rikuo arrives still in his day form wielding Nenekimaru and determined to defend his subordinates no matter what.

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With Gyuuki’s intentions made known at the end of the last episode this episode seemed to build up to Gozumaru and Mezumaru, voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino and Souichiro Hoshi respectively, making their attack while still maintaining the ominous atmosphere that was at the statue to the inn. It was even great to see these two get a bit of character development by showing just how loyal they were to Gyuuki as they still would have followed him if he made the rest of the Nura clan his enemy, which can’t be something that can be trivially said.

If I hadn’t read the manga I probably would have thought that Aotabou was more of a comic relief type character, especially after he got pointed in the wrong direction and ended up getting lost. But I’m not surprised why they’d do this considering that he may be a tad overpowered for where the story is at the moment.

During the build up to Gozumaru and Mezumaru’s attack it was good to see them placing a bit more emphasis on separating them to pick them off from openly attacking, though it was kind of disappointing to see blood being censored again by changing the colour from red to black. Other than that we also got to see Yura reveal another one of her shikigami and Rikuo standing up to Gozumaru while he’s still in his day form, showing his determination towards protecting his subordinates and just how important they are to him. And with Kana outside the inn and in the forest it looks like things are almost at where the series started off with.


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