Amagami SS 07

Picking up where Kaoru was left seeing her mother walking away with a man, things are a bit lighter at Junichi’s house where Miya hits him for eying the belly button of a girl on television.

The next day Junichi is still thinking about Kaoru when he meets Umehara who thinks he’s found a new magazine, as school continues Kaoru still doesn’t show up and he’s left wondering what happened. He asks Keiko about her but she hasn’t heard anything either, she asks him if he’s worried and he falls off his seat while trying to make it look like he isn’t.

Elsewhere Kaoru wakes up in a manga cafe, at the school Junichi looks around the school for her, remembering all the things that she had said as they come up, he meets Rihoko again and asks her if she’s seen Kaoru but she hasn’t. Keiko finds him and tells him that Kaoru didn’t come home the night before so he runs out to look for her outside the school.

In his search he passes by some of the places where they had hung out before, remembering the type of winter exclusive chocolate she likes, how she likes to snatch up clothes early, and how he’d been distracted by her chest when they played pool. On the beach Kaoru cries as she wonders why it couldn’t have just stayed as her and her mother, the two boys she helped see her and they tell Junichi where they had seen her, thinking that they had gotten into a fight. He runs there hoping to find her but she’s gone.

He continues to look for her and overhears Hibiki and Haruka talking about how a waitress had dropped a crab dish, which Haruka thought would be an excuse to see Hibiki in a waitress uniform if it spilled on her. The names of these dishes are familiar as he remembers how Kaoru had told him about them, so he goes to the restaurant where she works  but can’t afford to go in and waits outside for her. She sees him and tells him to wait a little longer as she gives him a scarf.

When she gets out he asks her what had happened to make her not show up for school or go home, so she tells him what she saw last night and had gotten into a fight with her mother over it. She feels that she doesn’t need a new father since she and her mother have coped well enough for so long and turns away to cry. Junichi tries to tell her that it’s okay to cry which she uses to flip him since she won’t let him see her cry. As she turns to leave he tries to convince her that crying isn’t a weakness and she thanks him for this, realising that her mother hasn’t forgotten her father. When he offers to help her she asks him to stay by her side and goes to resolve things with her mother.

Things went well enough between them and Miya, Sae, and Ai pass by talking about three colours but don’t go in details about what it is. Kaoru and Junichi prepare to part ways with her thanking him again and him passing her the chocolate he saw in the store, thinking about how cool he looked as he walks off.

He takes a bath and tries to come to terms with how he could like Kaoru as more than his “bad friend”, Miya walks in to see him blushing.

The next day he meets Kaoru in the hall and offers to help her with what she’s carrying, he notices that she’s in a far better mood than before and she catches him off guard by thanking him again.

Next Episode:


As I’d suspected before a large part of this episode was about Junichi helping Kaoru come to terms with how her mother may remarry and just how hard seeing her mother happy with a man that wasn’t her father had hit her. So a lot of the time in this episode was used to have Junichi look for her while remembering all the things that she had said to him as he was reminded of them, while having Kaoru on her own wondering why her mother would be with another man so suddenly. Which the former was pretty nice in itself, but after he found her she was able to confide in him and come to terms with it, leading to her seeing him in this manner as well.

Just like how Junichi found his heart pounding in the previous episode we saw him having a similar reaction to the thought of Kaoru being more than a “bad friend” as she did in the previous episode, but since that was at the start of the episode and this was at the end I think it’s safe to say that he’s quickly catching up with her in the conclusion to her arc in the next episode. And with only one episode left for this arc I’d have to say that I’ve enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to how it will turn out next week.


One Response to Amagami SS 07

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    it looks like the story has shift back to junichi’s perspective for this ep, and the other girls’ appeaerances were tied in better. i’m looking forward to seeing how they really get together next ep

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