Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 07

Ryouko scolds Ryoushi for being late and though it looks like they’re going on a proper date, it’s actually part of a request.

The request itself was due to a member of the baseball team, Hanasaki Jin coming home to find that it had been cleaned and his dinner had already been made for him. So of course he wanted to find out why, leading him to the Otogi bank who placed hidden cameras inside and found that a girl, Jizou Ami had been sneaking in, cleaning, cooking, and going through his stuff. They ask her about this and she tells them how Hanasaki had lent her an umbrella but she was too shy to thank him in person.

The Otogi bank then helped her ask him out which he agreed to after everything she had done for him, and in order to help them out with this, Ryouko and Ryoushi are tagging along to make it a double date while Ringo supervises it. Ringo encourages them to hold hands so Ryouko grabs Ryoushi’s hand and they march forward, which somehow gets Hinasaki and Jizou to do the same.

On the date they go to a movie, play games at the arcade, and visit a pet store before going to the park for a picnic. They spot a cat in a tree and Ryouko runs off while they’re setting up the blanket, so Ryoushi runs after her. He finds the basket and sees her up the tree trying to save the cat, but just as she could reach it the branch she was on snapped so Ryoushi jumps in after her.

He rescues her, however in the fall she suffered amnesia, forgetting everything from when she was thirteen. Struggling with how cute she is now, Ryoushi tries to get her to remember and puts his jacket over her when she sneezes, meanwhile things between Hanasaki and Jizou are a bit awkward with Jizou calling Ringo for help.

Ryoushi calls her next to try and tell her what’s happened but she doesn’t listen long enough to hear him out, she asks him to explain what’s happened so he tells her a bit about who she is now and sums up their relationship as companions. They decide to go to the hospital but decide to have the lunch she made earlier when her stomach grumbles, over lunch she tells him how she was shy back then.

After this they run off together instead of going to the hospital and do all sorts of things through out the city, he stops her at one point and promises to stay by her side. It starts to rain and decide to meet up with Ringo who tells them that the date between Hanasaki and Jizou went well enough. When they meet up Ringo sees if she can remember her and she talks with Ryoushi about what to do, Ryouko offers him some of her parfait but he’s to busy talking so she runs off because he broke the promise he made.

As she walks through the rain thinking about everything Ryoushi had done, she bumps into Shirou who’s voice she instantly remembers. Ryoushi catches up and helps her but before they can leave Shirou tells him what happened between them, where he had assaulted her with no one believing her and how he enjoyed “eating” her. Convinced that she wouldn’t lie about this he doesn’t believe him as Shirou explains that he had come to this city to meet her again, Ryoushi lashes out with his slingshot but finds the sling slashed as Shirou continues, he still doesn’t care about this and swears to hunt Shirou. Ringo catches up so Shirou leaves, telling him that he was lying when he said he “ate” her.

They managed to get Ryouko to a hospital and she returned to her normal self, seeming not to remember what had happened but on the way home Ringo is able to find out she could, and uses it to make her wear a bow the next day.

In the epilogue, Jizou is shown still helping out around Hanasaki’s house.


In this episode we got to see just how different Ryouko was when she was younger to how she was now and a better idea of what had happened between her and Shirou, from Shirou himself. Where if the flashes of Ryouko’s memories weren’t enough he had sexually assaulted her and claimed otherwise when they were together, which led to her classmates taking her as nothing more than a girl trying to get back at him after they broke up, eventually leading to her having to transfer to another city.

Aside from this we also saw Ryoushi starting to step up to getting Ryouko to trust him during the date they sort of had when she had amnesia and the promise he made to stay by her side. Even more so by still not believing anything that Shirou said and even declaring to hunt him, sort of setting up a battle between the hunter and who looks to be the true wolf of the story.

For those wondering the fairytale that this episode covered was a Japanese folktale, Kasajizou, where an old man tries to sell some straw hats so that he and his wife can have a meal over new years eve, however the hats didn’t sell and on his way home he sees six Jizou which he cleans up, places the hats on them, giving his towel to the one remaining one, and wishes them a happy new year as he leaves. Later that night he and his wife wake up to see that the Jizou had repaid them with gifts of food. Which was reflected in this episode by Hinasaki giving Jizou his umbrella and her then cooking dinner for him as a way of thanking him.


2 Responses to Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 07

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i totally forgot about the fairytale part, i was just thinking about how ryouko should keep her amnesia =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    The fairytale aspect is probably my favourite part about this show since it’s interesting to find out what the episodes and characters were based on, and look into the story itself.

    And Ryouko was pretty cute when she had amnesia.

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