Highschool of the Dead 07

Things at the apartment are rather peaceful compared to the bridge however the dead have begun to pour in and now cover the street outside.

Despite how bad the situation is they can’t shoot back due to the noise it would make aside from this Saeko turns off the lights so no one comes running to them and tells Takashi to get used to what he’s seeing. As the dead attack anyone looking for help a man tries to protect his daughter, he knocks on the door and threatens to knock it down when they tell him to go away. The people inside open the door but it isn’t to help them as a spear immediately pierces the man’s chest.

He falls back and to his last breath tells his daughter to go to somewhere safe, she can’t believe that her father just died and her cries attract the attention of the dead. Kouta and Takashi won’t let them get her and decide to take action with  Kouta shooting them from a far and Takashi heading out to pick her up.

As he heads out he tells Rei what he’s going to do and asks her to protect the gate while he’s out, and tells Saeko that he may still have some humanity left in him so she decides to stay behind to protect it as well with Rei handing him the pistol. The noise from the bike may attract the dead but it doesn’t matter as he flies through the street with Kouta covering him from the balcony. He comes off the bike but still manages to get to the girl and the dog from before that’s trying to protect her.

Saya wakes up Shizuka who wakes up with an airheaded expression while Takashi fights off the dead to protect the girl and is forced to use the gun, they pack their stuff up to leave and decide to rescue Takashi with the humvee when Shizuka tells them that he has the keys. Back in the courtyard Takashi takes a white shirt and a flower to lay over the girl’s father’s body, and tells her that he was a great father for what he did, through this she accepts her father’s death.

With the dead surrounding them they decide to escape by walking along the wall, just like before Takashi is in a life or death situation where something as simple as a wrong footstep could mean the end of him and the girl and dog that he’s carrying.

At the apartment they prepare to head out now that Kouta is ready, meanwhile things have taken another turn for the worst as the girl needs to pee, he tells her to go ahead and a glimmer of hope appears as the others charge through the dead with the humvee. Once they arrive they work together to keep the dead away long enough for Takashi to get there as he jumps from the wall and onto the humvee.

With everyone aboard they prepare to cross the river in the epilogue, as the sun rises Takashi reflects that this was just one day ending.

Ending, “fuss fuzz” by Maon Kurosaki.

Next Episode:


In this episode we saw that despite everything that has happened to the characters and how much they feel that they’ve changed, that they still had some humanity left in them where they placed their lives at risk to save a little girl. If anything this felt as if it was a test that they had set for themselves to show that they hadn’t fully lost themselves while the world is in chaos, and having read the manga the girl, Alice Maresato and the dog, Zeke that they picked up will be joining the party so to speak.

Something that I’m liking so far is how the minor characters who don’t really seem like part of the main story when you look back on it are shown. Where as it was the police in the previous episode you could say that it was the Alice’s father in this episode as he desperately trying to find a way to save his daughter, even till his last breath. When I read it I still thought it was sad that Alice had to watch her father die like that right in front of her but I found that it was even sadder to see animated with the music they used. There’s just something about how they’re shown that makes me feel compelled to watch their story unfold even though it’s kind of obvious how it’s going to turn out.


2 Responses to Highschool of the Dead 07

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i find that the main characters are no longer the spotlight in the show. it’s the one-time support characters that are really showing the chaotic situation and bringing out the realism in the show. the main characters are there for comedy, fanservice, and action. alice was part of a tragic story at first, but the moment she met takashi, she became infected by the unseriousness of the main cast. she was supposed to be mourning and yet somehow she could laugh while getting mobbed by zombies…
    also, i was looking forward to seeing that scoped shotgun in action. i was expecting them to portray it more on the realistic side, but so much for realism… the pellets came out the barrel at 80 degrees -_-
    TBH i thought hirano was still using the rifle, but it was so exaggerated i couldn’t understand what happened for 20 seconds…when i finally figured out what happened, i didn’t know whether i should have been disappointed at the show, or at myself for not realizing, or just amused at how over the top it was…XD
    now that we’re done with the fanservice, i hope there’s a little more progress on the story

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I’m starting to find that as well, the mains are there for that and to move the story forward which they do alright at, while it’s the one off side plots and characters that really shine.

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