Nurarihyon no Mago 07

Aotabou finds Shima and Kiyotsugu as Kana walks up the steps. Before Rikuo and Gozumaru face off Rikuo feels his body heat up and Gozumaru insults him for being protected by someone so weak.

At the hotsprings Yura uses another one of her Shikigami familiars, Bukyoku and the explosion from the last episode was due to Karasu Tengu’s sons coming to their rescue even though Yura was faring well on her own. They fly off with him to interrogate him as he calls out for Yura to save him. The wall falls over as Aotabou drops off Kiyotsugu and Shima before running off.

Rikuo and Gozumaru clash blades with Rikuo being able to keep up with him in his day form, acknowledging that Rikuo is strong Gozumaru decides to use his Gozuinmasou. Their blades clash once more as Gozumaru uses the same technique he used on Kiyotsugu and Shima to weaken Rikuo’s guard, then reveals four claws on his back which are strong enough to send Yuki-Onna flying when she tries to rescue him.

He tries to help her but still has to deal with Gozumaru, who explains the terror related to Gyuuki’s crest which relates to manipulating, bewildering, and luring people in to kill them, due to this he won’t accept losing to a human so easily but if anything this only makes Rikuo more determined as he transforms and defeats him in a single blow.

At the Nura household, Karasu Tengu delivers another report to Rikuo’s grandfather while on the mountain Gyuuki recites some text about someone walking along a cold mountain among demons trying to deceive them as they hope to meet someone.

Back at the Nura household things are peaceful as the Youkai there drink and have fun, Kuratabou is envious that Aotabou got to tag along and he and Kubinashi point out that Keijourou would stand out if she was in a school uniform. Zen meets Rikuo’s grandfather and tells him that he suspects that Gyuuki could be up to something, though even if he did go to Nejireme he couldn’t help him that much and Rikuo’s grandfather tells him that Gyuuki is a loyal part of this clan so it is something that Rikuo must deal with himself.

With Gozumaru defeated, Rikuo tells Yuki-Onna that he’s always known about this side of himself. At the inn the girls talk about what happened which gets Kiyotsugu and Shima up with the latter wanting to know what happened to Tsurara.

Kana continues to walk up the steps but her flashlight breaks and it’s far too dark to keep going, as she wonders why she went this far an image of Rikuo appears in her mind, a mysterious light appears as Rikuo’s nightform hands Yuki-Onna to her and lights the path back. The glasses that Kana was holding fall as they part ways and she wants to know how he knew her name, in response he tells her that he’s known it for a long time.

Lightning flashes in the sky as Rikuo appears behind Gyuuki as the scene we saw in the first episode plays out, at the Nura household Rikuo’s grandfather notices something as Gyuuki relates Rikuo’s appearance to his nature as a Nurarihyon.

Next Episode:

The clash between Rikuo and Gyuuki continues and we learn the details of Gyuuki’s past as the hero of the mountain, Umewakamaru.


Picking up from where the last episode left off there was quite a bit of action as Rikuo and Gozumaru faced off and the explosion from the last episode was shown to be Karasu Tengu’s sons coming to the group at the hotspring’s aid, where it was sort of funny to see Mezumaru call out for Yura to save him when they flew off with them when you consider that they had been fighting quite seriously only seconds before. As for Rikuo and Gozumaru’s fight, it was actually quite surprising to see Rikuo manage to keep up with him in his day form though this didn’t mean much when he unveiled his claws which received an upgrade by adding four or so more than how many he had in the manga. Of course on of the important parts of this episode was Rikuo acknowledging that he’s always known about the other side to himself which means that he’s accepting his right to succeed his grandfather more seriously instead of trying to get himself out of it.

Other than that it was great to see things on Rikuo’s Grandfather’s side where he’s forced to even consider that one of his most trusted vassals could now be against him, and from the preview we should be learning the full details of Gyuuki’s past and how he joined the Nura clan in the next episode. Apart from Rikuo acknowledging his Youkai side another important part seemed to be the meeting between Kana and Rikuo’s nightform on the footsteps of the mountain along with the reason he gave for knowing her name, which when you consider that she’s the heroine during this part of the story as it opened up a ‘flag’ of some sort between her and his nightform.

With things now back where the first episode began it looks like this part of the story could be coming to an end in either the next or two next episodes as we learn the details of Gyuuki’s tragic past as Umewakamaru and some of the things that were passed other at the start due to Gagoze appearing in the preview.


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