Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 08

The episode starts with a preview for a movie that was made by the Otogi bank where Ryouko, Ryoushi, and Ringo team up to battle some terrorists, the three pigs.

After the opening it gets into what the episode will be covering, where the Otogi bank has been asked to help the young heir to the Nezumi clan, Chuutaro Nezumi who’s accompanied by his butler, Hammel find a bride. When Otsuu and Hammel meet they seem to kick it off with Hammel saying that his soul name is Sebastian and Otsuu answering that perverted thoughts are bad. Chuutaro doesn’t really have anyone in mind but wants someone with the right qualities to help him in the future, Alice seems to suit all these quite well so he proposes but changes his mind once Hammel takes her seriousness and blows it out of proportion.

Due to this she explodes so they all make a run for it, with Alice out of the question they decide to keep looking while a girl around Chuutaro’s age spies on them from around a corner.

The next choice from the data that Liszt gathered is Jizou who they find in the bushes watching Hanasaki practice with binoculars. They try to convince her that she can watch him in the open now but she doesn’t think she could do that. Chuutaro proposes to her but once again changes his mind once Hammel takes one characteristic and blows it out of proportion, in this case it was how clingy she could be along with the idea of receiving a handmade sweater. Unlike Alice she doesn’t explode and runs off crying instead.

They decide to go for someone from a rich family next so they go after Otohime, who they find in the storeroom with Urashima pinned down. Soon after he sees her, Chuutaro proposes to Otohime but she declines due to already being betrothed to Urashima, who took her moment of distraction to hit on Ryouko and Ringo. She confronts him on this and he points out that the only one he likes is her, which leads to her dragging him off again while he offers some last minute advice.

Next they go through multiple candidates where Hammel points out each one of their faults, even leading to some J.C. Staff meta cameos.

At the end of the day they’re all tired from continuously looking for potential brides for Chuutaro and Hammel suggests that they look for someone with big breasts. The candidate for this is of course Momo who he proposes to almost immediately and once again Hammel points out the flaw to this. He then suggests that he looks for someone flat chested so this wouldn’t be an issue, and the candidates for this are Ryouko and Ringo. This of course touches a nerve on Ryouko and on Ringo when Hammel points out that she’s too old, which leads to Ryoushi having to hold back all three of them.

During this Hammel asks Chuutaro if he has a candidate in mind that couldn’t be obtained with money or power, a childhood friend and points to the girl who had been watching them throughout the episode, Uika. She runs to him and asks him why he searching for a bride but didn’t ask her, he hadn’t because he had heard that she already liked someone else but it turns out that the only one she liked was him. In the end Hammel tells him how the thing most important was right beside him all along.

Even though the issue of Chuutaro looking for a bride is already cleared, there’s still all of the girls who had their feelings hurt in it which Liszt tries to laugh off. After the ending theme the movie from the start continues with the final battle taking place on the rooftop in a King game, and due to one of the orders Ryouko and Ringo kiss. It cuts off as Urashima wonders where everyone could have gone.

At a bakery all of the girls who had their feelings hurt and even some who didn’t are all picking out cakes in compensation for what happened, and of course it’s all on Liszt who’s wallet will never be the same.


Though in the end there wasn’t all that much progress made like in the last few episodes there were still some things that made it entertaining to watch in it’s own ways. One of these was the movie trailer at the start which seemed to take on the Three Little Pigs with Ryouko as the wolf being portrayed as one of the heroes of the story instead of a villain, and Satomi Arai narrating it so seriously made it pretty funny.

The main story that the episode covered was pretty entertaining in itself as well, where we have a young heir going around proposing to all the girls in the series while his butler and retainer, Hammel would blow even the slightest flaw into something that would make Chuutaro automatically take back his proposal and cause them. Which resulted in a different reaction depending on how the girl in question took it, and this also meant we got to see Momo again. In the end though it did have a pretty nice message with Chuutaro realising that instead of listening to rumours he should have just asked Uika and how the one he should have asked in the first place was right beside him all along.

Another thing that made this episode entertaining in it’s own way was the J.C. Staff meta cameos where characters from the likes of Toradora and To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, both series that J.C. Staff has animated in the past made an appearance in Chuutaro’s search for a bride. Though it’s best not to think about what sort of paradox would occur if Kuroko and the narrator met.


3 Responses to Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 08

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i loved the movie preview, it was hilarious, i thought it was going to be some intense ep lol.
    despite my disappointment, the rest of the ep turned out to be pretty good. the butler was probably what made the ep so good. as the ep progressed, i started disliking him more and more, but then at the end he was trying to teach the kid a lesson, so suddenly i thought he was a pretty cool charater lol. also loved the cameo part, i was wondering how weird it would be if the narrator started dissing kuroko’s chest. =) would be interesting if ringo and otohime met saten and uiharu too.

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    almost forgot, the service cut was full of win ❤

  3. Ginnodangan says:

    Same here, how they did it was great though the idea of playing twister with one of them is a thing of nightmares, and the service cut was one of the best things in the episode in my opinion.

    He was really one of the highlights, since it was pretty funny to see him pick out the slightest flaw and blow it way out of proportion though the thing about the handmade sweater was kind of mean but he did it all to help Chuutaro make the right choice in the end. And I think there’s a chance that the universe the show is set in might implode if they did.

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