Amagami SS 08, Kaoru Arc End

At school Umehara tells Junichi about his fantasy Christmas date and brings up what could have happened between him and Kaoru.

With school almost over for the day Umehara and Keiko put their plan to get Junichi and Kaoru together, it starts with him faking a paper cut to send Junichi to the infirmary for a bandage.  Tsukasa asks about this and Keiko rejects his advances.

When Junichi arrives at the infirmary he meet Kaoru in her work uniform since Keiko offered to fix her uniform, while she fetches the bandage for him he catches another glimpse of her thighs. Once this is done he musters up the courage to ask her on a Christmas Eve date which she had already assumed they would be going on. When he leaves he thinks about what just happened and looks forward to it, Kaoru opens the door and reminds him to ask Keiko to bring her uniform back.

As Junichi reads again Miya tells him about how the price of a lot of things goes up on Christmas which reminds him of the date he’s looking forward to. Meanwhile Kaoru is looking forward to it as well and is picking out her outfit.

During the preparations for the founder’s festival Tsukasa oversees it, Miya and Sae give Ai the gifts they were going to give her later with her offering them some Oden, and some of the members for the tea club ask if Rihoko could hand out fliers while wearing a Rudolf head piece.

When the time for the date is about to begin Kaoru hasn’t shown up yet worrying Junichi that he’ll be stood up again, she eventually arrives so they head off after he tells her that he was worried, however she wouldn’t do something like that to him.

They go to the Port Tower that she had told him about earlier and talk about embarrassing things from the past before heading up.

They eventually head up to the top and Junichi’s fear of heights kicks in, just like last time we see how Haruka is spending her Christmas Eve where she has to enter a Ms Santa contest after the winner declined the title when she didn’t enter.

Once they get to the observation deck in the tower Kaoru teases Junichi while standing on the glass, she manages to get him onto the glass but accidentally mentions that she’s wearing her fancy underwear in doing so. With them both on the glass she takes his hands so he won’t be afraid and outside it starts to snow, after talking about the snow outside Kaoru tells him about how she’s been feeling about him and confesses to him. He laughs for making her say that and takes her hands to ask if he can stay by her side, she accepts and they share a kiss as it snow falls outside.

When they’re about to head home all the buses that Kaoru could have taken home have already gone so he offers for her to stay at his house for the night. They sneak in while being very careful not to leave any signs that she’s there and Kaoru sees his room for the first time, Miya opens the door surprised that he’s home and thinks that he’s going through his video collection. When she closes the door Kaoru opens the closet and asks if this is the tape.

They decide to sleep in the same bed which leads to Junichi being far to nervous to sleep, he takes a glance at her sleeping face only for her to wake up and climb on top of him. She kisses him again and Junichi finds that she’s already asleep.

Sometime in the future they’re still together and looking forward to all the fun they’ll continue to have.

And some screencaps of the epilogue that was jammed into the sponsors segment.

Next Episode:

With Kaoru’s arc now at an end things move onto the shy underclassman, Sae’s route.


With Kaoru’s arc over I wouldn’t be surprised if my interest in this series to drop a quite a bit, but considering how it’s been so far and what the show itself is like there’s still a few things that I’m looking forward to, though to a lesser extent and it should still be pretty entertaining to watch.

As for the episode itself I think it was pretty nice really, with things like the date being held at the place she mentioned earlier and the confession, where Kaoru talked about how she had spent her entire life in the city as a lead up to putting her feelings in the open and telling him that she liked him. Along with what note the episode ended on as well. On another note it was kind of a shame to see Umehara be rejected by Keiko, since it simply adds to the idea that the bro characters in VNs don’t really get a girl in the end, but for it to have happened it probably would have needed a bit more build up to set it up.

Looking back on it though I think I preferred Haruka’s arc a bit more than Kaoru’s arc as it seemed a bit slow in comparison due to it focusing a bit more on both Kaoru and Junichi coming to terms with their feelings for one another and the idea that they could like each other more than friends. But with them already being friends before hand this build up was good in itself and overall I preferred Kaoru as a heroine.


10 Responses to Amagami SS 08, Kaoru Arc End

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i was surprised they didn’t have some weird epilogue at the end, which is a good thing. and this ending made much more sense than haruka’s because kaoru didn’t suddenly get horny and strip and then have a mental breakdown because junichi has enough sense to not raep on the first date…
    but haruka’s arc was indeed more entertaining to watch because she doesn’t make sense half the time.

    i don’t know if i will be liking sae’s arc because the VA really overdid her voice…it’s not cute, i find it rather annoying and weird…but maybe we get to see more of junichi’s sister and her meatbun conversations =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    There was actually an extended epilogue that showed them riding a bike along the beach that was in the sponsors segment (EDIT: which I’ve added some extra screencaps for), but that will probably be something that will be expanded in the DVD/BDs. I also heard that a few things were cut out that helped Kaoru realise her feelings and accept the idea of her mother remarrying as well.

    Not sure if I will be either at the moment, the cute/shy aspect really seems to be more forced than it needs to be, but I’ll try put that put that aside when I watch it and it’ll be great to see more Miya and Ai stuff. So far I’m really only looking forward to Ai and Tsukasa’s arcs at the moment due to Yukana and Tsukasa sort of being the “main heroine” of sorts (she appears on the cover for the game and it’s soundtrack), while being okay with Rihoko’s arc and still looking forward to it though slightly less than some others.

  3. Fidelis says:

    “Looking back on it though I think I preferred Haruka’s arc a bit more than Kaoru’s arc as it seemed a bit slow in comparison.”
    “but haruka’s arc was indeed more entertaining to watch because she doesn’t make sense half the time.”

    Ah, it’s just a subjective, different level of entertaining. Different but not worse. For me however this arc has moral substance and is thus objectively “better”.

    I’m pleasantly surprised this site’s review for episode 7 seems to be favorable. For me, it’s sad that this is the episode where the opinions of many take a turn for the worse, because it’s slow, boring, too normal(!) and uninteresting(!!!). It’s just misunderstood I tell you. This was only the turning point of the story.

    We see just how deeply they care for each other beyond growing attraction. He says he’ll be always there with her, for her. She says she needs him to do just that. Naturally by the next day he’s realized he loves her and she’s realized he loves her as well. It’s the high-water mark of their relationship before they finally admit they love each other in much the same terms they used before. This was no accident.

    The only thing that kept the story from being a slam-dunk for me was not properly wrapping things up with her mom (along an abrupt ending due to censoring). I only watched for her so it hurts.

    In the game she doesn’t get over it as quickly and he makes good on his promise to be there for her, aw. But I guess I can let that pass because of the 4-episode limit.

    But… she actually compares her need for him to her mom’s need for a husband while they’re in bed. (She doesn’t fall asleep – or pretend to – while kissing.) It should have brought the marriage metaphors (vows, first night) to a close and shown why all the time spent on her mom was important to naysayers. I still can’t get why the writers would not use such a killer, plot-capping line, and devote more time to side characters instead.

  4. Fidelis says:

    “I also heard that a few things were cut out that helped Kaoru realise her feelings and accept the idea of her mother remarrying as well.”

    That’s what I’m referring to in my last paragraph. I’m hoping against hope that they expand upon such things in the commercial release, along with reinstating the proper epilogue which they’ll do for sure.

    She simply doesn’t have a decade-time-skip in the game, but after the bike scene there’s one last scene where they’re meeting her parents. I hope that was part of the real epilogue as well. She does get a minor time-skip in another ending where they’re college roommates but not as close; they haven’t promised to be together forever.

  5. Ginnodangan says:

    True, it really is subjective as Haruka’s arc was entertaining and fun to watch for what it was while Kaoru’s arc was good for what it covered. Where we have a girl struggling with the idea of the family she’s come to know changing and the feelings she could have for her inseparable bad friend from middle school. It was really only a bit of personal opinion that made me like it that little bit more.

    For most story arcs the mid stages are usually the weakest part but even then I liked it for what it covered. With it playing a strong role in getting Junichi to come to terms with the feelings he could have just like she did in the episode before that. If there was something I thought would have been better it would have been getting more things like the pool game in the flashback to have happened outside it, but that’s the four episode per arc limit for you. And how it slowly progressed like that was one of the main things that made this arc good.

    It really was a shame to see that aspect of her story put aside like that, something that made her run away from home was solved so simply. And I had heard that it took her a bit longer to get over it along with how she realised that her mother needed someone just like she needed Junichi so it was also a shame to see that stuff looked over.

    The four episode count is really something that’s both good and bad at the same time, on one side it allows each route to be adapted without falling into what other VN adaptations have done, and on the other there’s only so much time that can be spent on each route so it’s easy for crucial aspects of the story to be overlooked.

    It was something that really should have been covered but for one reason or another was cut out with only a still frame for an epilogue. So I’ll be looking forward to seeing what they’ll do about it in the commercial release as well.

  6. Fidelis says:

    I guess one could justify the rapid resolution of the drama due to her and her mom being really close – the latter was “angry at first but laughing by the end” over the phone right? I guess people can make up that fast in real life if they really love each other.

    The first episode says she was nicknamed “the nuke” in school for being unpredictable so that could have been part of the setup for her extreme reaction, as well as how fast she seems to stabilize.

    But yeah, it would have been less trouble if the writers had just brought the matter up again, or at least said she was “coping” instead of “back to normal”. She does have a point when she says she can’t be sad about it forever (unlike Mr. Planetarium). But even if we leave it at that, that she got back to normal with just two heart-to-heart talks, the “I need you like my mom needs a husband” part was even more missed. Because they fast-forwarded her recovery, this left only that line to link the plot threads together.

    Again, I blame poor time management, did they just not care or were up against a deadline? Most of the time taken by other characters throughout her episodes should, by all rights, have been hers dammit.

    Ah well. For me, the arc does everything else right anyway.

  7. Fidelis says:

    The heart of the story is still there – the theme of mutual trust and support as two friends grow closer in their love. It wouldn’t be fair to just look at the negatives while overlooking such a nice message. As they say, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Again, I hope the commercial release fixes things so we can watch it as it was meant to be watched. And there’s always the hope of a manga for her.

  8. Ginnodangan says:

    When you consider how close they are it sort of makes sense I guess, and it does seem like a decent way for it to have been resolved if you didn’t have any knowledge of how the VN covered it beforehand. Since the two of them being able to talk it out would have been at least something that could of helped her a bit.

    I don’t see how they couldn’t have included it even without cutting all that much out. All it may have took would have been to show that it wasn’t suddenly completely solved and then simply include that part the comparison around the end.

    But then again I haven’t really played/read the VN myself so I’m not sure how much would have really been needed to cut out to still get it across.

    Also, to be fair Haruka’s arc also seemed to have just as much time spent on the other heroines/characters, considering that her arc seemed a bit more simpler and it served as the introductory arc of sorts it was probably more acceptable though. If it wasn’t for knowing that this last bit was cut out I’d probably still be okay with it since it reflects the “you can only pick one” aspect that playing a VN with multiple routes gives.

    Agreed, we should try to look at what it did right and the positive aspects of it more than what it did wrong. In what seemed to be an official poll I saw she ranked fourth (Ai ranked first) and it wasn’t exactly limited to the girls who had a route, so there certainly is the hope for one.

  9. Fidelis says:

    I haven’t played the game either, just read story spoilers for her. It’s a double-edged sword because you’ll know what to expect (some people were just surprised by the turn of events, like no 10-years-later timeskip) but then you’ll also know what you may miss. People who had no prior expectations seem to like her arc a lot more than those who did. Like the Lord of the Rings films? Haha.

    Besides some people expecting more plot-related stuff to happen, others were just expecting her story to be as wild as Morishima’s, and so were let down. But being more normal and down-to-earth isn’t worse, just different.

    I read that the DVD comes out on October 20, and I heard that Ai’s manga just ended this month, and the class rep’s manga is wrapping up. Who knows, perhaps it’s her turn next. It would make sense from a marketing POV. If she does, I hope she gets the same extended manga treatment like the class rep has had. Ai’s only has 4-5 issues.

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