Occult Academy 08

In his class the following morning, Fumiaki can tell that Maya and Ami aren’t exactly getting along after what happened the night before.

While they play baseball this gets in the way and results in them failing to catch the ball, in the shower after this Ami tells Maya that she’ll be waiting for her at the Minakami shrine as she leaves and some girls talk about the fake UFO. Along with how far some students went to chase after it, the only thing that catches Maya’s interest is number of dead cows found there.

Due to this she asks Fumiaki about it who tells her that Smile and JK didn’t know anything about a dead cow when he asked them. So they head over to the farm and find more cows drained of blood, which Maya explains could be due to a “natural” death however there’s way too many for it to be that and they find some fang marks on one of the cows.

At the Minakami shrine Ami is getting impatient and wonders if this is Maya’s answer, meanwhile Maya and Fumiaki walk back from the farm and he tells her that he could tell that they hadn’t made up. She realises what time it is and runs to the shrine.

Once she gets there neither of them will say a word and Kozue stands between them thinking that they were going to fight. She runs off to get some drinks and while she’s gone, Maya and Ami start to talk to each other but Koze runs back screaming with a small green creature latched onto her arm. Maya sends it flying but there was more than just one, one of the creatures far bigger than any of them in front of them grabs Ami, plunges it’s fangs into her and jumps off.

With the plan having failed Smile and JK have to take the UFO model and don’t voice their complaints about it in a way that Ami’s father would hear them. Kozue and Maya arrive and Ami’s father can tell something has happened, Kozue tries to explain what it was but can’t exactly remember it so Maya has to embarrassingly explain that it was a Chupacabra along with all the details surrounding them.

They then prepare to bring Ami back with Smile using his giant wrench, Maya using her crossbow, and Ami’s father unveiling a nailgun that fires like a machine gun. Now that they’re already to bring her back they head off on the pickup track until Ami’s father slams the breaks since he doesn’t even know where they are in the first place, they hear a laugh and JK asks if they’re forgetting someone.

At the restaurant Fumiaki has just told Mikaze about the cows and promises to protect her when she finds it scary, he exits just as the other pass by in the pickup truck so they reverse back and pull him onto the back.

JK’s rods have lead them to an old building so they head in and find that the surrounding area is in ruins, Kozue finds the place scary but she disappears as soon as Fumiaki turns around. They keep moving and eventually find themselves surrounded by young Chupacabra so they all work together to fight them off with Fumiaki even picking up a stick to smack them away. They can’t fight them all so they run away following JK’s rods to a building where Ami should be inside. Each of them says something to send Maya on a head but she makes them realise that everyone in the movies who says something like they just did ends up dying.

Maya heads inside and finds Ami lying on a stone platform surrounded by even younger Chupacabras with the bones of their previous victims behind her. She offers her her hand but Ami still has a some difficulty accepting it, once she pulls her up more Chupacabras swarm in and surround them so they both have to fight them off with each apologising for what they said and did as they do. Eventually they take them all down but there’s still the matter of the one that kidnapped Ami before which gets it’s head shot off by Ami’s father for daring to touch his daughter.

Outside they’ve managed to take them all down as well with Fumiaki happy to still be alive, however neither the Chupacabras or the stone platform are the key. He notices something to the corner so he shines the light in that direction and they find Kozue who’s covered fang marks but still appears to be okay. They all suddenly smell smoke and notice that the building is burning.

In the distance Chihiro and her subordinate look on with her subordinate apologising that the fire might not be enough to get rid off all the creatures but the can just say that the remaining bones were from wild dogs and she tells him to keep an eye on the Maya.

JK and Smile are already asleep on the back of the pickup as Maya and Ami apologise and explain to Kozue that they always went to the Mikanami shrine to make up if they ever fought. Before they head off Maya asks if Ami’s father can finish the story he was telling her before but the only one it scares is Kozue. As the episode ends Ami and Maya turn and smile at each other.

Next Episode:


When Maya and Ami ended up having a fight in the previous episode I was expecting to see how they first became friends, as cliche as that would be but I guess we already know a fair bit about that to begin with and it really would have been a tad cliche. If anything I actually preferred what we got instead of that where Maya and Ami tried to make up like they would always do when they were younger and eventually apologised to each other around the end of the episode. And seeing the two of them grin while Ami’s father told them the story he tried to tell Maya before made for a pretty nice end to the episode.

The supernatural/occult aspect that this episode took on being Chupacabras was something I wasn’t expecting at all but how it tied into the cow they found in the last episode and provided an opportunity for some action was great. Not only did we see Maya and Smile use their crossbow and wrench again we also saw Ami’s father using a nailgun to take some of them down and even Fumiaki using a stick to fight as well. Which really goes to show how much he’s changed over the last few episodes where if this were to happen then it would have been an exact repeat of the mothmen incident. It was also kind of laughable to see Ami’s father shoot the full grown Chupacabra’s head right off as soon as it reappeared but that’s what it gets for kidnapping his daughter.

Aside from some action and Maya and Ami making up for what happened this episode also managed to have some pretty good comedy, where the scene where each of them says something before Maya heads on a head to save Ami and then realises that everyone in the movies who says something like that dies, was one of my favourite parts to it. How this is balanced along with the other aspects of the show is probably one of the main reasons I like watching this series as well.

With Chihiro and her subordinate appearing at the end and being shown to have orchestrated the fire also seemed to advance the plot a bit in the same way destroying the tunnels under the mountain did, and the reasons for them doing things like this is something I’m interested to find out. Though they do give off vibes as the villains of the series there’s still that chance that they may not be. Other than that it also looks like the next episode will be introducing a new character named Akari, if the episode title is anything to go by.


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