Kara no Kyoukai Blu-ray release to contain a final chapter

Last night at midnight it was announced on the official Kara no Kyoukai website that the seven Kara no Kyoukai movies will be receiving a Blu-ray release in the form of a Blu-ray box.

Aside from containing all the movies in 1080p the box will also contain the compilation movie that covered the first six movies, Gate of Heaven, a 51 minute special program, and a book containing key visual art and illustrations for each film and each DVD release. Along with an all new final chapter that is set to run for about 30 minutes titled, “Gekijou-ban Kara no Kyoukai Shuushou: Kara no Kyoukai”.

The Box is set to be released 2 February 2011 at a retail price of 52,500 yen while the extra chapter will be also receive a standard DVD release. Aside from that the movies will also have both Japanese and English subtitles.

The Kara no Kyoukai movies are a series of movies animated by Ufotable based on the novels of the same name written by Kinoko Nasu and illustrated by Takashi Takeuchi of TYPE-MOON fame. Which follow Ryougi Shiki, her friend Kokuto Mikiya and the small detective agency where they work run by Aozaki Touko, the Garan no Dou which only takes up supernatural cases.


2 Responses to Kara no Kyoukai Blu-ray release to contain a final chapter

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    im guessing the new chapter is the part with their child?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Could be, there’s also the chance that it could be this as well. It would be great to see Mirai Fukuin animated though.

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