Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 09

The setting changes as Ringo dreams about standing before a Genie version of Aragami Lamp who offers her three wishes but she only wants one to help someone.

The episode starts with Ringo hiding outside the winner of the Miss Otogi contest, Shirayuki Himeno’s house as she comes home where inside, Ryoushi and Ryouko are babysitting Shirayuki’s seven younger siblings while she’s at work. She arrives home and her siblings happily run off to help with the chores but Shirayuki is sort of sad that Ringo didn’t come again.

At the Otogi bank they talk about the job that Ryouko and Ryoushi just did and are surprised that Shirayuki manages to look after all her siblings while still working a part time job. Sadly they also learn that once she graduates she won’t be able to go onto higher education due to financial reasons, Ryoushi asks what happened between her and Ringo.

So night he comes over for tea, Ryouko reminds Ringo that the original request that they received was to have Ringo help and that she should meet her soon or she might not be able to see her again once she graduates. Ryoushi then asks what happened only to be met by Ringo’s intense stare which makes him cower in fear, she then decides to tell him the story.

When she was young she lived with her mother who encouraged her to add “no” at the end of each sentence to sound cute, one day they went to a mansion and her mother left her alone in a room while she went off to talk with someone. She then met a girl, Shirayuki who offered to play with her so the two of them played for the rest of the day. When her mother was finished talking the Shirayuki left the mansion with her mother with Ringo asking if they could meet again. After this Ringo and her mother started living there with her father, but one day she found a letter that told her that Shirayuki and that her mother’s talk had been about Shirayuki’s mothers divorce and for them to leave. Upon learning this she realised just how terrible her words must have been for Shirayuki and though she wanted to help her she couldn’t find the courage to do so.

The next day the Otogi bank go to the Mermaid Pool owned by Aragami lamp with Shirayuki and her siblings, she thanks them but is still worried about her job which Momo is covering for her. Ryouko notices that Ringo isn’t here but Ryoushi points out that she is.

Once they get inside all the girls get a quick chance to show off their swimsuits, except for Shirayuki who’s being hit on by so her younger siblings help her out by scaring him off.

In order to watch over Shirayuki’s younger siblings easier they split up into groups with Otsuu losing her swimsuit top from the slide, Majo riding around on one of her inventions and Ryoushi, Ryouko, and Shirayuki playing with the ball with one of them which leads to Ryoushi getting punched when he falls onto Ryouko.

Meanwhile two of them watch in awe at Urashima’s ability to pick up girls until Otohime drags him off to the changing rooms, after this he’s once again in gentleman mode. Two of them question Alice about what kind of relationship she has with Liszt which leads to her blushing when they don’t believe tat they’re just inseparable cousins.

Ringo watches on as Ryoushi rows a boat while Shirayuki sits inside and her younger sibling and Ryouko push it along, he decides to swim alone but starts struggling, even though she can’t swim Shirayuki dives in and hands him to Ryouko. As she sinks down Ryoushi dives in after her and they get her to the side of the pool, Ringo comes to help and perfoms CPR on her while wishing that she could have the chance to help her.

Just as tears are about to fall from Ringo’s eyes Shirayuki wakes up and before she can leave, Ryouko stops her. As the sun begins to set they finally have a chance to talk again with Shirayuki telling her that she doesn’t blame Ringo for anything as she wouldn’t have any of her younger siblings if she hadn’t left. Instead she’s sorry that she couldn’t be her older sister and thanks her for being her younger sister.

The next day Ringo went to Aragami Lamp to ask for one wish since he would grant three wishes to anyone who worked in the Otogi Bank for three years, however while she hasn’t done this she only wants one wish and will work for the next three years if it’s granted. Aragami Lamp considers it at first but decides to go through with it when she clings to his arm.

Soon after this Shirayuki received a scholarship and when Ryouko asked Ringo about this she said that Shirayuki had earned it, in order to change the topic she tells Ryouko that Ryoushi is ready to take on everything about her which makes her suddenly decide to sleep.

Later that night she dreamed of being a princess sleeping on a bed of flowers where Ryoushi appeared as the prince to wake her up. The next morning she hit him as soon as she saw him.


After last weeks episode it looks like things are going back to better developing the characters with one of the mains, Ringo receiving some development. Where we learned some details about her past and why she admired Ryouko’s to try hard, as she blamed herself for forcing Shirayuki to lose both her home and father and could never find the courage to talk to Shirayuki again.

Other than the fairy tale aspect of this show another thing I like about it so far is how characters that are either briefly shown and/or mentioned still show up later on. Where like Momo had placed second in the Miss Otogi contest and appeared later, and now Shirayuki, voiced by Yukari Fukui, had appeared earlier as the winner of the contest but received a proper introduction in this episode. Overall it may not be on the same level as some other shows but it still means that you have to be pretty attentive when watching, as any character who shows up even briefly could show up again with a more important role in a later episode.

The fairy tale that this episode covered being Snow White was something that was a bit of a surprise and even though the only experience I’ve had with it is the 1937 Disney film which I saw when I was a kid. It was still fun to see all the aspects of the story come into place such as Shirayuki Himeno’s name meaning White Snow Princess and Ringo taking on the role of the poisonous apple, from her name meaning red apple and her personality.


2 Responses to Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 09

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    at this rate, we are going to meet the girls that got rejected by the butler last ep, including the girls from railgun XD

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Probably, it looks like the next episode could be about the girl who was with Shirou at the end of the fifth episode. After that personally I’d like to see Liszt and Alice get some development to give the series some completeness and then give some sort of conclusion regarding either Shirou or Ryouko and Ryoushi.

    Even if we don’t it’s only just a little more than a month until Index 2 so we’ll see some of them anyway soon enough.

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