Amagami SS 09

Unlike the last arcs Sae’s arc starts during summer with Junichi breaking the fourth wall due to a narrator voiced by Nakata Jouji and first seeing Sae as she stepped out of a car.

At the start of the second semester Tsukasa reminds Junichi and Umehara about their physics homework, which Umehara had forgotten about so Junichi offers to get lunch for him. As he heads down the stairs he bumps into Haruka and helps her pick up her books, when this happened he dropped his coin purse which Sae picked up but couldn’t get a chance to hand it to him.

She follows him trying to grab his attention but her voice doesn’t reach and any chance of catching up in time disappears when some students move a whiteboard past her. Junichi makes it to the cafeteria and grabs most of the things that Umehara wanted but can’t find his coin purse. Sae finally manages to catch up and return it to him, he recognises her from before and asks what her name is but she’s too shy to answer and runs off. By the time Junichi gets to the cafeteria there’s only one bread roll left.

Umehara is kind of disappointed while Junichi runs off to find out who the girl was, he asks Miya if she’s familiar with a girl with twin tails, who’s shy, and with a noticeable bust along with explaining the reason why, soon after this Sae comes to meet Miya. This leads to Miya properly introducing them to each other and telling Junichi how she tries to grab Sae’s breasts for good luck, he also learns that she was wearing a different uniform at the start due to having just transferred from another school.

A few days after this Junichi met Sae again when she was too scared to walk past a house due to the dog behind the gate, so he decides to walk past with her and the dog’s shadow may have told other wise but it’s only a puppy which scares Sae anyway.

He managed to catch up with her and they go to the restaurant where Kaoru works, while trying to hide her laughter Kaoru serves them so Junichi introduces Kaoru to her and Kaoru’s uniform catches Sae’s interest. Junichi asks if they should ask about any job openings here to which Kaoru tells them that they’re always hiring and tells her that there’s an interview that acts as a test for any applicants.

Even though she could carry the food, talking to customers could be a problem so they head to Junichi’s house to practice this, Miya decides to help so they sort out which roles they’ll play. First off he decides to train her with something he learned from Umehara who sometimes works in his family’s sushi restaurant, for this they need to speak from their stomach which Junichi demonstrates by showing her how to breath with her hand on his stomach. He does the same to her and in the middle of this forgets to breath out, which Miya sees when she comes in.

Next they move onto being able to carry a tray but it was a mistake to use hot coffee as she accidentally spills it onto him, causing him to roll around on the floor. Just like before Miya comes in but this time sees him standing in front of Sae with his pants half down.

As they walk her home she tells Miya that she’s lucky to have a brother like an instructor and Miya brings up the idea of a game of rock paper scissors where the loser has to piggyback the winner for as many steps as there are syllables in the word they say. Of course Junichi loses and has to piggy back Sae and once she gets on he wishes to keep losing. She has trouble picking a word so he recommends “glamorous body” which she should say like they practiced and so he steps forward for each syllable.

Ending Theme:

“Anata Shika Mienai” by Hiromi Konno. Download.

Next Episode:


The setting suddenly changing from winter to summer was something that really caught me off guard, as it was a large part of the setting and general feeling that the last two arcs had, as the story progressed towards Junichi asking the heroine out on a Christmas Eve date. Though when you consider that Junichi doesn’t at first really know the heroine of this arc,  Sae Nakata voiced by Hiromi Konno that well it seems better to start earlier, as she doesn’t have the advantage of being the beautiful upperclassman or the bad friend that he’s known since middle school. So it helps to have them meet earlier than the last few arcs have and quickly progress towards the Christmas Eve date, however it really contradicts some aspects of continuity and consistency between arcs.

Unlike the previous episodes this episode and possibly the other episodes in Sae’s arc included a narrator, where the incredibly awesome Nakata Jouji narrated some aspects of the interactions between Junichi and Sae. Which when you consider her shyness the need sort of becomes apparent, however it does add some things that could be considered weird like when Junichi broke the fourth wall at the start of the episode. Through this there also appeared to be a lighter feeling to the episode as well.

Overall though I thought that this was a nice start, as I started watching this with low expectations but found myself enjoying it with Sae appearing a bit more likable and some things like Miya catching her brother with his pants down in the same room were pretty funny. It was also nice to see the somewhat cliche “boy meets girl” title when a whiteboard was pushed by, that’s typically used when the protagonist meets the heroine in a fateful way. From the looks of this episode it looks like one of the major things will be Junichi helping Sae overcome part of her shyness as he did around the middle and towards the end of the episode.


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