Nurarihyon no Mago 09

Even though the previous strike may have looked decisive it still wasn’t enough to defeat either of them, so they clash blades once more with Gyuuki demanding that Rikuo cast away his humanity just like he did if he wishes to become the head of the Nura clan.

Rikuo pushes him back with his declaration to do so either way, he closes the distance and slashes once more with Gyuuki seeming to accept this.

The rain continues to fall outside as Gyuuki warns Rikuo that this mountain is the farthest point west in the Nura clan’s territory and that he could never forgive anyone who threatened to destroy his beloved Nura clan, with Rikuo’s current self threatening to do just that. Karasu Tengu’s sons arrive ready to attack him but Rikuo stops them, Gyuuki acknowledges Rikuo’s skill and will as he chooses his own end.

He raises his sword and stabs the blade into his abdomen but finds that the blade from the hilt is gone, he asks why Rikuo would do this after what he’s done so he tells him that he won’t allow a member of his clan to die over something like this and to ask him about his human side when he’s human.

Gyuuki then looks back on the Nurarihyon’s words to him where he promised to become his parent, to Umewakamaru who had forgotten his parents these words would stay with him. He wakes up inside the Nura household and finds Rikuo in his human from to tells him that he can remember what happened and has accepted his Youkai blood in order to protect those around him, as he leaves he mentions that he’d like to keep people like Gyuuki in his family with this reminding him of the Nurarihyon’s promise.

Rikuo meets Yuki-Onna and Aotabou soon after who he asks if his friends in the Kiyo Cross made it back, at a nearby park Torii and Maki are mad at Kiyotsugu for what happened to them, Yura feels that Rikuo’s absence is suspicious so while Kana doesn’t think that the man she met on the mountain was scary. They then decide to look for Youkai again with Torii and Maki needing a bit more to convince them.

Back at the Nura household Rikuo’s grandfather asks him about his injury and is prepared to throw Gyuuki out of the clan for his recent actions but decides to abdicate it to Rikuo as his heir.

Preparations for the meeting among the clan heads seem to be going well except for Rikuo’s mother breaking dishes, and Yuki-Onna meets Gozumaru and Mezumaru again who to her despair tell her that they’ll be staying for a while.

All of the clan heads arrive with rumours abound about Gyuuki’s recent actions along with what will happen to him for them, this meeting will also be the one where Rikuo will be officially declared the heir to the clan.

The meeting takes place with Rikuo still in his human form, his grandfather makes the announcement with Hitotsume quickly bringing up the matter concerning Gyuuki. Rikuo formerly accepts this and announces that because his actions were due to his incompetence, Gyuuki is innocent. But Hitotsume objects to this so he tells him that someone like him is needed to protect the western border. The episode ends with Rikuo’s place as the third heir being accepted by most but not all of the clan heads.

Next Episode:

A brief arc about Kana and the purple mirror.


With this episode it looks like this arc has been drawn to a close with Rikuo’s stage of refusing to take on the responsibilities of the third heir to the clan and is now fully accepting his Youkai side. Having read the manga I had a fair idea of how this was all going to turn out along with Gyuuki’s reason to go against Rikuo being that he couldn’t stand to see the clan that he loves so much be destroyed by a weak leader.

How the words were revealed in this episode instead of the previous episode was something I preferred as well, where we had a fair idea of why he cared but for it to be revealed that the Nurarihyon practically welcomed him into his family when he had never truly had one was something I liked. It really took the meaning to his actions to another level and his words about Mount Nejireme acting as the western border seem to foreshadow the troubles that Rikuo will face as the head of the Nura clan in the future.

Other than that another thing that I liked was the feeling of suspense towards the meeting among the clan heads, where even though it was fairly obvious that Gyuuki would be forgiven for his actions of treason. The way it was built up with talk spreading about it and how Rikuo was to be declared by his grandfather as his successor, by the various Youkai coming to the meeting and preparing for it worked well to build up towards it. Seeing Yuki-Onna’s reaction to Gozumaru and Mezumaru now staying at the Nura household was kind of funny as well.

As for my thoughts on this arc overall, it may have cut some things from the start and removed some minor things here and there but I really liked how it turned out with the action sequences looking great and things like Gyuuki’s flashback being done well. And this arc as something that’s considered a weak part of the story by many who have read the manga as well was fun to watch. The choice of voice actors was also something that I liked about it with Jun Fukuyama, Jouji Nakata, Yui Horie, and Tomokazu Sugita being few of the many voice actors who seemed perfectly cast for the roles they played.


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