Occult Academy 09

Just after Maya signed the rights away to her family home Fumiaki comes in with more applications for shops, which is really just a way to impress Mikaze however she stamps them anyway. He reaches for the papers she had but she grabs them first.

Ami is a bit disappointed about Maya’s old house being torn down and suggests paying one last visit but she doesn’t show any interest in doing so. In their next class Chihiro is holding a class on summoning spirits and among the suggestions on who to summon Kozue brings up the former principal which Maya doesn’t really have any problems with.

So they make the preparations and Chihiro begins the summoning, objects shake, and the candles go out with Chihiro taking some strain from this. A strange light comes from her and materialises as a young girl on top of the table. The girl seems to drift from place to place around the room, leaving a pile of snow each time wondering where she is, she disappears and Chihiro wakes up happily expecting to see the principal again.

They talk about the girl over lunch when Smile and JK arrive with the girl asleep on Smile’s back, everyone else appears to see it however JK is forced to use his rods to know where she is. The girl wakes up and drifts towards Maya, wanting to go home as she starts to cry Maya tells her that she’ll help her.

Fumiaki spots them so Maya explains what they’ve found out about the girl while she plays with JK, her name is Okamoto Akari and she was aged around seven years old when she died so if they can find the elementary school she went to they might be able to find out where she lived. He points out how she’s suddenly helping her and offers to help after school but Mikaze shows up and asks if he’s free then. While the others walk off he accepts her request with a bit of difficulty.

On the bus to find the elementary school Akari went to, she sits on Smile’s lap and when they get off they have to find the one she went to from all of the schools in the area. Luckily from the details she remembers and JK’s intuition they’re able to find the school rather quickly and find out where she lived. Akari is so happy that she starts to sing.

At the restaurant Mikaze is testing her new curry omelet on Fumiaki, he’s kind of disappointed at first but quickly eats the whole thing, and not only that but Mikaze had put her heart into making it. Which leads to them both looking at each other and blushing.

The others arrive at the apartment block where Akari once lived and she quickly goes next to the door to sit down. However when Kozue goes to talk to her she starts to become cold and shiver, objects rattle around them as the laundry machine almost slams into Kozue with Maya just getting her out of the way. All of the glass around them shatters as a small blizzard envelops them, freezing the area around Akari, Maya still goes to her through this and when she asks her what she can do Akari utters something as she disappears with the blizzard.

Soon after this the land lady found them so they explained what had happened to her, being familiar with the Occult Academy she finds it easy to accept this and can remember Akari quite well. After her parents divorced she was raised by her father who of course had a bit of difficulty in caring for her alone, but even then Akari was always cheerful and felt that she could look after herself. The land lady felt that it wasn’t her place to interfere so she left it at that, however on a Christmas Eve Akari was left outside for the entire night and froze to death. The reason for this isn’t really known but the land lady wishes that she had been able to help her back them.

As they walk back Maya suspects that Akari could have a similar past to her so they all decide to find her father, Fumiaki rings offering to help again even though Maya doesn’t want him to and hangs up as soon as she hears Mikaze. In order to find out where her father is they go to his old workplace where they find that he had quit soon after Akari died and are pointed to where he now works.

At a road works site they find Akari’s father however he takes what they’re trying to tell him as some kind of sick joke and isn’t in the mood to speak, telling them to get lost. Maya pleads to him and he turns around slightly, telling them that it was his fault that his daughter died. Back at the apartment block Akari continues to sit outside the apartment.

Next Episode:


Considering that all the previous episodes can essentially be broken into two episode story arcs it’s looking like this one may be used to develop Maya’s character a bit more. From her old family home set to be demolished and how Akari relationship with her father may have been similar to the one she had with her father. Even though it doesn’t look like this arc will be advancing the search for the key a bit there’s still the potential for it to in the next episode, and if the search itself follows the two episode pattern it may be covered in the last two to three episodes. If anything this could also serve as something calm before the series reaches it’s conclusion.

Excluding the spirit from the first episode it was actually kind of interesting to see this episode take on what would usually be considered a ghost, let alone that the girl, Akari who was shown in the preview in the last episode was actually one. Even though acted happily when she was summoned, her story was certain to be something that wasn’t going to end well at all. And when they finally brought her home this became even more evident with a sudden change in how she acted and the true meaning to the snow that she left being that she had frozen to death.

Her father’s reaction to when Maya and the others found him was also something that was done well, as it was exactly what you would expect from someone if you suddenly started asking him about the things they did. The important part to this was how he blamed himself for her death, and I’m interested to see what had happened between them beforehand.

It looks like the things between Fumiaki and Mikaze are really putting a strain on his current friendly relationship with Maya, to the point where she hanged up on him as soon as she heard Mikaze’s voice. This seemed to be shown when Mikaze showed up to ask for his help as soon as he had agreed to help the others, by them walking away and leaving him alone with her. So this will probably be something that he’ll have to prioritise and with him not involved with the events around Akari, the next episode would be a good place to have this happen.


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