Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 10

The dream that Ryouko had before still seems to be on her mind as she walks to a meeting with Ringo and Ryoushi. At the meeting they find that someone has been spreading posters that deface the Otogi Banks image so they have no other choice but to do a 30% off sale. Shirou is mentioned as someone who could be trying to ruin their reputation and the mention of his name quickly raises the tension felt in room.

Many of the students quickly take notice of this and their office is quickly filled with all sorts of requests so they all work together to get through these but the requests keep coming in.

On his way home Ryoushi thinks about what just happened before with Ryouko, where he offered to help when they were tired but she didn’t accept this and still went off to do it. He suddenly senses someone nearby and a man jumps down acknowledging his skill of perception, the man introduces himself as the third year Nekomiya Saburou and that he’s here to train him to be able to protect Ryouko.

Ryouko and Ringo arrive home and find a girl in an Onigashima uniform injured outside, they take her back to their room and take care of her injuries. She introduces herself as Kokonou Reiko and that she was injured when Shirou had dumped and sold her away to some delinquents, so she ran for away. They’re just able to stop Ryouko from going to get him back for this and she tells her that they’ll arrange for her to be transferred to their school. Ringo appears to have some doubts towards this.

The sale still has two days left so they still have to keep working like they have, Ryoushi and Ryouko leave one by one and Ringo talks with Liszt and Alice about something. The training that Nekomiya had in mind is to improve Ryoushi’s ability to fight up front after what happened in Onigashima and to be able to keep in cool in a fight. He doesn’t answer his question as to why he’s doing this and instead kicks at him with his steel lined boots, since he’ll know why once it’s over.

Ryouko arrives back at her room to see that Reiko has made dinner as thanks for taking care of her, where back at the Otogi Bank, Ringo’s reason for talking with Liszt and Alice is about Reiko, when Alice does a background check they find that she’s the type who’ll change depending on her current boyfriend. Due to her connection with Onigashima they decide to have Otsuu keep an eye on her.

On the rooftop at the school, Liszt has gone to Momo about the attempts to lower the Otogi Bank’s reputation and suspects that it could be part of Shirou’s plan. As time goes by Ryoushi continues his training with Nekomiya and Otsuu keeps an eye on Reiko from afar.

Otohime packs her bag to do one last request and Alice tries to call someone that she calls Rikkun but sees that someone has appeared to make a request, Usami. She goes to see her and though her first choice would be for Otohime she settles for Alice to help her. During Ryoushi’s training Nekomiya is trying to get him to get over some of is fear of being seen.

As Urashima comes back from helping out with a request he asks a girl if she would like to go out for a drink but notices that strangely, Otohime isn’t around to scold him for something like this. Some delinquents from Onigashima appear and throw him a familiar bag before asking him to come with them.

Outside Otsuu is attacked by someone with a stun gun while she sweeps. At a cafe it turns out that the request that Usami originally had for Otohime was part of the plan that Onigashima has, but she has a change of heart and leads Alice away from the delinquents.

After Ryouko and Ringo have bought their groceries, Ryouko goes on ahead and Ringo receives a mysterious phone asking her about what she would do if Snow White’s seven siblings were to disappear one by one. She runs to Shirayuki’s house, fearing the worst but sees that all seven of her siblings are still there. However Ryouko meets Reiko back at her room and finds that she’s shown her true colours, attacking her with a stun gun.

At the Otogi Bank, Liszt comes back and finds that Alice is gone and only Majo is there, Ringo arrives back and tells them that Ryouko, Reijo, and Otsuu are missing along with showing them the stun gun she found.

The episode ends with Usami and Alice running from the delinquents, Urashima being led away, Otsuu and Otohime unconscious in an abandoned warehouse, and Ryouko tied up in the back of a truck with Reiko, while Ryoushi continues to train with Nekomiya.


With this episode it looks like things are heading into the arc that will serve as a conclusion to this season of this series, a far as the events with Shirou go. With Shirou’s plan being kicked off from the very start, by the members of the Otogi Bank being forced to do all sorts of requests so that they could fix the reputation that he damaged. Then ending the episode with all of the members separated and with some of them even kidnapped by the delinquents from Onigashima. Compared to the one off stories that we saw in the previous episodes this really was a way to end an episode, and it was great to see some of the characters from these past episodes show up again as part of this plan. Whether it was intentional or unintentional.

It was also good to see Ryoushi undergo some sort of training arc with a new character, Nekomiya Saburou, voiced by Yuuki Kaji, in the middle of this, so that a repeat of what happened last time in Onigashima could be avoided where he was pretty much over powered when it came to fighting face to face. Where with the way things are at now it’s probably needed more than ever, especially since he may be facing Shirou who slashed his slingshot in the blink of an eye the last time they met. It was also interesting for the one training him to be based on no other than Puss in Boots, and that the training was so that Ryoushi could get his “princess”. Where in the fable that Puss in Boots is from, he sought to get his master the princess’ hand in marriage.

Even though it may have been obvious about what Reiko, voiced by Mai Nakahara whose previous roles include voicing Nagisa in Clannad, was up to since she was seen with Shirou at the end to the fifth episode. I still had some sort of doubt towards it with some part of me believing the story that she told Ryouko and Ringo, so it was still something of a surprise to see that she was acting as part of Shirou’s plan when she used a stun gun to knock out both Otsuu and Ryouko. And since she seems to be based off Tamamo-no Mae, a legendary kitsune from Japanese mythology, perhaps she has one more betrayal ready before this season ends.


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