Amagami SS 10

In the second episode of Sae’s arc things move into Fall with Jouji Nakata returning as the narrator as the episode begins with Sae seeming to have improved her conversational skills thanks to Junichi’s training. However she’s only talking to a vending machine and steps aside as soon as Rihoko comes to buy a drink, while Junichi watches on Kaoru shows up to ask what he’s doing which he says is training.

Their next goal is for Sae to have a conversation with one of the cafeteria ladies but she freezes up and can’t get a word out, so Junichi tells her that cafeteria ladies are nothing more than talking vending machines. This causes her to see them just like the vending machine from before and she’s somehow able to have a quick conversation with one of them.

After what happened last time they aren’t exactly allowed to practice at home so Junichi decides to hold the training at school and as he expects Sae to come in, Tsukasa comes in instead to return some things. Once Sae arrives they start a new stage to her training where she only has so long to change out of her uniform and into her other uniforms. She first changes into her P.E. uniform and then into her swimsuit, but soon after she changes into her swimsuit she slips and falls onto him. Miya then comes in to see her older brother groping her friend in a swimsuit.

While they walk home Ai encourages Sae to do her best and Miya decides that she’ll cheer for them as captain of the cheering team, Haruka finds this cute and runs up to her, hugging her and telling her that she’ll cheer for her. Still inside the school with the marks that Miya gave him, Junichi has decided on where the next training session will be.

Sae waits outside the hot spring where the next training session will be, with Junichi and Miya arriving late due to Miya sleeping in. They head into the changing rooms and separate to change into their swimsuits before meeting up outside where Junichi is the only one not wearing a swimsuit simply because no one would want to see him in one. He takes notice of Sae’s swimsuit and compliments her on it, she tells him that Miya helped her pick it out so Miya goes to say how she knows what he likes which leads to him trying to keep her quiet.

They then move along to the reason why they’re here which is a bath filled with small fish that clean the bathers skin, so they all place their feet into the water with Sae feeling ticklish from it. Junichi then begins the training by giving her a mock interview where her feet must remain in the water at all times, however he gets distracted partway into it and has some weird fantasy.

He wakes up to Sae calling out to him and it turns out that he had passed out in the bath, while Miya is away they drink juice together. On the bus home, Miya is asleep as Junichi passes Sae on the interview and she asks if he can train her more.

Once they get home Miya brings out a board game which plays in a way like playing through life, as it progresses Miya and Sae appear to do well while Junichi fails miserably. They notice what the time is and Miya asks if Sae wants to stay over for the night. She gets her father’s permission and then takes a bath with Miya who’s amazed at the difference between their chests.

Junichi sits outside overhearing everything that’s happening and when Sae steps out in a pair of Miya’s pajamas he tells her that seeing her like this makes him want another younger sister like her. She tells him that she doesn’t want to be his sister as the episode ends.

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In this episode we saw the “training” continue and things build up to what can probably be considered an attempt at a confession by Sae when she told him that she didn’t want to be his little sister so that he wouldn’t see her as such. Where through out this episode we could see that Junichi is attracted to her from how he interacted with her, and how she showed slight hints to liking him through out this episode like when she told him to keep training her. So it was nice to see this slowly built up to.

Junichi’s methods of training Sae for a supposed part-time job really are questionable, where it started off with something that actually makes sense like getting her to be able to talk to people easier it takes sudden turn towards things that seem pretty weird for a part-time job. With things like him making her change into her swimsuit. Which makes the whole ” training” thing seem to only be an excuse that he uses to do this kind of stuff with Sae being too submissive towards him and always going along with it, and even Miya has had to interfere for her at some points. It really just goes to show what happens when he’s paired up with someone as shy and submissive as Sae since if he were paired up with another one of the heroines, this kind of thing seems like something that would get him an automatic Bad End.

Though with that said it does sort of make the episode kind of fun to watch with it providing a few nice points that have some pretty good comedy. When things like Miya coming in only to see them in a rather compromising position and Sae talking to the lunch ladies as if they’re only vending machines happen. There’s also the idea that Sae herself likes part of it as she asked for him to keep training her towards the end of the episode.


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