Highschool of the Dead 10

At Saya’s house things are somewhat relaxed as the episode begins with Takashi helping Shizuka rub ointment onto Rei’s back due to when she fell off the humvee. She accuses him of betraying her for letting Shizuka be the one to apply the ointment and is still sore from when Takashi used the gun she had.

So he runs off and offers to help two men with carrying something but they don’t think that it’s anything that a kid should do, soon after this he meets Saeko and things are a bit awkward between them as he tries to comment on how good she looks. Alice shows up and despite having cried a lot before she’s still acting strong, they suddenly overhear Saya fighting with her mother and when Takashi catches up he talks with her mother a bit who’s sort of surprised that he hasn’t visited their house when he’s been friends with Saya since kindergarten.

Down in the garage Kouta goes over some of the guns when Saya warns him that his happiness here won’t last long, they also talk about the cost and amount of people needed to keep the water and electricity networks going. Upstairs Saya’s mother tells Takashi how her husband had immediately secured these, however this won’t last long so they intend to only take those with a strong will to survive. A man shows up in the garage and tells Kouta that the gun he has isn’t something a kid should have but drops it when Saya defends him, with the man gone they decide to have a meeting.

They meet up in the room where Rei is recovering and discuss the matter of either staying or leaving, where by staying they’ll be little more than a bunch of kids and a nurse and by leaving they’ll be returning to the streets. When Takashi comments on how much Saya’s parents were able to accomplish in such a short time she accepts this, but goes on to reveal that the tension between them and her was due to them seeming not to have made any effort to save her when they could do all of this. This causes him to grab her by the shirt, call her by her first name and point out that at least she knows that her parents are still alive.

Some cars pull into the courtyard with Saya’s father stepping out of one of them, in full view of everyone a cage is brought forth containing one of the dead who had once been his best friend but was wounded when he tried to save some people. The cage is opened with him slicing it’s head right off, with the message of being able do the same given to the shocked crowd. While watching from a balcony Kouta gets into an argument with Saeko over how inefficient a sword is, Takashi tries to intervene but he storms off.

Alice catches up to Takashi in the hallway where she encourages him to make up with Kouta and her words somehow remind him of the Mutiny on the Bounty, with him likening their situation to what the crew faced in Tahiti. In the grounds below Saeko sits by the carp and talks with Saya briefly. Where she tells her that she’s not in a good mood here and the choice they faced before is brought up again.

Meanwhile Kouta is surrounded by some of the adults who are demanding that he hand over his guns, and the commotion from this when he absolutely refuses to do so even causes Saya’s father to step in. He asks to hear his reasons which is that he’s afraid that in handing the guns over he’ll be reduced to who he was before.

He can barely continue speaking so Takashi stands up for him and tells him that Kouta will protect his daughter with them, the others do the same one by one and Saya tells them that unlike them he was actually protecting her.

In the epilogue one of the students from the bus has been able to infiltrate the Takagi estate and is relaying the situation to Shidou who back on board the bus is allowing the other students to do what ever they want.

Ending, “THE last pain” by Maon Kurosaki.

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With the characters now having made it to somewhere safe one of the key things brought up was how this was affecting them, where the worries they would of had before were pretty much gone but how some of them interacted had completely changed. It was also nice to see how their situation was compared to something like the Mutiny on the Bounty, which summed it up quite well. As far as how some of the characters changed, Kouta got into an argument with Saeko and snapped at Takashi when he tried to defuse it, and Saya was particularly sensitive about how parents.

Though that was placed more towards how they seemed not to even care about their daughter and placed maintaining some sort of order along with the electricity and water networks above her safety. Which if you think about it rationally, it may have been the best choice but it still must have hit her rather hard to learn that. It was also something that was good for her character as we saw that her attempts to prove herself as a genius were due to just how great her parents were for what they had accomplished. So it was good to see a reason for this aspect of her character, let alone Takashi making her realise that she at least knew that her parents were alive when the fate of his and the others’ family and friends was unknown.

Another thing that was good to see brought up was how in joining up with a large group they had lost what freedom and influence they would of had before in exchange for safety. Which was brought up quite quickly into the episode where Takashi was told that his help wasn’t needed and more importantly when Kouta was told to hand over the guns he had. This all served quite nicely to point this out and everyone standing up for him was a good way to end the episode.

With how much importance that was placed on water and electricity before it was also kind of funny to see something like a fountain thrown in. Which was only used to censor the scene where Saya’s father cut off the head of the man who was once his friend as both an act of mercy and a message to the people taking refuge. So far it seems that whenever things are added in they tend to not make all that much sense in comparison to the source material, with things like Saeko’s bullet dodging and when Takashi gave her a power up with the motorcycle also coming to mind.


4 Responses to Highschool of the Dead 10

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    this is getting so weird, im not even following thier logic anymore…
    so is the orgy cult thing in next ep from the manga?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It’s probably a good idea just to sit back and not even think about any logic involved, that way anything that doesn’t make much sense can be overlooked.

    Hopefully it is, I thought that it did a good job at showing how Shido controlled the students on the bus and there was one thing that happened right after which was part of it. I was actually surprised to see those three frames at all, it was something that looked like it could be cut for censorship reasons.

    It’s still something of a shame that it wasn’t properly animated though…

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    if censorship had any power over this show, it would have been canned long ago -_-
    those censored scenes are just there to make the uncensored BD/DVD sell better…

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    True, with some of the things that this show has shown in the earlier episodes it’s safe to say that censorship doesn’t really appear to be an issue (aside for the more violent parts).

    It’s kind of sad when that happens, especially when it’s there for no reason at all.

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