Nurarihyon no Mago 10

With the events of the Gyuuki arc now over things move into a short story about Kana and the purple mirror, starting with Kana having a recurring dream about something promising to come back and play when she’s older. She wakes up and finds that she’s now thirteen however the dream comes back even when she tries to catch up on some sleep in class.

During a football game gets to Shima show off his skills as an under fourteen Japanese representative, while Yuki-Onna and Aotabou help Rikuo with the trash. And on the rooftop, Yura tries to teach Torii, Maki, and Kana how to protect themselves from Youkai, but Kana is too busy trying to figure out just what the promise meant so Yura drags her off. Kiyotsugu arrives to give Kana a birthday present where the way it’s wrapped is rather deceptive as it turns out to be a creepy looking Youkai doll, she thanks him and decides to head home early.

Now done with the trash Yuki-Onna heads home as well but to help with dinner, leaving Aotabou to watch over Rikuo. As Kana heads home she hears the voice from her dream again, while back at the school Kiyotsugu and some of the others look into a Youkai called Ungaikyo and the urban legend of the purple mirror associated with him. In which anyone who looks into the purple mirror will be killed on their thirteenth birthday, as thirteen is the age when someone is considered an adult in the Youkai world.

Meanwhile Kana breaks into a run but this doesn’t help when she hears a bell ring and Ungaikyo appears right next to her on a bike to keep his promise. The dream suddenly becomes a lot more clearer as she runs away, only to be thrown into an illusion within a mirror, where she finds herself trapped inside the school building.

Up on the rooftop, Rikuo has caught up with the others after finishing the cleaning duty and he keeps it to himself but he thinks he’s heard of Ungaikyo before. Ungaikyo tries to come through the mirror Kana has so she smashes it out of fear and throws the doll she was given when it starts to vibrate, it starts talking and it turns out that the doll is able to work as a cellphone as the others talk to her through another one that Kiyotsugu has.

She calls for help when Ungaikyo starts to coming through a mirror, and manages to tell the others where she is before he completely makes it through. So they split up to search all of the boys bathrooms but only Rikuo can see her through the mirror and all hope appears lost when Ungaikyo smashes it.

He starts to pull her into the mirror that he has for a mouth but Rikuo pulls her back in his night form, forbidding anyone from attacking a woman on his clan’s territory. Ungaikyo isn’t prepared to let her get away so easily and creates copies of himself, Rikuo isn’t even fazed by this as he takes them all out in the blink of an eye.

The illusion breaks and Kana is able to tell the others that she’s okay and when the man who saved her goes to leave, she wonders what connection he could have with Rikuo and asks for him to stay with her a little longer. After making sure that she’s not afraid he takes her to a restaurant run by Ryota Neko and his clan who happily welcome them in.

They’re seated soon after and all the Youkai there are interested in Kana, congratulating her on becoming an adult. Rikuo tells her not to reveal that she’s human since some of the Youkai might eat her later on if they find out, but they persist on knowing what kind of Youkai she is. For her birthday Rikuo gives her a mirror and the Youkai spot the doll Kiyotsugu gave her, with almost everyone wanting to know where they can get one.

At Rikuo’s house his grandfather arrives back full from sneaking into a snack shop and Yuki-Onna and Aotabou wonder what could be taking Rikuo so long. As they say this Rikuo and Kana leave the restaurant with Ryota Neko seeing them off before he carries Kana home.

The next morning Rikuo’s mother confirms that Rikuo didn’t come home until morning to his grandfather and he’s somewhat happy about this. While Rikuo walks to school he meets Kana, she tells him how she’s noticed that he’s gone whenever the man who saves her is there. But luckilly she only thinks that they might be friends and shows some signs of having a crush on his night form as she places her hand onto the mirror in her bag. Of course Yuki-Onna is shocked.

At the restaurant that Ryota Neko runs one of the members of his clan sweeps outside when a gust of wind comes by and cuts up his shirt, Ryota Neko comes to see what happened and they place it to some random gust of wind. On the rooftop three figures stand with the intention of taking this territory away from the Nura clan.

Next Episode:

The Shikoku forces make a preemptive strike on the Nura clan by attacking the Nurarihyon himself.


As something of a break between the more serious arcs this was kind of nice as something a bit more relaxed and short before the next one starts. Providing something to focus on who could be considered the main heroine of where the story is currently at, Kana where something as simple as looking into a mirror she picked up when she was younger turned out to have serious consequences that came right back to her. And of course this meant that Rikuo had to come and save the day again, while having something of a mysterious impression on her.

While all of this was rather nice for what it was, it was a bit too cliche when she realised that Rikuo was never around when this man was and came to the conclusion that they’re just friends. Where even though it still keeps the plot of just who the one who always saves her is alive for her character, it’s also something where a far greater connection should be painfully obvious when something like this happens.

It was also quite a shame to see some aspects of the urban legend around the purple mirror cut out, where in the manga there were some kids that were older than Kana who looked into the mirror and had just disappeared as soon as they had turned thirteen. Through this there was a far more sinister feeling towards it so it didn’t exactly have the same weight to it.

With the story just about to head into the next arc, the Shikoku arc it was great to see the major antagonist, Tamazuki and some of his underlings make an appearance at end. Where not showing just who these figures were did a good job at showing that trouble was just on the horizon when Rikuo had settled the matter with Gyuuki.


3 Responses to Nurarihyon no Mago 10

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    finally caught up with this. can’t wait to see them duke it out with the real baddies.
    also caught up with the legend of legendary heroes(almost marathoned the whole show up to last ep). now i have a fukuyama overdose XD. its actually proving to be quite a good show since they’ve been progressing through the main story right from the beginning with no fillers so far.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Yeah, it’s great to see Rikuo facing one of his first threats but as evil as Tamazuki comes across as at the moment he still can’t even compare to the current villain in the manga at the moment, Hagoromo-Gitsune. I hope this does well so that we’ll see the arc(s) which she is in animated.

    And Legend of the Legendary Heroes in my opinion has probably been one of the best series so far this season. It’s kind of like fantasy done right by giving off the feeling that it should have as a fantasy-like story, while still being as dark and unforgiving as it needs to be as well.

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