Occult Academy 10

When Akari was younger and when her parents were still on good terms with each other they would happily spend Christmas together.

After being sent away by Akari’s father Maya, Ami, Kozue, JK, and Smile still want to help Akari somehow but don’t know what to do, before she heads home Maya pays a visit to her old home. The next morning Fumiaki meets Ami on his way to the school and she fills him in on what has happened with Akari along with how she thinks that Maya may see a bit of herself in Akari.

Fumiaki’s class ends with him calling Maya to what could be considered his office and after exchanging a few words he apologises for not being able to help her yesterday, feeling that he should know her better but before he can finish what he’s trying to say Mikaze arrives. So Maya delivers a punch right to his face and leaves, Mikaze asks if he’s free this afternoon so that she can thank him.

At an apartment building, Akari’s father comes back from buying some groceries and sees Maya and the other people who tried to talk to him the night before. They try to tell him that his daughter is waiting for him and though the words mean something to him he keeps walking. Meanwhile Fumiaki is faced with Mikaze’s driving. Inside his apartment Akari’s father looks through a drawer where he keeps the things to remember his daughter by.

As thanks for tasting her food Mikaze has taken Fumiaki to the town of Obuse where they visit a few places and eat together, Mikaze complements on how she likes to watch him eat before blushing and Fumiaki considers whether it’s the time for his first girlfriend. However an image of Maya flashes in his mind.

Back at the apartment they’re about to give up when the door opens as Akari’s father is ready to listen to what they have to say. So they head inside and ask if he could tell them how Akari died, he goes on to tell them that while their family was happy he would always work and this eventually caused things between him and his wife to break down. While Akari hid in a corner they would fight with her mother feeling that she has to do everything around the house and one time her father had enough of this and threw her out.

With his wife gone he started drinking and neglected his daughter while still working as much as he did, as Christmas approached Akari looked forward to being able to see Santa however he said something that he would always regret when he told her Santa didn’t exist. Later that night he received a call and ran to the hospital but he was too late, in order to see Santa and still believe that he existed she had waited outside in the snow. He blames himself for being unable to understand how she felt then.

As they head home, Maya brings up the idea of a Christmas party for Akari even if it’s in the middle of July.

Fumiaki and Mikaze arrive back in Matsushiro, just outside the restaurant and just when she’s about to invite him to her house to have dinner. Chihiro arrives and makes a similar proposition, putting him in a difficult position as the air tenses up from Mikaze and Chihiro exchanging words with each other. So Fumiaki tries to make an escape which leads to Chihiro telling him what the papers that Maya had were about and him realising who he should be supporting right now.

Before the demolishment starts Maya pays a visit inside her old house with the happy memories that she had with her father there coming back to her, Fumiaki arrives and she tells him about this along with how her father was always too busy with the occult. She also invites him to the party for Akari and has an idea for how he can help.

During school they make the preparations and go to the old apartment building to invite Akari to the party, meanwhile her father cleans up his apartment.

The Christmas party goes well with Ami and Maya performing a magic trick, Smile juggling wrenches, Kozue playing Twister with Akari, and JK playing them some tunes on his keytar. As she lights the candles the bad memories that Maya has about father start to take on a new light.

She gives the signal and outside Fumiaki is ready to go in as Santa but is attacked by a mysterious man. The door opens and instead of Fumiaki, Akari’s father greets her as Santa. He hands her the snow globe that she always had and holds her in his arms as she apologises for not coming on the Christmas Eve where she waited for him. She thanks him as she starts to glow and float upwards, before she disappears she reveals that she knew that he was her father and a few flakes of snow fall inside the apartment.

While Ami, Kozue, JK, and Smile head home, Maya and Fumiaki pay on last visit to her old home even though it’s not exactly the safest place to be due to the demolition already having started. Inside she tells him what she remembered when she lit the candles, where her father asked what she wanted for Christmas and she told him about a school where people could study about the occult. Due to this simple wish he threw himself into the occult and created the Occult Academy for her, and she realises that it was her who really turned away.

She’s now more determined than ever as she swears to find and destroy the key along with avenging her father.

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As an episode that served to develop one of the mains before this series goes into what looks to be a final arc to conclude it, this was great. Where starting with Maya losing the house from her childhood this episode and the last introduced a new character, Akari who’s situation with her father was quite similar to the one Maya had with her father. But instead of Akari losing her father like Maya had recently their situation was actually reversed with Akari’s father having lost his daughter instead. Through this she was then able to get an idea as to how her father felt. Eventually to where she remembered  a wish she had told her father about a school that studies the occult. It was actually quite nice to learn how her father had done everything for one wish that she made, where before we could have assumed that he did it out of his own love for the occult.

However as heartwarming as that was I thought it paled in comparison to the scene where Akari’s father was able to apologise to his daughter. With him giving her the snow globe she had always had and apologising for not being there on Christmas Eve that also would have acted as an apology for all the times he left her alone so that he could work.

And even if it hadn’t developed Maya’s character I think that this episode and the last would have told a nice enough story in itself. Where even though the reason Akari’s father always worked may have been for his daughter but eventually led to him losing her, he was given something of a second chance.

One of the more amusing points in this episode was of course when Chihiro and Mikaze met, it was pretty much guaranteed that when they did that they wouldn’t get along at all due to Mikaze always being with Fumiaki when Chihiro was madly in love with him. It was really something that was sure to come up and with it any suspicions that they could be working together from some of the past episodes appear to be dropped due to how they reacted.


2 Responses to Occult Academy 10

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i finally caught up with this and it really does look like the whole show was only about developing the cast while there was nothing developing plotwise. but now that they finally move on with the main plot, i think it seems really rushed judging by the preview. i wouldn’t mind filler arcs to the end and then getting another season, especially since there is still so much we don’t know about the accademy, maya’s father, the aliens that will attack, fumaki’s telekinesis, the defensive spell book, the rather half assedly portray occult, chihiro’s evil plot, jk, smile, and even mikaze. i actually find mikaze quite suspicious…a porche driving (almost)dimwit that interrupts fumaki at the worst times…and her strange behaviour seen in the prebiew…
    there’s just so much they could expand that i don’t want the show to end yet, but it seems they will really conclude(or more like tell the entire) story in just 3 eps =(

  2. Point Blank Sniper says:

    btw i was just listening to the ed single, and i was so shocked when i heard “you raised me up”. it definitely does not sound like takagaki ayahi and her english is better than i expected XD

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