Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 11

Shortly after the events if the last episode, Ryoushi receives a phone call informing him of what’s just happened. At Onigashima, Reiko approaches Ryouko but backs off when Shirou walks in. It turns out that he’s doing all of this for his own amusement.

Ryoushi and Nekomiya get to the Otogi bank where Liszt has gathered the remaining members to come up with a plan. Meanwhile, Alice and Usami run from the delinquents and are able to just get away from them, Usami apologises for what just happened and they end up laughing over it.

The remaining members prepare to go to Onigashima knowing that it’s where Shirou would have taken Ryouko to. The delinquents bring Urashima to Otohime but bring in a group of girls in swimsuits soon after which distracts him. In the warehouse where Otsuu is the delinquents are forcing her to cosplay as things that conflict with her being a maid.

With Urashima surrounded by the girls, Otohime can only look on in despair as the one she loves falls to his playboy habits, however just as she’s about to break down in tears she finds him right beside her and telling her that she’s the most beautiful one of them all. The delinquents give up on this plan and attack them but Urashima fends them off with ease, and while he handles the delinquents Otohime handles the girls that were brought in.

The delinquents corner Otsuu, their attention however is drawn to Majo who uses a smokescreen to sneak in and get her out but reveals that she also has outfits that she wants Otsuu to dress in.

It may seem like they got away from the delinquents, but Alice and Usami still find themselves being chased. Alice trips and sprains her ankle which allows the delinquents to close the gap between them. However Rikkun comes to their rescue which is actually just Liszt in disguise.

Ryoushi, Nekomiya, and Ringo arrive at Onigashima only to see a large group of delinquents already waiting for them, however they’re not alone as Momo, the three boys she brought with her last time, and even the three brothers from the fake movie that was in the eighth episode have come to pay back their loans. They all charge in and fight the delinquents, but the fire doors start to come down so the three brothers sacrifice themselves so that the others can get in.

Before the delinquents can take them down the members of the Otogi bank who were supposed to already be out of the way arrive and fight the delinquents still outside. One of them grabs Otohime and Usami can’t just sit back and watch so she saves her.

As the others run through the hall they find themselves faced with more delinquents so Momo and the three boys she brought charge in so that Ryoushi and Nekomiya can go on ahead. Now that they’re alone, Nekomiya tells Ryoushi why he trained him. Three years before the series he had abandoned a girl and could never forgive himself for it. On the outside the battle still can’t be decided yet and on the inside Nekomiya faces the delinquents chasing them, sending Ryoushi ahead so that he can save Ryouko.

He bursts through the door and finds Shirou already waiting for him, he lashes out and it seems like a repeat of last time with his slingshot being slashed before sending him across the room. Ryoushi gets right back up ready to keep fighting, Shirou feels as if his fun is just starting and races forward, hitting him with blow after blow. With Ryouko watching on and remembering how Nekomiya’s reason for training him was to protect Ryouko when he couldn’t, he gets right back up but finds all his hits being dodged. He then remembers how Nekomiya told him to stay calm in a fight and manages to land a punch on Shirou.

The sight of his own blood only gets Shirou more excited about this fight as his look changes, but just before they can settle this Liszt and Ringo arrive, announcing that it’s over and freeing Ryouko. Before they leave Liszt tells Shirou that they will be paying him back for the fight he sold them with his eyes opening for a brief moment. With them gone, Reiko reflects on the turn of events and Shirou tells her that the stronger a bond is, the more fun it is to rip it apart.

Back at the Otogi bank they thank everyone who came to help them and when Ryouko tries to take the blame for what happened, Alice reminds her of their motto being about helping each other which she accepts with a smile. As everyone leaves Usami apologises to Otohime for what she used to do to her in middle school and she apologises for what happened in the Miss Otogi contest.

Ryoushi, Ringo, and Ryouko thank Nekomiya with Ryouko’s thanks putting a slight smile on his face as he sees them off, looking back on things once they’ve parted ways he asks Ryoushi whether he ran away and tells him that he didn’t. As they walk back, Ryouko blushes when Ryoushi looks at her and Ringo comes up with ways that she can thank him which ends with him being hit.

During the epilogue Liszt puts a blanket over Alice as Otohime and Urashima walk home together while Otsuu and Majo do the same. At Ryouko and Ringo’s room, Ringo points out that she needs to get stronger with Ryoushi which makes how smile. The next day, Ryouko is helping Ryoushi by helping him walk Elizabeth and Francoise, and he says that he’ll protect her. But before she can respond properly what could be considered the perfect ending is lost when a group of kids run by staring at him.


I must admit I had fun watching this, as after all the one off stories it was good to see the stuff with Shirou coming to a climax after what was set up for it in the last episode. Where in the last episode we saw all of the members of the Otogi bank separated and things definitely at their bleakest with some of the members even kidnapped or under attack. It was then up to this episode to conclude these, with the remaining members seeking to rescue them, leading up to what could be a final showdown between Ryoushi and Shirou.

Which was easily the highlight of the episode as we had seen Shirou’s reasons for this before it and even during the fight, he simply enjoys seeing others in despair and we also saw Ryoushi putting all the things he had learned from Nekomiya to use along with all of the determination to protect Ryouko that he had built throughout the series. Which simply made for a great fight with excellent animation and music that simply suited the scene.

However despite this the actual end to the fight felt rather anticlimactic with things ending just as they were about to start with Shirou finally about to get serious and Ryoushi prepared to do anything to protect Ryouko. However with this he still remains as an antagonist which his determination to tear their bonds apart afterward definitely shows, and perhaps Reiko will play a greater role next time however there’s still the matter of what Liszt intends to do about paying them back.

Aside from this it was also great to see some of the characters being cleared up with things like Urashima proving to Otohime that to him she is the most beautiful, Usami and Otohime making up for what happened between them and putting their past aside, and the reasons that Nekomiya trained Ryoushi being revealed.

Which in my opinion were done rather nicely with Urashima’s words coming right when she was about to give up all hope and managed to pull her back. While Usami may have been mean in the past she showed a few signs that she had changed in the last episode and making up with Otohime was a nice thing to add with the series almost at an end. Nekomiya’s reasons were actually a bit surprising, where by training Ryoushi he hoped to make him stronger so that he didn’t do what he did and most of all admired him for staying by Ryouko’s side no matter what, however the most surprising part of it was probably that the girl who he had abandoned three years ago was Ryouko.

With the issue with Shirou resolved for the time being and one more episode left to go I’m interested to see how J.C.Staff will end this.


2 Responses to Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 11

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    the way they abruptly threw in nekomiya made him so suspicious and make his story kind of rushed. they could have just shown him spying on ryouko and ryoushi from the background in a couple scenes from a few eps prior and his story would have been much smoother IMO
    nevertheless, that was a great way to end the season, why did they throw in another ep? lol
    from the preview image, it looks like there will be a new girl too.
    i love

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I actually thought that he was more suspicious than Reiko when he first showed up, even though he was based off Puss in Boots.

    With everything pretty much concluded I’m wondering about that as well, it could have been something to do with Ryoushi and Ryouko. But that was pretty much settled in this episode as well.

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