Amagami SS 11

Now that it’s winter, things seem to start off exactly like they did in the very first episode but with one difference, Miya can’t find Junichi in his closet. Instead he’s already the school helping Sae to talk clearly. Aside from the wind on the rooftop making it more difficult for him to hear her, it also almost blows her skirt up.

During lunch, Junichi tells Umehara about how Sae told him that she doesn’t want to be his little sister, expecting him to be able to know what it means. Haruka over hears them and explains it quite clearly but her interpretation is that instead of being his little sister she either wants to be his older sister or brother. In the festival that’s coming up there are a few competitions that are coming up such as the Miss Santa contest that Haruka had one for the past couple of years, the one that catches Sae’s attention is the Best Couple contest.

After school Sae tells Junichi that she’s going for the job interview now and is happy when he wants to tag along, thanking him for having helped her. She passes the interview and puts it thanks to his training, along with all the first experiences he gave her during it. Even though she may have gotten the part time job she still wants him to train her and call him instructor.

Junichi pays a visit to the cafe where Sae now works with Umehara, Kaoru, and Miya and the cafe itself turns out to be one where all of the waitresses are wearing maid uniforms. Sae arrives to take their orders with Junichi’s training appearing to have paid off, Junichi introduces her to Umehara but shuts him up before he can mention that they share magazines. Outside, Rihoko and her friend consider going in but decide against it.

Back inside Kaoru notices Umehara and Junichi looking at the maids, Umehara brings up the idea of her in a maid uniform but thinks it’s a bad idea while she laughs about it. Shortly after Sae arrives with their drinks, Junichi accidentally spills his water so Sae cleans it up and as she heads off to serve some of them of the other customers, Kaoru and Umehara ask if he’s feeling lonely about his student not needing him anymore.

Sometime after this Sae invites him to go to an amusement park with her and while she wants to ride the ferris wheel first he manages to convince her to ride the merry go round instead. It seems to have a certain atmosphere to it and they decide to see the hero show next, what the show is about is something that Sae is really into.

The show starts with the villain sending out his underlings who take Sae as a hostage, he restrains her and is surprised that she’s actually a high school student. A glass cover comes down and so it’s up to the crowd to summon the heroes to rescue her. When the show is over, Sae may have found it embarrassing but Junichi thought it was fun.

They eat together afterward and Sae asks whether people would think that they were a couple. he thinks about this as sees the other couples around him and Sae asks if he would compete in the best couple contest with her, he agrees and she asks if he could call her by her first name.

As they walk back together Junichi tells her about how she’ll be fine and when she sees another couple holding hands, she tries to ask him whether they could do the same, ending with them being determined to win the contest. While they wait for the bus back she asks him again and he takes her hand without a second thought.

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As there was less focus on Junichi’s weird ideas of training and more on how he and Sae interacted, I think this episode was an improvement compared to the past episodes in Sae’s arc. With the only thing that could be considered part of his training being around the start of the episode, and it was actually something that could help her with her job.

Seeing the job that Sae picked being a waitress at a maid cafe was something of a surprise, though it sort of fits into the fascination she had with the uniform that Kaoru wore which was the thing that started her search for a job in the first place. More than anything this also meant that we got to see how Junichi and Sae interacted with the view of her as a little sister being out of the way, while still keeping a bit of the instructor and instructee relationship that they had over the past episodes. It also meant to a lesser degree that we got to see Kaoru in a maid uniform.

With their trip to an amusement park we got to see this continue as they rode the rides and saw a show, where we got a look into what Sae likes when what the hero show was about was brought up. And as it came to an end we saw the way they interacted becoming that of a couple, with Sae bringing up the best couple contest to make this progression. Which was good to see when you consider that there’s only one more episode to her arc.


3 Responses to Amagami SS 11

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i was hoping to see the actual interview lol.
    was a good ep anyways, it’s just that there are moments i can’t stand her voice =( i think the VA is trying too hard to sound loli and going too high with her voice some of the times

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I’d have to agree with that, after the first two episodes to Sae’s arc I kind of got used to it. But there’s still those moments when her voice actor does seem like she’s trying too hard to pull off the shy aspect to Sae’s character. To be honest it also took me a bit longer to get used to the ending theme this arc compared to the ending themes that Haruka and Kaoru’s arcs had.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    tbh the ed made me cringe…

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