Highschool of the Dead 11

What’s left of the President’s jet is shown on a beach while Shido continues to preach to the students on the bus. Just like at the end of the last he episode, he continues to let them do what they want and anyone who isn’t completely devoted to him is thrown off the bus to the dead.

Back at Saya’s mansion, she, Takashi, and Kouta try to quiet some of the people who are against her father and his way of protecting them. They don’t believe that the dead are really coming back to life, taking any act of violence as a way that they’re being controlled, and once again Saya, Takashi, and Kouta are treated like children.They have no choice but to leave and Kouta talks about how people tend to ignore what they don’t want to see. He and Saya also refer to Takashi as someone who could be their leader.

Inside, Saya’s father is talking with Saeko and appears to be an acquaintance of her father. In her hands Saeko holds a sword which she recognises as being like a Murato-to. She feels that she can’t accept it but he wants her to keep it as a token of his appreciation for her father’s help  and so that she can protect his daughter. When Takashi is mentioned he feels that he still has some doubt about becoming a leader.

In one of the rooms Takashi thinks about what Saya and Kouta said to him earlier when Rei comes in, she tries to tell him that he’s capable of it but he feels that he isn’t much compared to the others who he fits into their respected RPG classes. She moves closer and tells him about how girls like guys that are cute and caring, he feels that he doesn’t fit into either of these so she brings up all the times when he didn’t think about his own life when he had to do something. This leads up to her telling him how she wants to stay with him no matter what happens as he throws her onto the bed, but her injuries are still a problem.

She leaves to see Shizuka about this and meets Saeko just outside the door, Rei is still treating her as an upperclassman even though they’re the same age and doesn’t want to talk about it. The bus pulls up just outside the perimeter and they’re able to get past the barrier by using one of the girls on board.

Before Takashi and Rei leave to look for their parents, Takashi tells Saya’s father about how they’ll still look for them but due to how dangerous it is, Saya’s father tells him that they will be leaving in two days and can’t wait for them. Takashi tells him to assume that they’re not coming if they’re not back by then and Saeko and others intend to still go with him.

Suddenly Rei runs off with the bayonet ready and outside Shido and his students have made it inside due to Shido being recognised as the son of a prominent politician. Though they speak good of his father, Shido resents him due to his mother’s death and it was due to his father being investigated that Shido was told to make Rei repeat a year.

Rei suddenly appears right next to him with the bayonet pointed at him, blaming him for how she and her father suffered because of him. Everyone manages to catch up to her with Saya’s father telling her to kill him if she wants to and Saya holding Takashi back as the others look on, Shido encourages her but in the end she refueses as he isn’t even worth killing.

Shortly after this he and his students are kicked out.

On an American submarine the crew on board receives the order to fire the nuclear missiles, they talk about how the chain of command is in tatters and beg for god’s forgiveness as they turn the key.

Orbiting Earth, two astronauts look on in horror as Russia responds by launching their nuclear missiles and the end of the world appears to be in sight.

Ending, “Hollow Men” by Maon Kurosaki.

Next Episode:


After we saw Saya and Kouta receive a bit of development in the last episode and some for Saeko in the episode before that, this episode seemed to develop Takashi and Rei’s characters as we saw Takashi struggling with the idea of being a leader and the connection that Rei had to Shido fully explained.

Where the former felt that he couldn’t properly fill the role of being the leader of their group and was uncomfortable with being referred to as one, even though he has filled this role quite well multiple times. His reason for this was actually quite understandable as well, as he felt inadequate compared to the other members of their group, since he isn’t exactly an expert in combat, intelligent, or helping people when they’re injured like they are.

The latter then served as something of a highlight to the episode, with Shido making a proper return as the reasons for why Rei despised him and why she was held back a year were  explained. In which he had held her back to help his father get at her father when he was investigating him, which had also been what caused Rei and Takashi to drift apart and for her to go to Hisashi. So it was good to see all of this explained and put together, however it was kind of a shame to see some aspects of Shido’s back story and reasons for why he despised his father skimmed over. But I understand how they may have wished to portray him in a less sympathetic light since it adds to Rei’s claim that he isn’t worth killing.

It was also interesting to see that Saya’s father both knew and appeared to have a great amount of respect for Saeko’s father, even giving her such a sword simply because she was his daughter. It’s really something that gets me wondering about just who he is due to these along with what we’ve heard about him, even though it’s something that may not even come up. Other than that the scene itself was pretty good, not only did it serve to give Saeko a substantial power up it could also indirectly be considered part of Takashi’s development due to what Saya’s father said about him doubting himself towards the end of it.


2 Responses to Highschool of the Dead 11

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    feels good to see shido get pwnd =D
    and i like how the main chars weren’t there for action or comedy this time. i assume they will be driving around town next ep…hopefully not after emp or i will facepalm…

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It really must have destroyed him when that happened, and agreed, it was great to see the characters used as they were in this episode.

    The EMP will probably be used as something to end the season on, then they could make a second season depending on how well it does sales wise and when there’s enough of the source material along with a good point to break off in it.

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