Nurarihyon no Mago 11

Natto tries to deliver a message to Rikuo’s grandfather but bumps into Zen on the way who can smell poison in the wind. After he manages to deliver the message, Rikou’s grandfather talks about it over tea with one of the heads, Hihi who asks if he can handle this matter. He lets him and he tells him that he’ll get some Kofuku Manju to go with their tea once it’s settled.

Later that night Ryota Neko and Karasu Tengu’s sons find a broken mask and Hihi’s dead body in a bamboo thicket that appears to have been cut by a sharp blade. This reminds Ryota Neko of what happened to his subordinate who was sweeping outside and has yet to wake up, they deduce that this is a foreign attack.

Due to this Rikuo, who can’t believe that such a thing could happen when he finally decided to succeed his grandfather, is called in by Karasu Tengu who’s increasing the amount of bodyguards he has with him to six. Aside from Yuki-Onna and Aotabou, he now has Kubinashi, Kappa, Keijourou, and Kurotabou protecting him with the latter feeling that his disguise is perfect but ends up stuck on the train. All of the other heads have also been given bodyguards and some aren’t exactly happy about it, Karasu Tengu decides that Gozumaru and Mezumaru will protect Rikuo’s grandfather but he’s already left.

Instead he’s already wandering the streets with Natto, annoyed with the tall buildings but finds that the winds they cause have their benefits, during this one of the Youkai that was seen at the end of the last episode is ordered to kill him. At the school Kana has noticed that there’s something different about Rikuo which leads to him realising that he shouldn’t feel down about what’s happening or people will worry about him.

Rikuo’s grandfather is return from his snack run and one of the sweets he has reminds him about what Hihi last said to him, he spots Yura outside a store which is having a limited time sale. If she doesn’t get anything from this sale she doesn’t eat dinner but ends up being too indecisive about it, luckily she manages to bump into Rikuo’s grandfather.

While they eat some of the snacks he has, Yura tells him about how she lives on her own and is determined to defeat Rikuo’s grandfather but whether Youkai are really evil is something that’s been troubling her. He assures her that they are and encourages her to keep up the good work and she feels that she and Rikuo will become good friends. Suddenly a sinister wind blows through and she only just manages to get him out of the way.

Back at the school, Kiyotsugu has set up a map that graphs Youkai sightings with the likes of Kyoto, Shikoku, and generally to the west having the most, he’s also created a game where the player battles Youkai as Yura. He also spots Karasu Tengu outside and wonders what could be happening.

The Youkai who attacked them, a wind spirit known as Muchi steps forth and attacks Yura and Rikuo’s grandfather once more, Yura struggles to defend him and summons, Rokuson to carry him to safety. He wants to go back down and help her but she feels that she can now go all out, summoning her two other Shikigami along with a fourth, Rentei. Which she fuses to her arm and uses as a cannon to fire her special move, the Yomi Okuri -Yura Max.

Next Episode:

Tamazuki and his right hand man, Inugami make an appearance.


With this episode the Shikoku arc has kicked off, starting with the death of one of the Nurarihyon’s trusted subordinates, Hihi sparking fears of a foreign attack and all of the heads being assigned bodyguards due to this. And in the middle of all this their enemy’s prime target, the Nurarihyon is nowhere to be found preferring to still going about his usual business of collecting snacks and sweets. While the focus in the last episodes may have been on Rikuo this episode also seemed to shift it towards his grandfather.

Compared to the manga, how Hihi was introduced was something I preferred as we only saw him as one of the heads in the Nura clan in the manga before his death but aside from being shown a few times before this episode. He received a proper introduction by being shown drinking tea with the Nurarihyon and asking him whether he could handle what had just come up and even Rikuo’s grandfather grieving for the loss of his friend and subordinate. This all might not seem like much but I felt that it did a better job at showing the friendship that the two of them had due to Hihi being a senior member of the clan.

Seeing Yura and Rikuo’s grandfather interact was pretty amusing when you consider that the Youkai whom she wishes to defeat most of all was sitting right next to her and actually encouraging her in this. It really showed just how he can fool people into thinking that he’s only a kind old man as a Nurarihyon. Let alone the extent she went to protect him shortly afterward, still completely oblivious to this from Muchi goin as far as to summon her four shikigami and trying to protect him no matter what.

The action for this was also pretty good, as it showed both Muchi’s destructive power from when the glass on the building behind them shattered and Yura’s determination to beat him as her clothes were torn up and the creepy expression she showed before going all out.


2 Responses to Nurarihyon no Mago 11

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    wtf they changed nattou-kozou’s VA?
    last ep i thought it was another one of his kind at ryoutaneko’s place, but now it seems they just replaced satomi arai =(

    rikuo’s grandfather is awsome though. gotta love his perverted evil grin =D
    for some reason subdesu put “gin-sama” when the flamingo dude first replied zen… and i loled XD, but the second time they changed it back to zen

    btw how come sometimes the tengu have a crow face and sometimes they have a human face?

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Pretty sure it’s still Satomi Arai since she’s still listed as voicing him, and Rikuo’s grandfather is definitely awesome. It doesn’t really sound like what she usually sounds like though.

    And Rikuo’s grandfather is definitely awesome.

    I think it’s because the Youkai tend to have a released kind of form and an unreleased kind of form, so they take on a more crow-like appearance when they aren’t suppressing it. Kind of like how Tsurara and Aotabou can disguise themselves to protect Rikuo when he’s at school, there’s also a few more transformations like these in the manga.

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