Occult Academy 11

A local legend about two stone masks coming face to face gives Maya and Fumiaki an idea about what the key could be, so they plan to go to Nagano and test it out.

As Fumiaki is about to open the door to his apartment, he sees a figure inside so he prepares himself and opens the door. But it only turns out to be Mikaze who’s there to cook him Curry with banana and cola dinner, something only his mother knew about. She asks if she can stay and before he knows it he finds himself with Mikaze surrounded by a cult of some sort.

And the members of the cult happen to be from the same group that helped look for Kozue during the third and fourth episodes. Mikaze pulls him close and kisses him before telling him that they intend to kill a witch who has been the centre of all the recent event occult events, Kumashiro Maya. She uses a crystal ball to support this and tells him that Maya will be the one to open the door to hell on the 21st of July, but first they need him to get rid of the talisman that’s protecting her.

Fumiaki and Maya go to Nagano to check out whether the legend is true but when they place the two masks face to face the image on the phone shows that it isn’t the key. She notices that he’s feeling down and drags him off to the stalls where things carry out just like when Fumiaki did them with Mikaze aside from the difference of Maya being a little more forceful.

The day is just about over and Maya wants to get some tea before they go, but he’s still troubled about Mikaze’s declaration to kill the witch. He tells her about this which she takes as him telling her that she’s the key, so in order to prove that she isn’t she tells him about the picture she took of herself but he tells her that it didn’t matter since she wasn’t thinking about killing herself. Before she can find out, he snatches the phone out of her hand and runs off, she chases after him and kicks him, he warns her that she might be killed but she throws her shoe at him and leaves.

In 2012 they’re almost running out of time and the man who scouted Fumiaki meets with their commander, who bears a remarkable resemblance to Maya’s father to ask him if they can really stop this from happening. Back in the past, Maya has arrived home when Chihiro steps into the room.

As Fumiaki heads back he sees some police cars heading towards the school and when he arrives he’s greeted by the shocking news that Maya is dead when they ask him to confirm her identity.

The next day people are standing outside, curious about what’s happened and Kozue tells Ami that Maya has been killed. Inside a detective questions Fumiaki about anything that could be missing, he tells them about her father’s notebook which they can’t find. Everyone is shocked about this recent news and grieves for in their own way, Fumiaki blames himself for getting her involved in the first place. Back at Ami’s house, she tries the method that they used to talk to spirits when they were kids but gets nothing, as students of the Occult Academy they resolve to communicate with her somehow.

Fumiaki looks at the two phones and when he sees that she had him listed as good-for-nothing, he wishes that she would call him that again. Suddenly Chihiro stands at his door and confirms that she was the one who killed her, her subordinate restrains him and Maya steps forth, calling him that again and that she’s still alive. What appeared to be her death was something set up by Chihiro, a white mage hired by her father, to protect her, he doesn’t believe them and asks to see the notebook as proof. Just as he see the truth, Mikaze floats through his window, stunning him and destroying the notebook.

They make a run for it with Chihiro throwing one of her earings at her, Mikaze then transforms into her true black mage self and chases after them. They try to get away but the cult from before is back to help her and are right behind them, Mikaze suddenly appears nearby and declares that she’ll kill anyone who tries to stop the gate to hell from opening, which included her father. The cult members surround them, so with no other choice Chihiro entrusts her subordinate with protecting Maya and decides to stay behind to hold Mikaze and the cult back as a white mage. The episode ends with Mikaze charging at her once she’s transformed.

Next Episode:


After some of the previous story arcs that lasted two episodes but didn’t really move forth the main plot and chose to develop the characters instead, I had suspected that the last three episodes would be the ones where just about everything to do with the key would come up. And this episode seemed to prove that, with things taking a turn towards this with a few twists and the people who are against them being revealed, along with who was really on their side all along.

As far as Mikaze being a black mage and the villain of the series as the one trying to open the way for the aliens and the one who had killed Maya’s father went, I still found it rather sudden. Which was probably due to the feeling that she gave off throughout the past episodes which seemed to point towards her being related to the key itself and if not something related to the occult. To the point where it became so obvious that she was involved that I thought that it may have been better to believe that she wasn’t involved with it at all and was really just a red herring. However in that aspect as well I still thought it was a pretty nice twist, and I also found the cult being the exact same people who were so helpful in looking for Kozue earlier funny for what it was.

Chihiro being a white mage to counter Mikaze’s black mage was actually something that I found to be almost the exact reverse of my reaction to Mikaze being the villain. As even though she had continuosly given off vibes that she was behind everything with her omnious way of trying to hide things from Maya, there was still the question of why someone as well versed in the occult as Maya’s father would hire her as his vice principal if she were. Let alone the way she seemed to feel about the principal when things like when she tried to summon his spirit happened, and all the things that she and her subordinate seemed to do behind the scenes through out the past episodes seemed to be more like hiding things from Maya than plotting an evil plan. So due to this I found that I accepted her true identity a bit better. Other than that with Chihiro being voiced by the amazing Yu Kobayashi and Mikaze by Minori Chihara, the battle between them in the next episode should be pretty interesting to watch.

After seeing Maya’s so called death in the last weeks preview I was pretty shocked as I couldn’t see how one of the mains could be killed off when the series was just about to meet it’s conclusion. So that’s to say that I was rather glad that this had been a ruse to protect her by Chihiro, however in seeing just how easily such a realistic death could be pulled off it got me thinking that Maya’s father could still be alive. Since even though he does seem dead after what happened in the first episode, there’s still the matter of the commander of the resistance group in the future that Fumiaki works for looking exactly the same as him from what we had seen previously. And this seemed to be something that could support this.

Another thing this episode seemed to have was Fumiaki facing the choice of whether to side with the one he loves or the one who he had promised to help, and though this must have been a tough decision for him it was good to see him side with the right choice in the end, Maya. This seemed to act as highpoint to the series of points where Mikaze was able to drag him away from helping Maya so easily and it was something that he seemed to have faced in the previous episodes. So it was good to see this and I’m interested to see how he’ll get himself out of the spell that Mikaze placed over him in the next episode.


2 Responses to Occult Academy 11

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    this ep almost turned into pr0n lol, but it’s just as i thought, mikaze is evil. strangely i’m quite happy finding that out, maybe because i find her kind of annoying. on the other hand i was actually expecting chihiro and her assistant to be working with mikaze. but as it turns out, they were actually the good guys, which for some reason makes me even more happy, maybe because of all the hilarious moments she had makes her much more worthy as a hero than a villain.

    as for maya’s death, i was expecting it to be some sort of trick, or there would be a way to resurrect her, but didn’t think it would be a perfect replica of her dead body using magic.

    it’s kind of sad seeing this show ending soon, i havent had enough of smile and jk =(
    hope they pull off some awsomeness in the next ep =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I expected her to be the key itself (leading to Fumiaki having to make the decision of either the fate of the world or the one he loves) but I thought that her being evil was good as well. And their were a few things that pointed to Chihiro and her subordinate being the good guys in some of the previous episodes.

    From the preview it looks like they will be battling the two creepy old ladies we saw earlier, who were totally not evil when we first saw them. That aside they’re two of the most awesome characters in the series so it should be guaranteed.

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