Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 12 (END)

The episode starts with the narrator feeling as if this may be the last time she’ll do this before moving on to what it actually covers, as we see a girl, Himura Machiko just finishing her part time job in time to see Ryoushi head out to take Elizabeth and Francoise for a walk. From his house and his dogs she assumes that he’s from a rich family and is determined to marry into it.

Just as Ryoushi arrives at school Himura speeds past him with some toast in her mouth to use the scenario where she bumps into him and accidentally flashes her underwear, this doesn’t really work out confusing Ryoushi and getting her the stares of all of the students in the courtyard.

He tells Ryouko and Ringo about this and Ringo takes it as him triggering a flag in a dating sim, Himura walks in soon after and when trying to play what had just happened as an act of fate fails, she comes right out by confessing that she wants to go out with and marry him. This throws him into the state he goes into when people stare at him and Urashima comments on the recent turn of events, Himura then asks Ryouko if there’s anything between them which she says there isn’t as she looks away. She takes this as a sign to go own and starts calling Ryoushi darling.

The other members at the Otogi bank are surprised about this as well and soon after he’s told them, Himura has come to make a request which is for a date with her darling. Ryouko doesn’t care and the date goes ahead. While she trains at the gym she’s reminded of his promises to protect her.

Himura returns to the apartment where she and her father live and makes the monthly payment for the debt he has when she sees he’s not there. Meanwhile, Ringo picks up on how Ryouko really feels about this and decides to take advantage of it by getting her to spy on Ryoushi and Himura during the date.

The date takes place at the same park where he and Ryouko went on a double date with Hanasaki and Jizou in the seventh episode, Himura starts by asking Ryoushi about himself with how much he earns being among them. They then sit down and Himura takes the opportunity to open her shirt a bit, after this they decide to eat the lunch that she made and he turns down her attempts to feed him.

With this part having failed they move onto a boat ride where she purposely shakes the boat, and Ringo says a few things to get Ryouko worried about this. While he rows the boat, Ryoushi starts to answer some of Himura’s questions and when she sees that he avoided talking about any other girls she starts to see him for who he really is, but when he asks her the same question she avoids it.

They then decide to move on with Ryouko and Ringo right behind them and Himura imagining her life married to Ryoushi and into the rich family that she assumes he has. Suddenly she remembers something and decides to end the date as some thugs arrive. They tell her that her father had run off with the payment she had made and as they reach out for her she just wishes that she could live happily, before they can grab her a flower bomb hits them and Ryoushi takes her hand.

He leads her away to a park and as thanks for saving her she offers for him to be her first. This shocks him a bit however she goes on to tell him that her father had taken the money she had earned to pay back their debt and apologises that it was so that she could get away from this that she got close to him. She expects him to be mad at her for this but instead he offers to help and makes the call to the Otogi bank to do so, the thugs catch up so he starts firing the pachinko balls with his slingshot. This isn’t enough to stop them all but Ryouko and Ringo step out with Ryouko fighting alongside Ryoushi while Ringo tells Himura that this is what they always do.

The police arrive after all of thugs have been defeated and are arrested due to the confession that Ringo makes and Ryouko puts up her tough front again when Ryoushi and Himura ask why they were here. He then recieves a phonecall as the preparations to have Himura’s debt paid and for her to move into the boarding house that his aunt, Yukime runs have been complete. At her welcome dinner she tries to thank Liszt but he simply answers it with their motto about helping people.

She asks if Ryoushi can talk with her outside with Ryouko making up an excuse to leave as well but it’s really to listen in on what they’re talking about. Here Himura thanks him and tries to make a proper confession due to how she saw him today but he starts talking about Ryouko, he’s called away and Himura calls Ryouko out and tells her just how good she has it for someone like him to like her along with asking if she really likes him. It takes her a while but she manages to tell her that she doesn’t dislike him.

After dinner everyone lights fireworks together in their respected pairs, Ryouko tries to tell Ryoushi something but can’t properly get it out so he tells her that he’ll always love her. The fireworks that Majo had go off and the episode ends with them all looking up at it, as the narrator says that their story will continue until Ryouko takes off her wolf clothing and of course they all lived happily ever after.


As the finale to this season there were some things that I liked about it along with some things that I didn’t like about it so much. To start with the good, after what had happened in the last episode for something to focus on Ryoushi and Ryouko would have been something I wanted to see. So in that aspect I liked this episode as even though things for the most part may have been settled it was nice to see this episode do that. As even though for the most part Ryoushi was on a date with Himura, voiced Satomi Satou who had also voiced Liszt’s crossdressing persona, there was still that part of it that focussed on how Ryouko really felt about him which ended with Himura backing off when she told her that she didn’t dislike him. Aside from that as an ending this was fairly open, ending in a way that implied that their story would continue, opening the way for a possible second season.

To move on to the bad, while this episode was the last the two episodes before it seemed as if it would have suited it better, as the main plot as far as Ryoushi resolving to become stronger to protect Ryouko and Shirou being the antagonist seemed to have a suitable conclusion with him facing off with Shirou to protect her. There was also that feeling that this episode could have been placed before it quite easily with only a few things needing to be changed to make it less of a finale. Other than that there was also the issue of introducing a new character when the series is just about to end, however this also gets my hopes up about a second season.

Himura appearing to be based off the story of The Little Match Girl was something that surprised me, as even with the circumstances she had being a bit lighter she still managed to keep a positive attitude and continued to work hard, even when her father ran off with the money she had earned to pay their debt. With that said, it was good to see her get something of a happy end with the debt taken care of and now living in Yukime’s boarding house. And while her methods at trying to get Ryoushi to fall with her may be looked down on, when you consider the circumstances she had you really start to understand the determination she had.

Final Thoughts on the Series:

Overall I actually enjoyed this series quite a bit, it may have been a bit bland or cliche in some aspects to begin with but as the episodes slowly progressed I found myself starting to like it quite a bit and looking forward to it just about every week. As even though those parts that would have been considered cliche may not have been all that fun to watch, I found myself accepting them that little bit easier as a lot of the stories that this series covered were inspired by classic fairy tales and folktales.

Which was actually one of the aspects I enjoyed the most about it, as I found it interesting to look into who the characters and stories were based upon afterward or enjoyed seeing how things were carried out and how all the characters managed to fit into their roles if I was familiar with what it was based upon. And with things like the similarities that the mains had with the characters from Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Puss in Boots along with a series of Japanese folktales such as those of Urashima Tarou and the Dragon Palace, Tsuru no Onagaeshi, and Momotarou to mention a few of the many tales that featured, this series was great in that aspect.

How it ended and how some of the characters didn’t get an episode to have the story that they’re based on shown was also one of the things that makes me hope for a second season. As even though some characters like Majo may have had what they were based off hinted, there were also those like Liszt and Alice who’s basis was blatantly shown in the ending. So due to this and how the series ended I’ll be looking forward to and would definitely watch a second season to show these along with a few new ones if J.C.Staff ever intends to do one, and even then Ryoushi and Ryouko’s story doesn’t look like it’s ended yet either.


2 Responses to Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi 12 (END)

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    although it wasn’t as awsome as last ep, this ep still works as the ending. but the way they tried to fit this ep in after the climatic battle makes it seem like they are really trying to do the show properly without making up stuff that isn’t from the source. if thats true then i guess this ep is to leave some sort of open end to set up for another season.

    i would really like to see what evils liszt has in store for shirou =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Agreed, it may have worked but after the previous episode it didn’t work as well as it could have and I’m kind of hoping for a second season.

    I’d like to see it as well, there was definitely going be some consequences and we knew he was completely serious but we didn’t know how far he would and could take it.

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