Highschool of the Dead 12 (END)

People work to intercept all of the nuclear missiles before any of them can hit their targets however one makes it through due to the dead having taken over one of the ships, exploding in the atmosphere above Japan. The result is EMP which Rika finds when the phone she was using suddenly cuts out.

A few minutes earlier Shizuka had remembered her friend’s number and used Takashi’s phone to call her, both are happy to know that the other is still alive and just when she was trying to find out where she is, the sky is filled with a bright light. All electronics fail including Shidou’s bus which slams straight into a forklift and destroys the barrier. If things couldn’t have been any worse the dead also start to move in.

Back at Saya’s mansion she explains that this has been caused by EMP and that just about all of the electronics that they have won’t work now, her father asks if there’s anything that can be done and appreciates her knowledge in a situation like this when she tells him that there still may be some electronics that had anti-EMP measures in place. But this moment between them is ruined when the dead arrive at the gates, they close them and manage to hold it shut as Kouta proves just why he has the guns. Saya’s parents also prepare to move in as her mother gives her daughter a pistol with the intention that Kouta will teach her how to use it. The gates don’t hold and the dead begin to pour into the courtyard, they retreat for the time being but in the chaos some people are still stuck in the camp on the mansion’s grounds, the woman who talked against Saya’s father snaps and starts hacking at them as she’s attacked.

With the dead pouring into the courtyard, everyone does their best to hold them back with Rei backing Saeko up and Alice passing magazines to Kouta, however in the end they can only retreat. Saeko’s father then makes the decision to make one last stand in an attempt to break through them and get to safety, as staying will only mean waiting for the dead to get them. He sends Takashi on his own path and entrusts his daughter’s safety to Kouta, Saya’s mother says goodbye to Alice and they charge in after Saya tells them that she loves them.

They make it to the garage and luckily the humvee managed to resist most of the damage from the EMP but in order to get it running there’s still some work that needs to be done on it so they hold the dead off while the mechanic, Mad does some last minute repairs. Back in the courtyard Saya’s parents fight back to back with her father calling her mother a fine woman. One of the dead makes it into the garage but they manage to defeat it quickly, Kouta considers this to be their Alamo while he fights alongside Takashi who runs to save Rei. Mad manages to get the humvee running but decides to stay behind as the woman of his dreams is with them.

The humvee easily gets out of the courtyard, passing Saya’s parents and continues down the street with Saeko riding on top, and it has two drive on two wheels to fit through the broken barrier, with Takashi pulling Saeko back into the humvee at the last minute. As the sun starts to rise, Saya’s parents are completely surrounded but make a final stand, knowing that their daughter is safe with her friends.

Takashi’s group continue down the street with Saya admitting that Kouta is right when he tells her to keep it together and they eventually make it as far as the highway when the humvee breaks down. As the episode ends, Takashi, Saeko, and Kouta all step out and though everyone may have been a scared at first they all look on confidently as Takashi exclaims how much of a hassle this is, ending just as they prepare to fight their way through.

Ending, “The Eternal Song” by Maon Kurosaki. A police officer walks past and the wall that the photographs are on is also revealed to be a wall nearby a shopping mall as Takashi’s group arrives, showing that they had all managed to make it through the highway. And this epilogue ends with a quote by T. S. Elliot’s “The Hollow Men”, “That this is how the world ends. Not with a bang but a wimper.”


As a way to end the series this was pretty fun where even though none of the nuclear missiles that were launched at the end of the last episode actually hit something, the EMP from one that went off in the atmosphere had a clear effect on what happened in the episode. And things couldn’t have been any worse when the barricade broke and the dead started to move in on the mansion, however this all lead to an awesome last stand as Saya’s parents attempted to fight their way out while Takashi’s group went on to continue the search for his and Rei’s parents. Finally ending with what could be considered an allusion to a possible second season as the group arrive at a shopping mall.

The effect that the EMP had was pretty good as it could be considered a point where just about everything quickly took a turn for the worst. As if all the electronics and vehicles suddenly becoming unusable wasn’t already bad enough, the barrier that was used to keep the dead back was also broken and they quickly moved in on the mansion with there being nothing that could hold them back. It really showed just how fast and easily their newly acquired peace could and did disappear, and it was also great to see Rika appear again.

The final last stand that it lead to was great with the lamps that were set up to light up the courtyard due to the EMP only caused it to be set ablaze and while it only lasted a few pages in the manga it was spread out to cover most of the episode, and even Takashi’s group got to join in on the fight while they tried to buy some time until the humvee was ready to go. The tension during this was great as well as there was still that uncertainty as to how it would all really end either in a way that would possibly allow a second season or would be something that would serve as an original end. Which was definitely at at a highpoint when the humvee broke down on the highway, and due to this I found it a bit better with things like the last stand that Saya’s parents made as they fought back to back still coming off just as awesomely as it was in the manga.

The  way this episode ended also set up the place for a second season quite well with the setting for where it would take place, the shopping mall, being shown just ahead of where Takashi’s group was. With even someone related to one of the characters who would appear being shown passing by the wall which served as the ending theme throughout the series. Aside from that the fates of a lot of the characters are pretty much up in the air at this point, as Shido and his students may have managed to escape from the bus and Saya’s parents may have been able to fight their way out of the courtyard and into safety. The break off point was also something I preferred as well, as the events that occurred in episode nine were what would have happened just after they left the mansion and if it were to carry on like that it would seem a lot less conclusive as the moment where everyone looked on confidently with Takashi exclaiming that it was such a hassle served as a great way to end the series for the time being.

Final Thoughts on the Series:

Overall this was a pretty fun series, having a decent amount of action and humour while the zombie apocalypse  aspect of the show was something that was refreshing and unique to see in anime form, along with all the homages it seemed to make to other works in the genre. It also happened to have a great voice cast with the likes of Junichi Suwabe, Marina Inoue, Eri Kitamura, Miyuki Sawashiro, Nobuhiko Hiyama, and Yukari Fukui playing the mains along with Jouji Nakata coming in towards the end to voice Saya’s father. Aside from that the scenes and subplots where the focus was placed on characters aside from the mains were generally pretty good during the first half of the series, with things like the police officers on the bridge and Alice’s father coming to mind.

However while it managed to come across as fairly realistic in some ways it wasn’t rare to see it come across as quite the opposite with some of the action scenes that were added in came across as over the top seeming to break any realism that was set up, and one also can’t forget the recap that occurred as early as the fourth episode. The fanservice aspect was also something that could have came across as overbearing at times to some people, though I didn’t really have a problem with it. And it isn’t really all that surprising when you consider what the artist who illustrates the manga, Shouji Satou also does aside from illustrating it.

So overall while this was still a fun series that took a somewhat refreshing turn by being an anime set during a zombie apocalypse, it still had a few flaws here and there such as pacing issues and a few things that broke the aspects of realism that had just been set up before. But that’s not to say that it wasn’t entertaining, as there were still a few things that made up for it at some points and made it fun to watch, and either way I’ll be eagerly awaiting what seems to be an inevitable second season.


6 Responses to Highschool of the Dead 12 (END)

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i think this ep was a great way to end this show leaving an open end for the possibility of another season while making it also look like they lived through the zombie apocalypse happily ever after.
    there were some parts of this ep that made no sense to me, like how a battle ship in the middle of the sea could have been taken over by zombies. or why of all places, they tried to nuke japan, and not to kill zombies, but to cause an emp making things harder for the survivors… then there was saeko’s triple somersault into battle for absolutely no reason. it made no sense, but i loled and found it pretty awsome XD
    overall it was a pretty good show and i’m hoping for another season too =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I think it seemed more like a “so we’ll keep fighting” type of end rather than a happily ever after, but I’ll agree that it was a great way to leave it open ended for a possibility of a second season (whether it gets one or not).

    That part confused me, they’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no land in sight and suddenly the dead were on board. It really seemed like something just to shift the story forward.

    I don’t think the nuke’s purpose was to destroy the zombies, while nuking some cities beyond help may be a good idea sometimes the EMP seemed more like it was to stop any other countries from firing any of their ICBMs in the chaos. Especially after what the president and the chairman were talking about before.

    Or it simply could have just been something which they messed up when they launched it.

    And just about all of Saeko’s action scenes have been pretty over the top and made little sense with things like the triple somersault, but I’ll agree that it was awesome.

    I’ll be looking forward to a second season as well, it looks like it just depends on the manga getting far enough and providing a good point to break the story off like this episode was.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    what i meant was that the ending looked like they kept on fighting zombies happily ever after
    and i don’t think it’s possible to have a nuke accidentally detonate in mid flight. im not even so sure something as important as nuke-armed ICBMs could even be taken out by EMP. if you think about it, if you tried to hit multiple neighboring targets with nukes, and the first one to hit would cause an EMP rendering the rest of the missiles useless. and in terms of the launch and guidance systems, in the case of a nuclear war, if you were hit first, you’d want to counter by returning some nukes, and your systems wouldn’t so easily go out with an EMP. im no expert at this stuff, but i just don’t think things are so simple, so i think the whole nuke thing was just to move the plot on resulting in a big plot hole

  4. Shadowlancer says:

    Though i would just like to point out that the american missile launched in ep 11 were aimed at north korea and China. These missile weren’t from the Americans( the Americans helped japan shooting down one of the missiles. i don’t think they would shoot there own missiles.) and i beleive most missile and importan millitary hardware in the states for example are EMP Shielded allowing them selves to counter attack in case of an nuclear war.

  5. Ginnodangan says:

    Can’t believe I looked past something like the EMP Shielding considering how much they went on about it and that it being dropped due to financial reasons was what caused them to lose the humvee in the manga. Even then it still makes more than enough sense that the United States and other countries at that, would have EMP Shielding where it counts for a scenario like this.

    @ Point Blank Sniper

    So that’s what you meant by it, and I’m no expert in these things either.

    @ Shadowlancer

    It really makes a lot more sense for things to have happened that way, and I’m pretty sure that the missiles they were trying to shoot down were from Russia, after what the astronauts had said at the end of the eleventh episode.

  6. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i actually wasn’t paying attention to what country the ship belonged to and just assumed them to be what it was based on intuition since the US president and ISS crew also spoke japanese. it’s hard to tell nationalities of anime people when they all look the same and dont speak in funny accents

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