Nurarihyon no Mago 12

Deep in the mountains of Shikoku seven phantom travelers move through the forest towards Ukiyoe town.

At the school Rikuo and Tsurara meet Aotabou and Kubinashi who also saw Karasu-Tengu fly by when they consider going to find out why Gozumaru and Mezumaru appear and tell Rikuo that his grandfather is missing. Normally this wouldn’t be that much of an issue but considering what had happened to Hihi it could be potentially dangerous, however Rikuo has faith in them when they tell him to leave it to them.

Rikuo and Tsurara return to the other members of the Kiyo Cross and Tsurara takes the opportunity to make Kana jealous by clinging to his arm.

Meanwhile Yura has managed to defeat the wind Youkai that attacked them but she forgot about Muchi himself, she tries to beat him however the strain from using four Shikigami at once and Muchi’s poison stops her from firing. The Shikigami that is reminiscent of a defeated soldier, Bukyoku shields her from Muchi but she calls him back and takes Muchi’s full strike.

With Yura out of the way he makes his way to the rooftop to kill Rikuo’s grandfather, blowing Natto away while Yura races towards the rooftop to stop him. From another building Tamazuki and his right hand man, Inugami look on. Rikuo’s grandfather asks him if he was the one that killed Hihi and he even tells him how he did it as he strikes at him. He manages to dodge all of his attacks while telling Muchi how unrefined his way of fighting is until there’s nowhere else to run. So he draws his blade and suddenly Muchi finds that he can’t even see him but he can clearly hear footsteps walking towards him, knowing that he’s right in front of him. This is Rikuo’s Grandfather’s Meikyo Shisui, where his mere presence is so great that his enemies lose sight of him, ending it with the line that no ripples mark his Sakazuki and asking what he thinks of his fighting style. However keeping him alive to question serves to be pointless as Muchi chooses to fade away.

Soon after this Yura burst through the doors ready to protect him from Muchi only to see that he’s gone and finds the idea that he just left hard to believe. So Rikuo’s grandfather makes up a story about how he just hid somewhere until he left and that she was able to protect him, this instantly puts her in a good move and she tries to ask if he wants to go with her to get something to eat but he left as soon as her back was turned.

He meets Natto on the street and tells him that he’ll be going on a trip and asks if he’d like to tag along.

With their meeting with the other members of the Kiyo Cross over Rikuo walks home with Kana accompanied by Tsurara and Aotabou while his other bodyguards are just around the corner. Tsurara makes a few attempts to make Kana jealous which backfire when the crush she has on Rikuo’s nightform comes up and she has to be the one to tell Rikuo about this, as they ask what happened on that night.

His other bodyguards sense something walk past but can’t find anything when they chase after it. As he tried to cool down things between Tsurara and Kana, Rikuo tripped and a man, Tamazuki caught him, who takes the chance to ask if he’s Rikuo Nura and remarks on how similar they are, with the exception that he had to take everything instead of getting it handed to him. This shocks him a bit as Tamazuki tells him that he’ll gather more “fear” than him but before he can ask him anything he sees that the man who was with him, Inugami has grabbed Kana and only lets go when Tamazuki tells him to. They look on ahead and see the seven phantom travelers also walking alongside Tamazuki as he refers to them as the heads of his 88 Kiyakou.

Next Episode:

Looks to be a recap episode of the previous arc.


Due to the way the last episode ended it seemed like we would see Yura face off with Muchi but instead we were treated to something far more awesome as we saw that Rikuo’s grandfather was still capable of in his old age. All while the current villain, Tamazuki amassed his forces in the form of seven phantom travelers as the leaders of his 88 Kiyakou to oppose Rikuo’s Hyakki Yakou, along with Tamazuki meeting Rikuo face to face.

After I had read the manga I knew that one of the things that I’d be looking forward would have been the former, as Rikuo’s grandfather showed that even though he was an old man it doesn’t mean that anyone could beat him. With the attack that he defeated Muchi with simply showing a glimpse into just how powerful he was in his youth, and that his presence alone was enough to easily deal with low leveled Youkai. However I think the sound of his footsteps could have been better. Aside from this it was good to see him confront Muchi as the one who had killed one of his old friends which seemed to make the whole matter a bit more personal to him, and his interactions with shortly afterward Yura were as entertaining as they were in the last episode.

It was also fun to see Tsurara/Yuki-Onna’s deliberate attempts to make Kana jealous by doing things like clinging to Rikuo’s arm, which all seem rooted in the crush that Kana now has on Rikuo’s nightform. So if the jealousy that Kana already had of Tsurara always hanging around Rikuo in the previous story arc wasn’t enough we now see Tsurara’s own coming into play. Which all show just how fun she is as a character.

This also lead onto Rikuo meeting the leader of the attacking forces from Shikoku, Tamazuki, voiced by Akira Ishida, who announced his intentions to take the Nura clans territory as a declaration of war on Rikuo and his Hyakki Yakou with his own 88 Kiyakou to match it. As he had also talked about breifly, Tamazuki came also across as being quite similar to Rikuo except for one clear difference in how they each acquired their power that made them into almost total opposites. So where in the last arc we saw Rikuo being tested as a leader by Gyuuki it seems that this arc will focus on Rikuo facing someone who may be similar but at the same time is a complete opposite in how he acts. And in the short amount of time that he appeared in this episode a good job was done showing this.


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