Occult Academy 12

The black and white mages clash in a battle of magic as Chihiro’s subordinate runs from the cult carrying Maya, they appear right in front of them so he transforms into his true form, a black panther and flies off with Maya. Meanwhile Chihiro and Mikaze’s battle has taken a new turn as Mikaze summons more of the mothmen.

The seance that Ami, Kozue, Smile, and JK have done to try and contact Maya has come up with nothing but just when they’re about to give up hope JK’s rods react to something. When they race outside they see that the backyard has been destroyed with some balls of fire floating in the air, which turn out to be the cult members as Maya rides in on the black panther and tells them that she’s still alive.

Chihiro manages to fend of the mothmen but her magic doesn’t even harm Mikaze in the slightest as she attacks once more. The black panther carrying Maya tells her not to worry and that she has to get out of town to save the world just as Chihiro and Mikaze’s battle appears to have reached a stalemate. She asks Mikaze about how she manipulated Fumiaki and they begin again.

The members of the cult manage to kidnap Kozue as they ride on the back of Ami’s father’s truck and the creepy old ladies from the restaurant and boarding house jump aboard. It then goes back to Chihiro and Mikaze’s battle as Mikaze explains how she had tried to kill Maya and was behind everything, and it doesn’t take long for them to start arguing about whether Fumiaki’s heart is truly filled with love or lust. JK and Smile fight the creepy old ladies on the back of the truck but things appear to be against them. Chihiro appears to have lost as she crashes into a building and Mikaze stabs her while telling her how Fumiaki kissed her.

The black panther has noticed this as well and Maya tries to convince him to let her turn back but just as she can Mikaze appears to finish them off. At Fumiaki’s apartment he’s still frozen as he until Chihiro breaks the spell and asks him to tell Maya that her father is still alive, whispering something into his ear and kissing him on the cheek before sending him off. As she collapses onto his jacket she recites some of the poetry about her feelings for Fumiaki and hope for the future.

Luckily Fumiaki manages to meet up with the others but the old ladies shift their sights onto him, now that they’re distracted Ami’s father has a plan to deal with them and hits them a few times with the truck. They help Fumiaki onto the truck but the cult members are right behind them with Kozue.

With only one way to stop Mikaze the black panther flies towards the school but is shot down soon after they make it, crashing into the centre tower, Mikaze fires a shot to finish them off however something blocks it as Maya reveals that Chihiro was able to swap the pages before she could burn it. She then explains that the notebook also contains the spell to defeat her and the school is the key to this. However when she knocks it out of her hands Fumiaki picks it up and ignores everything that Mikaze says to him so she binds Maya to the wall and drops down.

She uses the appearance she had used throughout the series and wraps herself around him, above Maya manages to photograph them with the phone and the image is a peaceful future. His mind is now clear as he reads out the spell in the notebook for Maya to recite, she blasts him but he continues as any pain she causes is nothing compared to the pain Maya gives him. Light reflects off the five points around the school, forming a runic circle over the school as they say the last line together.

With this Mikaze and all of the creatures she had summoned are destroyed and the spell she had over the townspeople breaks, however a spell like this also causes the black panther disappear as it destroys anything that had come from the darkness. Back on the rooftop Maya tells Fumiaki how she was scared and he contacts his superiors in the future to give them the news, they’re overjoyed and rush outside. However the world is still in ruins.

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Following the same pattern that the previous episodes had shown we saw the things that were built up in the last episode resolved by the next. With the battle of magic between Chihiro and Mikaze both continuing and ending along with that feeling of things heading towards their conclusion continuing with Maya and Fumiaki appearing to have found the key. But even then the future wasn’t saved as even though Mikaze was destroyed it still was like it was, leading to the question of whether the protagonist we had come to know throughout the series was really the key to begin with.

Chihiro’s fight with Mikaze was great as not only was it a fast paced and exciting battle of magic it also became a battle of wills between them with each fighting for what they truly believed love was and Chihiro for the feelings that she had for Fumiaki. During this however Mikaze appeared to have an advantage putting Chihiro on the defensive and even using these feelings as the way to defeat her. Aside from this seeing Smile and JK fight the creepy old ladies was also something that was fun to see serving as something a bit more comedic to the more serious battle over the fate of the world.

The scene where Fumiaki and Maya recited the spell together was also something that was great, serving as the point where all the development they had and how they had grown to accept one another all came together. It should also be noted that Mikaze tried to manipulate him once more by playing on the version of her that he had grown to love, so this was also a point where whether he could really choose Maya over her came up again.

The effects that the spell itself had appeared to be something of a double-edged sword as even though it meant vanquishing Mikaze and everything that she had summoned to help her open the gate, it also meant saying goodbye to the black panther and possibly Chihiro as well since it seemed to purify everything that could be considered occult in the town. Which considering how the black panther had protected Maya and the scene that Chihiro had with Fumiaki before sending him off to help Maya was something that was rather sad to see. Though they do appear in the preview.

However even though the apparent key, Mikaze may be destroyed this doesn’t look to have brought about the peaceful future that destroying the key was supposed to do leading to the idea that Fumiaki and even his younger self may have been key all along as he was also in the picture when it showed a peaceful future. And with one episode left it seems like it might be spent on this along with clearing up some things before it ends.


3 Responses to Occult Academy 12

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i was seriously expecting fumiaki to release himself from the spell by regaining his telekinesis, instead, chihiro went back to save him even at her last moments, which was kind of sad. the panther thing was also unexpected too. i was fully expecting him to do something similar to trans-am and dash through the mob XD. the whole ep was pretty awsome with all the explosive action and flashy magic that the show should have had all along finally taking place =)

    if fumiaki really is the key then i hope they find some sort of loophole to get by without destroying it so we can have a happily after ending.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I was expecting to see that as well but seeing Chihiro breaking it as her last act was nice to see and it was pretty sad to see her and the black panther disappear. The action we saw was pretty awesome though.

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