Occult Academy 13 (END)

Due to a recent attack on his life Maya’s father decided that he had to leave Matsushiro so he passed on the tape with the spirit summoning on to Chihiro and had her teleport him away, suddenly finding himself in the middle of Sumida, Tokyo.

On the nineteenth of July while the school is closed due to what had just happened with Mikaze Fumiaki is able to pass the message onto Maya that her father is alive and she’s happy about the thought of seeing him again in the coming August. She asks him what he plans to do now and he tells her how he’d like to go back to the future so he should resign at the closing ceremony. The phone rings and Fumiaki’s mother is on the other end as Maya had invited her to have Fumiaki’s younger self perform at the closing ceremony, this surprises him a bit but he’s happy about the idea. However he doesn’t have any memories of visiting Matsushiro as he collapses and the words make their way out of his mouth.

At the hotel where Fumiaki’s younger self and his mother are staying, his habit of eating curry with chopsticks starts when he isn’t allowed to look around the school and the waitress recognises him as Bunmei. In the future they’re trying to figure out why the world is still as it is when the key has supposedly been destroyed, when Fumiaki calls to tell them about how he can’t remember going to Matsushiro when his younger self is in town to perform. The reason becomes clear to them that the act of him meeting his younger self would cause a dimensional rift and therefore is the key so no matter what they should never meet.

To stop this ever happening they want to bring him back right away but he at least wants to see his mother again, they ask Maya’s father what they should do so he steps outside to think about it. Finding it ironic that in sending someone to look for the key while he was away had created it. Back in the past Maya blames herself for this but Fumiaki tells her not to and tells her that he should be thanking her for the chance to see his mother again, however he won’t be able to attend the closing ceremony.

On the twentieth Maya cancels the appearance that Fumiaki’s younger self would have made at the closing ceremony so that his older self can still attend it. Of course his mother is furious with this and threatens legal action as Maya questions whether she sees her son as nothing more than a Golden Goose to lay Golden eggs, with this done Maya tells him that he could stay but in case he wants to see his mother again he thinks that it’s best that he goes back to the future. When his mother comes back to the hotel room she can’t find her son anywhere.

The condition for Fumiaki being able to leave was to have a farewell party that’s held at Ami’s house, where he’s leaving due to a suggestion from Maya. Ami’s father is a bit sad about him leaving however Ami agrees with Maya since he has a tendency to do what anyone tells him to do. Her father brings up some embarrassing stories about her and just as he asks whether Fumiaki ever caused trouble when he was younger, his younger self is currently running through the school.

As he walks back Fumiaki thinks about what Ami had said and looking back on everything he finds that she was right.

On the twenty first Fumiaki gives his farewell speech at the closing ceremony and has taken Ami’s words to heart as he tells the students to make their own path. He and Maya talk on the roof after this and he tells her that he said that since he doesn’t want to lie to himself, he can’t get what else he has to say out and calls to have himself sent back. Maya interrupts to try to get him to stay but in waiting that little bit longer his younger self has appeared behind him.

The sky changes as the dimensional rift starts, Fumiaki asks himself whether he came on his own accord and tells himself to keep living like that. An alien tripod drops down and his younger self runs out finishing the sentence that Fumiaki said before, however his telekinesis isn’t able to stop them as he’s blown aside.

Seeing the spoon he had always had in his pocket, Fumiaki takes it telling Maya that he can still change history. He charges forth and blocks the tripod’s beam with the spoon and pushes his telekinesis to it’s limits as he pushes it back. The spoon snaps as he destroys and pushes them all back with his last words being for Maya to take care of him. After shedding a tear she calls his superiors to inform them of the key’s destruction and takes his younger self’s hand.

Everyone is overjoyed that the future has changed and as Maya’s father steps out onto the busy street, he realises that he was getting tea and receives a call from Maya telling him that Fumiaki should be home early so they’ll all be able to have dinner together. And the series ends with the view of the city shifting towards the heavens and Maya’s father arriving home to see three plates of curry set on the table.


With what was covered in the previous episode this episode came across as something extra to wrap up a few last things with the future still being in ruins as something to allow this. And as that I thought that it was great as we saw what had happened to Maya’s father, Fumiaki meeting his younger self, and Fumiaki facing how he had acted throughout the series in an attempting to make a change.

Which really showed just how much his character had grown over the course of the series as he had started off as a spineless coward who would abandon a girl in a dark cave due to a drop of water but slowly progressed into someone far more reliable and into what a main character should be. However this episode seemed to be the one that pushed him that little bit further as he realised that he had never really attempted to make his own path in life and instead had just done what he was told to do, shining through in his last moment, so as that I thought that this was something pretty good to see.

Fumiaki meeting his younger self and possibly getting his telekinesis back was something that I was interested in seeing, and that the actual meeting between them was the key was something that didn’t really surprise me as after all time travel in general tends to be pretty messed up. So that it could be the cause of the dimensional drift was that I found rather fitting as the key, and I guess this was why Mikaze had kept Fumiaki alive. The whole episode also seemed to be building up to this with the days slowly counting down until the twenty first when they met and as short as it was it was nice to see Fumiaki encourage his younger self to keep making his own path as he had just learned.

It was also great to see all this development from the course of the series and this new outlook all come into play when he picked up the spoon and charged at the tripods in an attempt to prove that he could at least change the present, which in itself comes across as one of the themes of the series. And it was definitely a highpoint as he regained his telekinesis through the spoon and then pushed it to it’s limits to stop the tripods while Nakagawa Shouko’s Flying Humanoid played in the background. With the spoon breaking as he did this doing well at showing that Fumiaki himself had broke and was gone.

The epilogue itself was kind of left up to interpretation as even though it made it quite clear that Maya had carried out Fumiaki’s last words and now lives happily with him and her father, there wasn’t really that much shown as to the nature of their relationship. As it preferred to show that the future had been saved and had come to be what we would soon call the present, with only a few things like the name plate on the front of their house to hint it. And though I couldn’t really see Maya as a romantic interest for Fumiaki around the beginning of the series, with things like how she reacted to him going back to the future and confiding in him in the previous episode I could see them as that. But even then the series of events that would have occurred during that skip forward was something that would have been nice to see, such as whether almost losing her son was enough for his mother to change and how Maya carried through with his last words during it. Despite this though I still thought that for what it was it was still alright though.

Overall Thoughts on the Series:

Overall I’m pleasantly surprised with this series and feel as if Anime no Chikara came through with this project of theirs, as it was something that I found myself enjoying throughout as it touched upon various aspects of the occult while still providing some decent humour. Even the episodes during the middle of the series as they helped us get to know some of the characters and give them that little bit more development, and if it wasn’t for them the story itself could have been covered in less than half of it’s length.

And due to this spaced out way of telling the story, the way the characters were developed over the course of it was something that was done well. Where aside from the development we saw for the characters who were the focus of their two episode arcs, we also saw Maya slowly coming to terms with her father and going from outright hating him to feeling guilty about the idea of him no longer being around along with Fumiaki progressing from a coward into what a main character should be. It was just a shame that we didn’t see some of the other characters have a chance to shine at the end but I suppose that can be placed to the amount of time it had to do this.

It also had some pretty good messages as well, with the main one probably being that the present can still be changed which related to how the series revolved around finding and destroying the key to change the future, Fumiaki’s words before he charged at the Tripods can also be related to this. Which on it’s own was good enough but as this episode showed, there was also that additional one of stepping up to make your own path and when combined they serve to tell the viewer that they can still change their future as long as they get up and do it.

It’s actually kind of a shame that this was the last Anime no Chikara project as this was something I had enjoyed watching and for a few reasons at the time I never really got around to finishing the two other projects that were part of Anime no Chikara that aired before Occult Academy, Sora no Woto and Senkou no Night Raid. But considering how much I enjoyed watching this and from what I’ve heard about them my interest in them has been renewed and I’ll be trying to look into them again soon.


2 Responses to Occult Academy 13 (END)

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    although the occult aspect of the show was barely touched upon, it served as a great way to throw all the strange monsters, witches, aliens, and spirits into the story without much of an explanation. before i started watching this show, i thought it would be about hunting for evil spirits and monsters and then looking for a way to counter them. it turns out that the show was completely different from what i expected, but it was completely worth watching.
    with the previous ep being climatic and all, i thought this final ep would be more of a farewell ep after fumiaki discovers he can’t stay any longer. but it turns out this was probably the most climatic and emotional ep. with little fumiaki on the loose, i was just waiting for something to happen. it turns out the whole show was building up to this point where he regains his power and grows some backbone and then proceeds to saving the world and changing history by sacrificing himself.
    what made this show so great was not how the hero succeeded but how a useless coward became a selfless hero. despite having some obvious flaws ,it was a pretty good series. people have been giving it some very bad reviews and an overall mediocre score on MAL…which saddens me =(

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    The fact that it’s getting bad reviews like that really is sad, sure it was mediocre in some aspects but it was great when you consider that A-1 had created it from scratch when it isn’t rare to see some studios mostly going for Manga, Light Novel, Video Game, or Visual Novel adaptations. It’s one of the things that the series that were produced in Anime no Chikara will always have going for them.

    And Fumiaki’s progression was one of the parts that I loved about this series. He starts off as a good for nothing lying coward but over the course of the series and through the events that it covered he grows to the point where he sacrificed himself for that one chance to change history. It was probably even better considering that there was essentially a time loop due to him just not reaching that point and it was only broken when what we saw in the series happened, enabling him to reach that point.

    Those things were also a few of the reasons why I don’t regret watching it, it may have had a few weak points but it was still a fun series that did somethings pretty well.

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