Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 01

On an island two people, Sugata Shindou and Wako Agemaki walk along a beach with Sugata suggesting that she could leave it when they see a shooting star. But just when she tells him not to talk like that she finds a boy washed up on the shore and performs mouth to mouth to save him.

Opening Theme:

“GRAVITY Ø” by Aqua Timez, download.

The boy wakes up feeling that he’s reached a new stage in a house that turns out to belong to Sugata who introduces himself and Wako when they come in to check on him, and they decide to have breakfast when Wako’s stomach rumbles. Over this he introduces himself as Takuto Tsunashi and the reason he was on the beach was because he had tried to swim across the ocean to the island, all so that he could have a fulfilling school life after hearing about the school there from his grandfather. Sugata and Wako leave for school soon after Sugata brings up how the mouth to mouth Wako had performed to save him as a first kiss and one the maids there tells Takuto how those two are engaged.

At the school the boards with the class lists are up as Wako meets up with her friend, Ruri Makina while Takuto and Sugata find that they’re in the same class and Ruri’s introduction to Takuto makes Wako hungry. Amidst all this two people take notice of Takuto as a new transfer student. Later that day Takuto and Sugata meet in the dorm hallway and talk about the painting which Takuto is sure his father painted and suspects that he’s now on the island, meanwhile Wako carries out her duty as the Southern maiden. And when Takuto brings up how Sugata and Wako are engaged he feels that something like an arranged marriage isn’t right in this day and age.

The residents of the dorm are all grouped up to go over the rules which generally involve the men and women keeping to their own sides, with one of the two people from before, Tetsuya Gouda bringing up whether the lipstick that the one who’s presenting this, Benio Shinada has also counts as a rule violation. The other person who took notice of Takuto then introduces himself to him as George Honda, and invites him to the boxing club which he also happens to be the captain of after hearing about how he swam across the ocean. Takuto is impressed with this though George tells him how that boxing and fighting are different. Things then take a much more serious take than the fun school segments before as Benio, George, and Tetsuya meet up underground and salute each other.

This then continues after the opening as some other members of the same group, Glittering Crux break the seal of the Northern maiden to advance to their next phase. Wako senses something and is grabbed when she steps outside. Takuto has decided to check out the abandoned mine after being told not to go near it but ends up getting into a fight when the group who kidnapped Wako arrives, with George knocking him out and repeating the same line from before.

Wako wakes up to the group who kidnapped her being told that it’s still too soon for them to break the Southern maiden’s seal, but George persists that they go ahead with it for his candidacy as a second phase Star Driver. In a dark room a man talks with the one who broke the Northern maiden’s seal and when he starts to smoke he asks that he doesn’t for the sake of the girl behind him who sings him a song.

They go ahead with their plan as George steps into the machine and places his mask onto the plate in front of him once it loads, and the rune on his collar resonates with one of the giant dolls to form his cybody, Alephist. As Takuto gets up Wako asks them if they know what they’re doing by breaking the seals but time seems to stop as they’re lifted away, leaving Takuto behind.

They’re somehow transported to another dimension with some sort of seal just ahead, they hand Wako over to George and the Alephist. But Takuto has arrived to save her as the rune on his chest glows, revealing him to be the Galactic Pretty Boy as he summons his own Cybody, the Tauburn. George charges forward but Takuto and the Tauburn take him down with ease as he remembers his grandfathers words.

They’re then transported back and George’s mask shatters as he steps out, the man who talked with the one who broke the seal before then expels him. Elsewhere Takuto and Wako have arrived back safely and the episode ends with them laughing once her stomach rumbles.

Ending Theme:

“Cross Over” by 9nine, download.


This was another series that seemed to stand out among the shows beginning in the fall season, especially when you consider that it’s an original mecha series by Bones who in the past had previously produced Eureka seveN, RahXephon, and Xam’d that would also fit into this category. And if that wasn’t enough even the staff that they had working on it seemed to stand out with the likes of Takuya Igarashi directing it and doing the storyboard, Yoji Enokido the script, and Satoru Kousaki the music, and Yoshiyuki Ito being the Chief Animation Director among other things. So with all of these types of things going for it I found it a bit difficult to not be interested in it and thought that it had a lot of potential to be good.

As a first episode this was pretty fun as we were introduced to the mains along with some of the other characters and we got a glimpse of what the plot is as a mysterious group called Glittering Crux goes around breaking the seals of the four maidens on the island. Which really got me interested into seeing what they plan to do by breaking the seals and what the connection the seals have to the island could be, since among  the fun aspects before there was a much more serious feeling towards anything to do with it. So of course it looks like it’ll be up to the hero of the show, Takuto, voiced by Miyano Mamoru, to stop them in a particularly fabulous way with his cybody, the Tauburn.

The significance that the maidens could have was also something that caught my interest where aside from the seriousness associated with breaking the seals, there was a bit of importance placed on it when Sugata, voiced by Jun Fukuyama, told Takuto how Wako, voiced by Saori Hiyama, was one of the maidens. Which with her being the main heroine and possibly the romantic interest for Takuto going by what we saw in this episode, it should be something that will definitely be brought up. Other than that the plot of Takuto looking for his father was also kind of interesting and was a good way of providing something that motivated Takuto, and I’ll be interested to see whether it will coincide with what the Glittering Crux is doing somehow. The significance of the “Galactic Pretty Boy” aside from being able to summon a cybody without any assistance is also something I’m curious of along with all the stuff that Takuto said about his grandfather.

So overall I thought that this was a good way to start the series as not only were the mains introduced and the stuff that the Glittering Crux is up to was glimpsed at, we also got a bit of action towards the end and things like the setting and the plots introduced were able to catch my interest. And are things that I’ll be looking forward to seeing turn out in future episodes of the series.


4 Responses to Star Driver Kagayaki no Takuto 01

  1. Point Blank Sniper says:

    this show looks awsome so far
    the animation and setting is really nice and kinda gives me some code geass vibes
    the story in just one ep has gone quite far and has left hints to a lot of things that will obviously be revealed later on. it’s actually a little too fast since it’s still the first ep. but if they can pack in so much in the first ep, i really hope they manage to keep up the pace and not lose steam or even go into fillers because they have made the show look like it will be jam packed with exciting twist and turns.
    this and index II are the new shows i am probably most interested in this season along with the continuing legend of the legedary Heroes(love the new op, especially the epic mushroom cloud =D).

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    It really does have a similar feel to Code Geass and the setting is one of the things I like about it so far as well, it has a certain mystery to it. I hope that it doesn’t lose steam or anything like that as well since there were quite a few things in this episode that I’d like to see further explained.

    And Legend of the Legendary Heroes is still great, the new opening/ending looks like it could hint a time skip as well. Which gets me wondering whether the one we see tearing through all those soldiers in the opening theme could ironically be Arua.

    Index was probably the thing that I was most looking forward to as well, but there were still the likes of this, Bakuman, and the second season of Arakawa Under the Bridge that I was also looking forward to.

  3. Point Blank Sniper says:

    i actually thought it was obvious that the lelouch clone is Arua, but then i saw people speculating who he might be and i became so confused at how people don’t recognize him that i started to wonder whether i was all so obvious after all.

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    When you look back on it now it really does seem kind of obvious, it kind of surprised me though as I didn’t really expect Arua to stay around that long at first. Only serving as something of a shock to Ryner since he would have and did relate to him quite a lot.

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