Nurarihyon no Mago 14

I decided not to blog the previous episode since it was a completely made up of recap so I didn’t really see a point in it, but anyway onto this episode. After going through the usual introduction and a brand new opening theme it begins with Karasu Tengu frantically searching for Rikuo’s grandfather and Rikuo and his mother have to tell him how he has a habit of doing things like this, however Rikuo is worried when he remembers what Tamazuki had said to him.

New Opening Theme:

“Sunshine” by Monkey Majik, download.

In order to weaken the Nura clan’s fighting power Tamazuki’s group needs to get rid of the local gods that act their backup strength and to be able do this they need to cause a bit of chaos in Ukiyoe Town. Which leads to Yura having to protect some of the townspeople while Rikuo has difficulty in what to do and Gozumaru and Mezumaru don’t think something like this is anything to worry about. Some of the youkai around Rikuo’s house are also a bit worried so Yuki-Onna has to tell them that there’s nothing to worry about since Rikuo’s still there, Gyuuki thinks that something like this serves as a test to Rikuo’s position as the heir to the clan.

Despite this though he’s still going to school since if they don’t go around as normal it will look like the clan is in distress, due to this though he is able to overhear something about the Seven Phantom Travelers from Kiyotsugu. As night approaches Yura and Kana are attacked by one of the Seven Travelers who manages to burn any of the tags that she tries to summon her Shikigami with, but luckily the Nura clan has stationed Youkai around Ukiyoe town and they’re saved by Karasu Tengu’s sons.

Kana tells Rikuo about how she and Yura were both attacked and saved by Youkai earlier which has started to shift her beliefs as she tells him to be careful as well. As Gyuuki tells him how some of the heads have become uneasy Rikuo remembers how he first awakened to protect his friends from Gagoze and feels that he must do the same for his Youkai friends, meanwhile Tamazuki plans to attack the Nura household.

While Inugami moves in we’re introduced to a new character, Hihi’s son and successor, Shouei who feels that now is not the time to be sitting around when he could be avenging his father. A meeting is then held where Rikuo stresses that the clan needs to act as one and that Rikuo will be leading the clan in his grandfather’s absence, meaning that Shouei can’t charge out on his own.

Inugami then makes his attack, killing one of the worried Youkai from before and throwing Hitotsume into a panic before sending his head around Rikuo’s house, eventually leading them to Tamazuki and the Seven Travelers at the gate. This results in a standoff where Tamazuki tells that this was only a greeting

New Ending Theme:

“Symphonic☆Dream” by Katate☆SIZE, download.

Next Episode:


After last weeks recap episode it was good to see things come back to the current story with even a new opening and an ending theme to go with it. Which the former seemed a bit overdue when the Gyuuki arc had already concluded a good three episodes ago and we were well into the Shikoku arc, making all the stuff with Gyuuki as the antagonist feel really out of place. I’m also wondering whether Yura will have a bigger role in the final battle from what we saw in the new opening theme as well. The new ending theme was also nice to see, where even though I was still fine with the old one this one was still good to see with the SD/Chibi versions of Yuki-Onna, Yura, and Kana even being animated. Though it lacks the mesmerising quality that the previous ending theme had.

As something that was also mostly anime original this was also something that I didn’t mind seeing, with Tamazuki’s group getting a bit more time to cause chaos on the streets and Rikuo having some difficulty with what’s currently happening. And though aside from Shouei being introduced this may come across as filler, it wasn’t really something that I minded all that much. As it would have been pretty difficult for them to end the Tamazuki arc at twenty four episodes with their current pace, which would have probably made them go into the Jami stuff. Which really would be far more suited as an introduction arc for a second season that would cover the Kyoto arc with Hagoromo-Gitsune that the manga is currently covering.

It was also good to see the stuff with Gagoze that was skipped at the very start of the series brought up again since it was something that I really couldn’t look past, and looking back on it it may have been able to settle the pacing issues that called for a recap episode last week. How it was brought up as something that made Rikuo more determined to protect his friends who are Youkai like he had done previously for his human friends was something that I liked though.


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